Alaska ran away from home to keep her father safe, but when she falls for a human boy she ends up putting herself and his family in danger. Will Xavier and Elijah be able to keep themselves out of harms way? Or will the blood thirsty side of Alaska take over?


3. Chapter Two

Xavier span around as quickly as he could but was faced with an empty space. He breathed heavily and a cold blast of condensation spat from his mouth every time he let out a breath. He flashed his head round in different directions for a while then stopped and finally spoke,

“Who's there?” he asked with a slight confused expression on his face.

“Not very observant are you?” a female voice said from above him causing him to look upwards. He was faced with a brown haired girl with piercing blue eyes and a block fringe. He glanced over her features for a moment, her black owl t-shirt showed slightly from beneath her red velvet cloak and she smiled down at him, noticing his stare.

“What are you doing in a tree?” Xavier asked blinking and shuffling his feet from beneath him,

“I was sleeping” the girl said before jumping down and landing with a thud on her feet, a few meters in front of him. He took a slight step backwards and raised an eyebrow,

“Why were you sleeping in a tree?”

“I ran away” she said bluntly walking around him and looking him up and down “what are you doing running around this forest?”

“Running” he said just as bluntly as she had, “you don’t look like you've run away…” he said watching her circle him out of the corner of his eye,

“I didn't plan it, it just happened.”

“4 days before Christmas?”

Ugh yes” she said rolling her eyes and standing back in front of him.

“Wh-” before he had time to finish the word the cloaked girl pressed her hand to his mouth and shut him up.

“Shh, I hear something” she whispered glancing around and keeping her hand on his face. She stared forward towards a pair of trees to their left as the bush under them started to rustle. Xavier’s eyes opened slightly wider than they were before but as quickly as she silenced him she released his mouth and shot at full speed towards a tree a meter away from him and she seemed to just disappear. He kept glancing around to find her again, he didn't even know who she was, why she was there. The bush rustled again and he faced it bracing himself for an attack when the bush opened and a tall slim figure came through. His mother.

“What the hell are you doing in here?!” her voice was harsh but relieved that she’d found him okay. He shrugged, he didn't know how to reply. He met a girl? He was just being curious? So many possible answers. “At least you’re okay” she smiled slightly and turned to go back the way she came “come on.” Xavier went to follow his mother when a cold blast hit him in the back of the neck. His hand rushed to his neck and he turned to see where it came from. The girl. She was stood a few meters away with a disappointed smile, he wanted to tell her his name, that he’d be back tomorrow but his mother would hear him. He gave her just as sad a smile before turning towards his mum and following her out of the glittering forest.


“Do you have any idea! Just how worried we were?!” His father yelled at the teenage boy with anger shining in his eyes. Xavier was sat in the front room with his parents stood in front of him discussing punishment. He didn't care. He kind of deserved it. He zoned out of his parents yelling and his mind automatically went to the girl. This girl he didn't even know her name, but she was all she could think about. The way her short brown hair curled outwards at the ends. The way her old fashioned red cloak covered her slim figure. But the sound of her voice, that’s what he thought of the most. It was soft yet strong, high but low and it had a silky quality that he couldn't describe in words.

“A month will do you” his mothers voice suddenly snapped him back to reality, causing him to shake his head,

“A month what?”

“A month of you going to school, coming home from school and nothing else” he dad told him.

“No my runn-”

“You can run a few laps around the back garden” his mother said with crossed arms and a slight scowl. Xavier sighed and stood himself up before moving up to his bedroom where his older twin sat waiting for him. The other ginger headed boy was sat on the desk chair facing the door when his muscular brother wandered in and crossed his arm at him.

“Oh don’t start” Xavier complained sitting on his bottom bunk of their bed, “I got the whole thing from mum and dad.” Elijah shook his head with a slight smile,

“I’m not surprised one bit” he said moving his chair slightly towards his younger brother “going against mum, putting yourself in danger”

“Oh come on! That forest is as dangerous as this bedroom!” Xavier growled getting up again and moving over to the window behind their desk “she wouldn't be there if it was” he muttered staring out the window towards the frosted trees of the forest.

“She?” Elijah became instantly interested at the mention of a girl and stood up to stand with his brother.

“It’s nothing” the stronger boy denied shaking his head, “I don’t think she was even real…”

“Who was she?” he shrugged,

“I don’t know, she’s a mystery…” Elijah smirked and nudged with brother,

Oooh ooh mysterious girl” he sang with a chuckle causing Xavier to turn and punch him in the shoulder, “ah alright! Describe her, I’ll go look for her for you.” Xavier raised an eyebrow at his brother and sighed,

“Mum won’t let me leave the house… You might as well, you’ll know her when you see her”.

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