Alaska ran away from home to keep her father safe, but when she falls for a human boy she ends up putting herself and his family in danger. Will Xavier and Elijah be able to keep themselves out of harms way? Or will the blood thirsty side of Alaska take over?


4. Chapter Three

Elijah thought his brother was going insane. Almost 2 hours later and he was still walking through the freezing forest looking out for this girl. He didn’t even have a description but then again, when Xavier likes someone he hates to talk about them in case Elijah tries to do something to spite him. God he hated his twin sometimes. Elijah wondered a moment longer then gave up and flopped himself down on a frozen tree stump.

“You’ll freeze your butt off down there” a female voice said from above him, “thinner than earlier, did your mum literally skin you?” the redhead looked up to see the brown haired girl sat a few branches above him, her brown hair blow across her blue eyes slightly and the red cloak she wore was a give away to who she was.

“You met my brother earlier, we’re twins” he called up to her standing as she jumped down from the branch and landed in a crouch position. She stood up right and nodded slightly,

“Who are you?”

“Elijah, Elijah Clifton” he held his hand out towards her carefully “my brother’s Xavier, he wanted to come back and see you but he’s grounded” he explained as she took his hand and shook it.

“Alaska Simons” she nodded pulling her hand away from his. He was cold, a lot colder than his brother. She could tell.

“Alaska?” he asked with a raised eyebrow, “unusual”

“I’m an unusual person” she shrugged “grounded?” he nodded. Obviously she wanted to see him but he couldn't exactly take her back to the house. Could he?

“There are a lot of question he wants to ask you” he told her sitting himself back down on the cold stump. It wasn't a lie. Even though Xavier didn't say it, Elijah knew his brother enough to know that he wanted to know everything about her.

“He does? Well… I’d like to answer them” she admitted with a shy smile, she may have only just met the guy but she didn't feel like he was dangerous, neither was his brother. Elijah smiled at her for a moment then stood up and shuffled his feet in the snow under his feet,

“4 days till Christmas and you're here… What are you doing?”

“Running” she said quietly watching him move his feet, he was obviously cold but putting himself though it just to talk to her.

“From what?”

“My fate”.


“Sandra Elizabeth Clinton! Get the hell out of my room!” Xavier's voice boomed through the room and though the upstairs hall. The younger girl giggled running out of her brothers room and Xavier slammed the door behind her. He threw himself down on his bunk and sighed, placing his arms behind his head he clicked his tongue. He’d been doing a mix of sit ups, push ups and random flips off the top of his bunk bed since his brother left. Elijah had told his parents he was going to do some homework at a friends house and didn't know when he’d be back and lucky for the twins they believed him. But Xavier still wasn't happy. He trusted his brother but what if Elijah did something? Something to make her believe that he’s Xavier and do something stupid? He wasn't a patient person but this was driving him insane. The front door opened and Elijah’s voice came through,

“Mum! Dad! I’m home! And I brought a friend!” Elijah stood just inside the door frame with Alaska stood behind him peering into the house. Within seconds his mum appeared from the kitchen to greet the guest and was more then excited to see it was a girl.

“Oh! Whose this?” she asked rushing forward and blocking the pair at the door. By now Xavier had come out of his room and was stood at the top of the stairs but his mum was stood in the way blocking his view of his twin and this ‘friend’.

“Alaska, nice to meet you” she smiled tucking a stray brown hair out of her face. That voice! Xavier knew it. It was her! Elijah had brought her to him!

“Alaska, oh that’s a lovely name” the twins mother smiled, “Eli take her up to your room and send Xavier down here, it’s a mess in the living room and I don’t want him getting in the way…”

“It’s okay” Alaska spoke up “I know Xavier” there was a moment of silence then the boys mother nodded,

“Alright, well are you staying for tea?” she asked with a smile.

“Course she is, better get cooking” Elijah grinned,

“Watch your mouth young man” his mother ordered before dashing out to the kitchen. As the older women moved Xavier got the view of his mysterious girl, Alaska. Elijah allowed her to walk fully into the house and shut the door quietly behind them. Xavier stood at the top of the stairs watching them for a moment before rushing back to his room to act as if he hadn't noticed them come in. Once in his room he threw himself down on his bed and placed his hands behind his head, before closing his eyes and pretending to be asleep. The door opened and the next thing he knew Xavier had a pillow thrown at full speed at his face. He bolted upright and smashed his head against the top bunk of his bed and yelled in pain,

“You ass!” he glared at his twin, who was stood laughing and began to rub his head. It took him a moment before he noticed the girl stood near the closed bedroom door and tried to stand up but again his head collided with the top bunk and he fell backwards slightly back onto his bed. Alaska winced for him and moved over to his bed where she sat next to him and placed her hand on his forehead.

“Are you okay?” she asked with a slight smile keeping her hand placed on his head. He nodded with an embarrassed smile and pulled his head away from her,

“Yeah, hi”

“Hi” she said taking her hand away and smiling properly. The where sat staring at each other for a good couple of minutes before Elijah finally spoke up,

“Well, Xavier” his brother glanced over at him “you had some questions?”

“Yeah!” he turned his head back to Alaska and smiled again “what’s your name?”

“Alaska, Alaska Victoria Simons”

“Xavier Samuel Clifton” he nodded keeping eye contact with her

“Elijah Christopher Clifton” Elijah interrupted their stares “just in case you’re looking for baby names.”

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