There badass girls from New York that everyone's afraid of! What will they do when there adopted by the one and only one direction! Will they go soft or will they stick to there bitchy selfs. Will they survive the hate there getting on social sites and school??? All these questions to be answered and all you have to do is read for the answers


15. first day with the boys

Mileahas POV

When we got to the house it was huge. It was blue and black. Louis unlocked the door and we walked in

Louis : HONEY IM HOME !!

Louis yelled and all of the sudden 4 boys came running ok more like tumbleing down the stairs one with Curley hair got up and jumped on Louis and started kissing his face (but not on the lips).

Mileaha:( whisper) what the hell

One boy walked up to me "sorry you had to see that it's just they missed each other very much" he said trying not to laugh

He was very cute he had blue eyes and blonde hair with an adorable irish accent . Wait did I just say adorable damn mileaha snap out of it you have a boyfriend ok you don't like him

Irish cutie: so what's your name

Mileaha: uum my names mileaha what's yours

Irish cutie: it's Niall

NIALLS P.O.V ( yay!!)

She was gorgeous but she looked kinds scary with all the tattoos and piercings all the girls did . On a guy I wouldn't be as scared cus a lot of guys have tattoos and piercings but she was a girl and girls usually don't look that strong or scary not that women arnt strong it's just that ugh nevermind but back to what I was saying she is still beautiful .

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