The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


1. Who's Harry Styles ?

[2016] Okay, I started this thing 3 years ago, obviously it's not that good at the begging, but if you give it a try, it might get better by the 15th chapter. Who knows ?


~~~~~~First of all I fell in the right to say that english is not my first language so there might have a few mistakes. And thanks for waisting your time reading my fiction.~~~~~~~~~


"Alex get up !" My mom screams from the kitchen. I get up and go to the bathroom. I do what I need to do and go back to my room still sleepy, even after taking a cold shower. I put some jeans on and a basic t-shirt. "good morning mom." I say as I go down stairs with my converses on my hands. "Mornin' dear." She's ready to go, so why she's still here ? "looking for something ?""car keys." "same place as always." Why she doesn't look at the most obvious place ? "Thank you honey bee." She says and close the front door. I put on my shoes, grab an apple and my car keys and I make my way to the car.

Some random rap music stars to play when I turn the radio on, and then I make my way to the school trying to sing rap music.

"Girl, I'm going to need to ask you to shut the fuck up 'cause you definitely don't know the lyrics of this song." Someone says tapping on my window. "And I'm going to need to ask you to don't complain about my singing." I say to my friend Maylee. "No, seriously, I think I'm deaf now." She says while I lock the car. "That's not my problem." "Did you hear that Harry is single again ?" She says out of no where. " 3 things. 1# I don't give a fuck. 2# does he know what the word relationship means ? And 3# why do you care ?" " Alex he's hot, that's why I care." "Wow Maylee, you know you would be a great president." I say sarcastically. "Alex you're so funny !" She say the same way. "But anyway, you shouldn't give him that much of attention. If he'd wanted anything with you it would be sex, only sex. And you guys would go with it until he got sick of you, or one one of you got a SDT's or he got you pregnant." "Thanks for always wanting the best for me."" You can always count on me" I say smiling to her while I opened the door. " HEEY !" We hear someone scream in the middle of the hallway. " hello my bitches." "Hi Jack." We say in unison. "Jack you need to stop with this 'cause I don't want you again complaining that some random guy was hitting on you." " I wasn't complaining !" "Alex why that guy is looking weird at me ?""May, why he's blinking at me ?" Me and Maylee say with funny voices. " look someone is grumpy now." I say pounding. "Yeah, but looks like someone else is going to be pretty mad to." "Why?" I say an May points to the lockers. Harry was pressing someone against the lockers an unfortunately wash locker. "Please, no body rubbing against my locker." I say loud enough for the two them to hear me. "Why ? Are you jealous Henderson?" "No I just don't want people having sex against my locker that's all." I say giving Hera fake smile. "Now would you mind stepping to the side so I can get my stuff?" "C'mon Harry, let's go to another place." She says grabbing Harry's hand. "Let's go Harry" she says with a baby voice. "Er... I have something better to do. " he says obviously annoyed with the stupid voice she made. "Oh, ok baby. See you later ?" "Maybe." He says an walk away not looking back. "What you're looking at?" She spits and walk away on her high heels. " I think that Barbie deserves a punch on her pretty fake nose." "Calm down May, she's not worth it." I say opening my locker. "But I would love to see it." Jack says. "Everybody would love to see it. But for sure some shit would happen to you after you'd punched her." "That's only because she's rich. It's not -" May was interrupted when the bell buzzed loudly. "C'mon let's go" I say closing my locker and dragging Maylee to the classroom. "Bye girls." Jack says when we enter our classroom and he make his way to his class.


The day passes slow as fuck, and after what seemed like years I was free to go home. The fort thing I do when I get home is go to the kitchen. God I'm starving ! I look at the table and there's a note on it.


" don't forget to go to the bakery. - mom"


Thankfully my mom remembered me. I can't miss my shift again, Barbara would so mad at me.

I put some money in my pocket and check if my phone is with me. I'm just going to wait and eat something there.

Soon as I enter the store I smell the still warm from the oven bread. "This smells delicious!" "And there's one just waiting for you." The old lady says smiling at me. "Thanks Barbara." I say and go straight to the balcony. "Sweetheart I need to go." She says handing me my apron. "Wait, you're going to leave me here all alone ?" I panic. "No dear, I have another employe coming to help you." She says calming me down. "He'll be here any moment." She says and go away. Ok no need to panic. Just a few minutes by myself. "Just don't burn down the place." I say to myself. I walk try the place putting things on their places to occupy myself. I start to sing some random music when someone enter the store. "Barbara I'm here." A husky voice says. I walk back to the balcony. "She just left." I say and the boy turns around. My jaw dropped when I saw who was."Harry?" The boy looked a lot with Harry l, but at the same time he didn't. He was wearing a white long sleeve so you couldn't see his tattoos. There was not even one piercing on his face. He had a soft smile on his lips that soon faded when he notice who I was. He looked at me and opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. "Er... Henderson right ?" "Yes?" I answer but it sound like a question. "Harry ?" I ask again. "Henderson." He says while he puts his apron. "You're going to keep staring?" He asks. "Er...sorry." I say looking away. "Can I ask you a question ?" I ask. " you can do whatever you want to, but just because you ask me something doesn't mean I'm actually going to answer it." I roll my eyes. "What happens to the piercings ? And why it looks like you're trying to hide your tattoos ?" He was starting to say something but he was cut off by the door opening. "We're not finished here." I say and and go to the balcony to attend the old lady. A few seconds later Harry join me. "Hello Harry." "Hi Mrs. Jackson." He says showing his lovely dimples. "I tough I wouldn't be seeing you here today." "Barbara needed me here today." He says gently. What the hell ? "We'll be netting again this week ?" "Hopefully." He say handing her the bag. "Bye Mrs. Jackson and have a lovely evening." "You too." She says and leave the store. What the fuck just happened and who the hell is Harry Styles ?

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