The one and only

Read to find out


4. chapter 2

Anna's Pov

We started to talk we really got along well until I had to got for dinner

Me:Hey um sorry but I half to go home but here's my number call me anytime,number:630-298-3042 (not a real number do not call it)

Harry:Thx I will call u

Me:okay so bye


Omg I can't believe I just met Harry styles ahhhhh I'm gonna die his smile his eyes Are gonna be the death of me

Harry's Pov

She had to go I was sad at first until she gave me her phone number I was so happy so when she left I decided to leave to when I got home I shut the door I was smiling like a idiot good thing the boys aren't here (the boys live with him they are visiting there family right now) I went to my room thinking about her eyes they are so beautiful I checked the time it was 9 pm I decided to go to bed early I went it bed thinking about her

Anna's Pov

When I got home my mom was making her famous chilli after dinner I went to my room it was 10 on I decided to go to bed I couldn't stop thinking about Harry his eye his smile am I falling for him I can't fall for him I just met him with that I fell asleep thinking about Harry

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