The Hunger Games: Virtual Version

Have you ever wanted to be part of the Hunger Games? Well of course not! You would die! But not in the virtual kind.
Welcome to the Hunger Games: Virtual Version! To 'sign up' as a tribute, designer, or trainer, fill out the requirements from the first chapter. We will then have the reaping, parade, training, and interviews before the games begin.


2. District One Reaping


    Authors Note- The Reapings will be from the point of view of the choosers. Kind of like Effie was for District 12. Also, there will only be one reaping bowl since there was not enough guys. Hope you enjoy!


   I knew that this year, the tributes from District One would be the best they had obtained in years. And why was that? That's because I would be choosing them! This District is sure to win this year. They are known for luxury after all.

    My head swirled with these thoughts as we watched the new video the Capitol made. It now included the rebuilding of District Thirteen since the Capitol ran out of chemicals after seventy-six years and was forced to move a small amount from each district to that area. In my opinion, it was absolute rubbish to do such a thing. They'll just overcome the Capitol again!

   When the large screen turned black and the video ended, I turned to face the crowd with a smile on my face. Half of them looked happy to be here. The other half looked either scared or downright devastated.

   "Welcome to the 76th Annual Hunger Games!" I said cheerfully in to the microphone. Also with the coming of District Thirteen, the script we had to memorize was tweaked the littlest bit. "Let us commence with the Reaping."

   I stepped over to the large glass bowl that held all the names and smiled the widest I could this time as we were taught to do at this time. I slipped my hand in and pulled out a tiny piece of paper.

   "Hatty Sanders!"

    A cry erupted from the crowd and a girl's knees nearly buckled before someone helped her up. She began to step forward as I try to see who the first tribute was.

    A girl with long brown hair and coal colored eyes stepped forward with several tears already running down her face. With her short pink dress and bows in her hair, I could already tell she would die in seconds.

    I clapped anyways as she made her way to the stage and stood to my right. "Now for our second tribute....." I said as I reached my hand and took a name from the bowl once again.

   "Elizabeth Hemmingway!"

   For many moments, there was silence. But then a shorter but older-looking girl, perhaps one of her last years in the Reaping stepped forward expressionless. Her dirty blonde hair stayed completely still as she walked towards the stage. Her eyes stared up at the piece of paper in my hand in what looked like shock.

   She stood up next to me and stood completely still as I announced, "Your District One tributes for the 76th Annual Hunger Games!"


District One's Group-




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