One Day

Camden is just a normal girl. Normal family, normal school, normal friends. But what happens when someone new moves to town that seems a little abnormal?


2. Senior Year

*Camden's POV* 

I woke up to the lovely sound of my phone alarm going off at 5:30 in the morning. I sighed, rolled over and turned it off. I looked up at my ceiling and smiled. Today was the first day of my senior year of high school. I got up and walked into the bathroom. I took off my pajamas and jumped into the shower. Once I showered I put on a pain of high waisted skinny jeans, a white lace flowy crop top and my white converse. I then walked into my bathroom and put on some mascara and red lipstick. I looked myself over in the mirror one more time before grabbing my backpack and walking down stairs. 

"Good morning. You look lovely." My mom said as she was making her tea. 

"Morning. And thanks!" I said smiling at her. I grabbed my water bottle and filled it up and then added a few sliced of lemon. "Alright, I'm leaving. Have a good day." I said to my mom and kissed her on the cheek. I grabbed my keys and walked out to my car. I got in and headed to school. 

"One more year man!" My friend Morgan said to me as I got out of my car. 

"I didn't think I was gonna make it this far!" I joked as we walked towards the school. Throughout the hall ways I was greeted by numerous people. I made my way to my first hour and waited of class to start. 

*skipping to second hour*

I walked into my favorite class of the day which was choir. I greeted my old friends and class mates and my favorite teacher. I was talking to my group of best friends with my back to the door when Niall got a weird look on his face. 

"Who's that?" He asked. I turned around and my eyes locked with his dark green gorgeous eyes. After a moment of looking at each other he smirked and raked my body with his eyes. I felt self conscious and turned back around to talk to my friends. 

"Class this is Harry Styles. He moved here from England. Make him feel welcomed." Ms. V said. She paused and then looked at me. "Camden, will you show him around today and make sure he gets to his classes alright?" She asked. I was hesitant but nodded after a few moments. She smiled at me and told Harry to come join my group. 

"Well I'm Camden. This is Niall, he's from Ireland." I added, "and this is Morgan, Lexi, Jake, and Andrew." I introduced everyone while pointing to each person down the line. It didn't surprise me that Harry was from England because we had a lot of different people from different countries at our school. 

"Hi. I'm Harry." He said in his low slow voice. "So what is there do around this town for fun?" Harry asked. 

"Not much, besides hanging with friends and going to the movies or something. We make our own fun." Niall said with a devilish smile. I laughed and shook my head. My friends and I are the type of people that look like goody to shoes and get good grades but then go out and party and and do stupid shit. 

"Sounds interesting." Harry said nodding slowly. 

The rest of class I could feel Harry watching me. I pretended not to notice but it was hard when every time I would look in his direction he would be staring at me. After class I showed him wear his locker is and where his next class was. Harry and I had 4 classes and lunch together. I was kinda annoyed by the fact I would have to deal with him so much, he was kinda rude, but then there was a part of me that was happy we had to spent so much time together. 

"So, do you and Niall have a thing?" Harry asked on our way to the parking lot. 

"No? We're just friends, not that it is any of your business." I mumbled. 

"Hey, I'm just trying to make small talk here. So do you have a thing with anyone else?" He asked giving me his smirk that makes my heart melt a little more every time. 

"No, if you must know I've been single since I broke up with my boyfriend last year." I stated not looking at him.

"Hm, alright." He said trying to hold back a smile. There was something weird about him. Something mysterious, something dangerous. It intrigued me. "So I thought maybe I could get your number." He stated. I raised my eyebrow and gave him a weird look. "You know, in case I need help on any homework." He finished. He grabbed his phone out of his pocket and held it out to me. I bit my lip and looked at it. After a moment I grabbed it and typed in my number. "See you tomorrow love." He said before turning to walk towards his car. I couldn't help but to watch him walk through the parking lot. Once he got to his car he turned around and looked at me, he noticed I was staring and smiled before getting into his car and driving off. I don't know what it is about that boy, but he drives me insane. 

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