It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


31. hotel

I never really came out of my hotel for days I couldn't... I couldn't see Harry. It's just to damn much for me I can't take it. I heard that the boys were leaving from here to go on tour and I met them in the lobby and hugged all of then except Harry because he was still getting ready and packed.

Niall: I'm gunna miss u.

Ali: I'm gunna miss u too.

Liam: I'll miss u more.

Louis: I will.

Zayn: nah I will -Zayn winks at me-

Ali: oh I know you will Zayn.

"No I will." I heard behind me as I turned around.

Harry: no I will.

I smile and run to him and hug him.

Ali: me too.

That's the last that I saw of the boys until they came into our home town and that months from now.

I went for a walk on Sunday to try to clear my head but all I could do is this about Harry. I couldn't stop thinking about him I have no clue why.

*Harrys pov*

The boys and I were practicing and all I could do is think about Ali I just couldn't shake this feeling that we are meant to be and that I wanna make her mine and never hurt her or lie to her again. Because to be honest I love her and I will do anything and everything to get her back.

Niall: you ok Harry?

Harry: yeah I am thanks Niall.

Niall: if you need to talk I'm here always.

Harry: thanks Niall.

I smile and hug Niall and he hugs back. I'm glad I'm friends with the lads. They always make me feel better.

Harry: Louis can we talk?

Louis: sure.

Harry: I'm sorry about that fight in Disney and sorry for hitting you.

Louis: hey we do stupid things but we will always be brothers always.

Harry: good.

We hug and I finally concentrating on practicing all because of Louis my brother Louis I love that we all are like brothers.

*Ali's pov*

I can't wait till they come back home for there concert here it's gunna be so much fun I can't wait to see the boys.

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