It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


20. finding the boys

-I walk around and I see Niall eating some food and the boys watching him eat it-

Ali: hey guys it's almost closing time we should go to my hotel now.

Niall: I'm not done yet.

Ali: bring it with u I have some more food at my room.

-Niall gets up- Niall: nah I'll wait till we get there.

Ali: c'mon boys.

-we get in the cars and they follow me back to my room- we get there I open my door and they run in and I close the door and lock it-

Ali: I got my strong boys to keep me save if someone comes in and tries to hurt me or steal anything. -giggles-

-they blush-

Ali: you boys are so cute!

-Harry and I look at each other- I look away-

Ali: Only one person can stay here with me cuz there's two beds here.

Niall: oh,oh. Me,me, me!!

Ali: ok Niall ok chill out just don't eat all of my food.

Niall: aw never mind then.

Ali: oh ok.

Louis: can I ?

Ali: sure.why not?

Louis: yes! Thanks love.

Ali: welcome Lou.

Niall,Liam, Zayn and Harry: night Ali night Louis.

Ali: night.

Louis: night.

-Harry took one glance at me and then they all left-

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