There badass girls from New York that everyone's afraid of! What will they do when there adopted by the one and only one direction! Will they go soft or will they stick to there bitchy selfs. Will they survive the hate there getting on social sites and school??? All these questions to be answered and all you have to do is read for the answers


12. what's happening to me?!

Mileaha's POV

OMG I'm so happy that I have a boyfriend but I feel kinda bad about what I said to Hailey. I mean we've been through a lot together , but I just got so mad at her she seems to always be thinking about herself since we've met Elissa . I get ready for school and in wearing sweats with a shirt that says " FUCK YOU" in purple letters . I put on my usual makeup and my black converse . We all walked to school in silence. We walked through the doors and everybody was staring at us . Wonder why. " what the hell are you looking at " I said starting to get pissed of I was never really good with controlling my anger with people staring at me . A nerdy girl walked over to me about to say something " fuck off!!" I screamed in her face and everyone went back to what they were doing . The first bell rang and everyone went to their first hour class

* 5th hour *

"I need mileaha in the office please."the intercom thingy said ( I'm not 100% percent sure what it is but I just know it's really annoying to me)

Everyone " ooohhhed" and stared at me as I stood up and walked out I walked into the office to see the girls and Elissa in the office looking shocked. While staring at a boy I could only see the back of him but I couldn't tell who he was. He turned around , stuck out his hand and said. " hi I'm Louis Tomlinson and you must be mileaha I'm adopting you"

My jaw dropped " what ? "

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and cliff hanger sort of sorry it was short and terrible but I updated . Hope you like it

10 likes or 5 fans for another chapter ( 1 fan is worth 2 likes) bye my lovelys

Love mileaha

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