Choose one please!


1. Unsure what to call this one

It's just a thin sheet of glass but it means all the difference. That one sheet of glass separates you from the outside world. You look through it and see things, you can press your ear to the glass and hear what's on the other side. You can pretend you are outside, but you aren't. Payouts are still inside and locked out from the outside world. It's similar to your skin. Your thoughts and the truth is inside your mind locked there by you voice and skin. The truth never leaves your mind it's trapped inside. People can think they know everything but they don't. They can only speculate. What really is happening is only known by you and the people you allow past your hard shell of false feelings. You can look out the window as much as you want, but you never really cross the barrier until you break it. I want to. I have tried pounding at the glass with my fists until they are bloodied and broken. But the glass doesn't even crack. It's thick and solid to never even crack. I cry and scream at the glass until people are surrounding me with little lights to check my eyes, needles to stab me with, and so many questions I feel like I'm drowning. The people keep coming causing me to only see hundreds of eyes staring me down looking deep into my soul. I feel like I might go insane, but what if I already have?

yes it is Larry

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