It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


25. crying to Niall

-I'm in my hotel room crying- i hear a knock on the door-

Ali: go away!

Niall: it's me Ali open up!

-I get up and open the door-

Ali: come on In.

Niall: what's going on babe?

Ali: Harry and I had a thing we broke up and that night when Lou stayed in my room we kissed and we got together and Harry saw us kiss and he fought with Louis I'm done with them.

Niall: I'm sorry babe.

Ali: it's not your fault.

Niall: i know babe I just feel really bad.

Ali: don't just hug me ok.

Niall: u ad Liam almost had a thing right?

Ali: yeah but he's my best friend I don't see us as a couple you know?

Niall: yeah I do..

Ali: you ok Niall?

Niall: I was kind of hurt too I mean when we all saw you and Louis kiss on that ride I like you a lot Ali but it's fine I'll get over you.

Ali: awwww ni your so cute!

Niall: oh stop it I'm not.

Ali: yes u are and I mean it Niall.

Niall: thanks babe.

Ali: anytime ni.

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