It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


19. belle again

-I sign more books and take more pictures with kids-

-teenage boys walk over to me-

Blake: I'm Blake.

Blaine: and I'm Blaine.

Both: we think your hot.

-I blush- Ali/belle: why thank you boys it was nice to meet you maybe I'll catch u after I'm done here and we can go on rides and eat.

Both: ok see u back here when your done.

Ali/belle: I'll be done in five minutes.

Blake: ok.

Blaine: ok.

-I get dressed in my regular clothes and meet them-

Both: still hot.

-I blush- Ali: oh hush. my real name is Ali.

Blaine: nice.

Blake: sweet.

Ali: how old are ya'll ?

Blake: 19.

Blaine: same.

Ali: me too turning 20 in August.

Both: that's awesome.

Ali: what do u wanna go on?

Blake: roller coasters!

Blaine: sure.

Ali: ok.

-we go on a roller coaster and I sit with Blaine because he's really cute- the ride starts and I pretend to get scared I put my head on Blaine and hide-

Blaine: are you ok Ali?

Ali: no I'm scared.

Blaine: stay there it's almost done.

Ali: thanks Blaine.

-I stay where I was and the ride stops-

Blaine: see all done.

Ali: thanks Blaine your a sweet heart.

- I kiss his cheek and he blushes-

Ali:Well it's almost closing time I should go find my friends and go back to the hotel.

Blaine: oh alright. -he and Blake get sad-

Ali: don't worry we will keep in touch.

-I give them my numbers and they give me there's and we take pictures-

Ali: bye boys.

Blaine and Blake: bye.

-I kiss their cheeks and walk away-

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