There badass girls from New York that everyone's afraid of! What will they do when there adopted by the one and only one direction! Will they go soft or will they stick to there bitchy selfs. Will they survive the hate there getting on social sites and school??? All these questions to be answered and all you have to do is read for the answers


1. Meet me

My name is Elissa Jackson I live in an adoption home . I'm 17 I have brown hair and brown eyes but I wear red contacts I never smile ,laugh , or socialize . I'm not fat but I'm not anorexic looking I have curves in all the right places . I've been in a lot of foster homes all over the world but now I live in an adoption home in Britain and you know what people day about adoption homes once you get put in one no one ever adopts you . I despizes the word love and I like to listen to music . I don't take shit from people especially girls at school I only have one friend and his name is clay that's right it's a boy . You didn't think I would be friends with one of those slutty girls at school did you? Oh and did I mention I'm a bit of a bad ass I have snake bites which is a piercing on each side of my bottom lip four piercings on each ear a belly button ring and last nose ring . I also have a tattoo of a feather on my wrist and music notes on my ear. that's me and if you don't like me we'll I don't really give a fuck.
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