Alaska ran away from home to keep her father safe, but when she falls for a human boy she ends up putting herself and his family in danger. Will Xavier and Elijah be able to keep themselves out of harms way? Or will the blood thirsty side of Alaska take over?


7. Chapter Six

Janet Clifton stood in her kitchen dishing up a simple meal of sausage and chips for her family and their female guest. David Clifton sat at the dining table with his laptop and Elijah sat next to him finishing off his homework. Meanwhile Alaska was sat on the floor of Sandy Cliftons room while the younger brown haired girl painted her image on a canvas. Sandy wasn't the most talented painter in the world but she was the best in the family for her age, and it was something she enjoyed just as Xavier loved running and athletics while Elijah liked maths and schoolwork. Alaska hadn't told the little artist about being blood sucking monster that she knew she was, it was better she just stayed for a few days then left when things passed.

“Are you in my brothers class?” Sandy asked out of no where,

“Oh erm yeah…”

“How come i've never met you before?”

“I don’t see many people outside of school” she said quietly,

“Oh…” Sandy nodded as she finished off her painting “done!” Alaska stood up and moved herself over to see the art the young brunette had created.

“Wow” Alaska smiled upon looking at the painting, it showed Alaska sat on the ground by a christmas tree. A grin on her face and a santa hat sitting slightly crooked on her head, but the thing that surprised her the most was the fact she was sat with Sandy next to her who had a big box present in her hands and the rest of the family gathered around with them.

“I heard you tell Elijah and Xavier about not being home for Christmas… I thought you could stay with us” the 8 year old admitted with a shy smile. Alaska felt something inside her heart twang causing her to kneel beside Sandy and pull her into a hug.

“I’d love too, but it’s not my place to stay with you”

“Why not?” Sandy asked pulling away from the vampire, “I like you, Xavier and Elijah like you and I bet mum and dad will love you!”

“Aw Sandy look-”

“No! I’ll talk to mum! I’ll do it right-”

“Kids! Dinners ready!” Sandy’s mothers voice rang through the upstairs of their home.

“Okay mum” the girls heard from the twins bedroom, Sandy rushed towards the door to her room and glanced back at her new friend,

“Come on!” Alaska smiled and stood up before following the little firecracker.

The Clifton dining room was a small room with a table that almost filled it, obviously they weren't a big family but with teenage twin boys and a little girl it was due to expand soon. David was sat the top of the table now with his laptop in their living room, Elijah was sat on the right side of him with his homework complete and in his bag while his mother Janet was sat opposite him. Xavier was in the room a few seconds before his sister and their guest, he was wearing his grey PJ shorts that stopped just at the knee and a white poloshirt his hair still looked a little damp but what could he do? Sandy took a seat next to her mum and Xavier next to his brother, leaving Alaska to sit at the bottom of the table opposite their father. The whole room was silent for a few minutes with the sound of knives and forks hitting and scraping on plates then David spoke up.

“Alaska is it?” She looked up with a nod,

“Y-yeah, Alaska Simons sir”

“Call me David” he said with a smile, “you’re in the boys class at school right?”


“How come we've never seen you before?”

“She’s new” Xavier cut in,

“Joined last term” Elijah finished glancing over at her and noticed her smiling at him.

“Oh, so where did you live before?”

“Here” Elijah answered “she went to a different school that’s all...”

“Yeah, one across town” Xavier said quickly causing his mother to laugh,

“Are we going to hear from Alaska or?” the boys chuckled awkwardly and glanced over at Alaska who was playing with her necklace pendant. She looked up from the dark red stone and into the eyes of Xavier and gave a slight smile,

“Yes i’m sorry” she said quickly breaking her glance with Xavier “what was the question?”


The meal was over a lot quicker then Alaska expected and soon enough Janet was off washing up, David was in his study with his laptop and Sandy was sat on the kitchen worktop talking with her mother about Alaska. Alaska herself was with the boys, Xavier had convinced his dad to let him watch TV at least once on his grounded spree so the twins were in the living room sat on their 3 seater sofa with Alaska sat in between them.

“Sandy’s taken to you, does she know?” Elijah asked causing Alaska to bring her feet up onto the sofa and hug her legs,

“No, I couldn't tell her…”

“Good, I mean she’s 8 she probably doesn't even know what Vampires are.”

“I don’t want to hurt her…”

“Alaska” Janet’s voice came from the kitchen “could I have a word please?” the brunette swallowed and got off the sofa to talk to the twins mother.

“Mrs Clifton” she said quietly entering the kitchen and looking over at the twins mother who was stood leaning on the worktop wiping her hands dry on a dish towel. Sandy was still sat on the worktop but now she was swinging her legs trying not to kick the cupboard underneath her.

“Please, call me Janet sweetie” the women smiled with a slight sparkle in her eyes,

“Okay, Janet” she smiled back glancing over at Sandy who was just grinning at both older girls.

“Sandra tells me that you are having issues with family and you don’t have anywhere to spend christmas” Alaska tensed slightly and the smile faded from her face,

“that’s true…”

“Well if you want to stay here then you’re more then welcome, besides you know the boys and Sandra here seems to like you” she smiled again “and David and I think you’d be a good influence on the boys, especially during this time of year.”

“And you can stay for christmas! With presents!” Sandy piped up with an even bigger grin.

“Well actually” Janet stood up right and lifted her daughter off the worktop, “I can’t promise you Alaska that you’ll get any presents from us… We-”

“I don’t expect any, your hospitality is enough.” Janet smiled with a nod before walking out of the kitchen to join her husband in his study.

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