There badass girls from New York that everyone's afraid of! What will they do when there adopted by the one and only one direction! Will they go soft or will they stick to there bitchy selfs. Will they survive the hate there getting on social sites and school??? All these questions to be answered and all you have to do is read for the answers


9. meeting mystery boy


next hour was 5th hour and me Hailey and Kelsey were all in it . We walked in and saw Elissa and clay in there. The walls were a baby blue with dark blue trim and the floor was black . It was really pretty . There was also a mini stage type thing and chairs in front of it. " you must be the new girls" our music teacher umm Mr. Lee said " yes I'm mileaha that's Hailey and that's Kelsey " I said pointing to each of them " I'm just guessing but you and Hailey are twins ". " yep"Hailey said popping the p " ok we'll I'm going to need to hear all of you sing " mr. Lee said " ok does it matter what we sing?" Kelsey asked " no just sing whatever's most confertable and most important so your best" he said smileing " I bet they sing like dyeing cats!" Said a girl that looked like a Barbie with makeup caked on said "we'll at least we don't look like one" Kelsey commented " ok are you ready to sing" mr lee asked " yep" we walked on the stage " were singing move by little mix " I said . The music started playing " hey baby tell me your name I got a fever for you I just can't explain but there's just one problem , I'm a bit old school when it comes to lovein I ain't chasin you " I sang " hate waitin I'm on a roll you've got to let yourself gooo " Kelsey sang " woah you no that I've been waitin for you don't leave me standing all by myself cuz I ain't looking at no one else " Hailey sang " hey get your back off the wall don't ya get confertable lookin so hot I think that I might fall fellin like it's my birthday like Christmas Day came early just what I wAnt so when you move I move" I sang we sang the rest of the song and at the end everyone looked at us stunned ( we sounded like little mix). " WOW " mr lee said " that was nothing we weren't even trying " Hailey said . The bitch that's probably fucked every guy in the school said " why is everybody so stunned there not that good !" She said with jealousy in her word we walked off the stage and the bell rang . We walked out of the classroom and I decided to get a cup full off water. I dumped it on the girl from earlier " AAHHH!! you bitch !!" She screamed and ran to the girls bathroom with all her makeup running down her face . " nice one Olivia deserved that but no one would do it . The nerds were to scared of getting in trouble , the boy all get something from her and the rest of the people just ignore her and walk away" Elissa " so that's her name , Olivia ?" Kelsey asked " yep well see you after school " Elissa said " alright girls next I have scienc " I said " we have English " Kelsey said " kk se you after school" I said I walked to science and walked in " and you must be mileaha " the teacher said " I'm mrs begley " she continued " she looked for an open seat " um you can sit by Thomas , Thomas raise your hand" a boy in the back corner raised his hand I walked back and sat by him " so your names mileaha" he asked in a whisper " ya nice to meet you". I said he had brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes and... WAIT why did I say beautiful? Do I like him ? NO I don't I don't like anybody that way! At the end of class I was about to walk out when Thomas stopped me and gave me a piece of paper then he said " text me " and walked off so now I have a name for him mystery boy he also had a few tattoos and piercings but not as many as me and Hailey

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