The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


22. stop being so jealous

Chapter 20

I'm smiling at Zayn when suddenly the table is full. Apparently Zayn friends decided to join us. "Now we're sitting here ?" Niall asks setting his basketball on the table. That boy always had either a ball or his guitar with him. "Ask lover boy over there." Liam says smirking at us. Niall looks at us and then I realize he's right next to May. He doesn't seems to mind either does she. But knowing my best friend, deep down there's something, I know there is.

"Hey Jack." I say to him when he stops kissing his girlfriend. This was the first time I see them together. "Hey Alex. May." He smiling to both of us. "Erm, I think I haven't introduced you yet. Alex, May, this is Alicia. Alicia, these are Alex and May. My best friends." He says pointing to us. "Nice to meet you." She says smiling back at us. She's really pretty, and popular. I wanted to know how they met each other.

"Harry !" May beams when then boy crosses the door. He glances over our direction and starts to walk to our table. "I think I have to get a few books from my locker." I say to Zayn. "I'll join you." He says getting up. "No. Stay here with your friends. There's no need for you to waist your lunch in front of my locker. I'll see you later ?" "Yes." He says as I get up and leave the cafeteria, exiting trough another door, so I wouldn't meet Harry on my way out.

After I got my thing from my locker I went to my biology class. And, well, it sucked, like all the others classes I had the rest of the day. The only thing that made me hold on was waiting to meet Zayn again. Bering with him was definitely better then this.

When my last class of the day finished Zayn was waiting for me right beside the door. "Hey." He says putting his arm around me. "Hi." "How was your day ?" "Boring." "You see, that's why we skip class." "I'm not that badass to skip a whole day." "Someday." "Maybe." I say chuckling. "So, you want to go on my motorcycle or on your car." "No, I would love to ride your bike again." I say and stop for a second, while Zayn smirks at. "Okay, let pretend I didn't said that." "Say what ?" He asks when we open the door to the parking lot.

He helps me to jump on behind him and in a matter of seconds we're storming out of the parking lot. Flying trough the avenue, swimming between the car, and the wind hiring our faces. I don't know if it's the adrenaline on my blood or the butterflies on my stomach, but I fell like I could go anywhere. I would do anything. As long as Zayn is with me.

"Where Mss. ?" He scream over the wind. "The roof." I answer the first thing that came to my mind. Our place. He laughs and goes faster, what makes me hold him tighter then before.

We start to stop till we're parked on Walmart. "What we're doing here ?" I ask as he jumps off of the motorcycle. "Buying ice cream." I take my helmet and follow him inside. And the next thing I know we're crazy teenagers ruining around the isles with helmets on our arms looking for ice cream. "Cookie dough." I ask cheer once we found the freezers. "Let's go get some spoons." He says holding my hand and leading me to another isle.

After we pay for our stuff we go back to his bike and I frown when I realize now I won't fell the warm from his body, since now I have a freezing box of ice cream in front of me. We rush to the roof and I try my best to get to the end of those fucking stairs. "Are you okay ?" "Yeah, nothing a bit of rest won't cure." I say he leads me to the spot we sat the last time. We sit side by side sharing the the ice cream.

He has his arm around me when I start to enjoy his smell. Well, that's a bit creepy. "Why do you smoke ?" He looks down at me surprised with me question. "I don't know. I guess it makes me fell better. I try not to smoke all the time, but sometimes when I get anxious, nervous, or worried I can't handle." "But it's going to kill you." "I know. My mom says that everyday." He says looking forward. "I don't want you to die." I say and he chuckles. "Me neither, I just want a quick exit from reality sometimes. He looks back at me and see something in his eyes. I don't exactly know why is, but what I know is that I understand him. Everybody wants a quick exit. "The good thing." He says holding me closer. "Is that when I'm with you I don't want a quick exit, because my word stops for a while, just by being by your side." He says and I smile, and my heart melts. "You're my favorite quick exit." He whispers and I practically jump at him to kiss his lips. He knows how to be a romantic dude.

I'm sat on his lap, and our kiss is calm, with it's own rhythm, sweet and all I can think about beside his lips in the butterflies on my stomach. His hands rest on my hips and mine on his neck. We stop for some air. We look at each other breathless, with puffy red lips and messed up hair and we laugh. "We're a hot mess." "Yeah, you're hot and I am a mess." I say and he laughs with me. "Well, I try." He says playfully. "You're doing a great job." "Not as much a you are." He whispers and we keep staring at each other, just waiting the first move. I surrender first and attach my lips to his and we start our little synchronized dance. And we kept doing this, talking, laughing, and making out. And may I say, it worked pretty well.

"Wait a sec." He says taking his vibrating phone from his phone. "I need to answer this." He says standing and walking closer to the edge. I watch his face and reactions, till he looks at me and I pretend to play with my shoelaces. He keeps talking so I get up too and walk to the opposite edge. I admire the small people cars passing by, feet below us.

"What you're doing ?" Zayn asks holding me from behind. "This is my new favorite place." I announce and he chuckles. "Yeah, it's mine too." "Thanks for sharing it with me." I say turning around and holding myself against his chest. "It was my pleasure." "Hey." He asks poking my sides. "Wanna go somewhere ?" "Like ?" "Louis' house. He's one of my friends." "Do I know him ?" "Probably no. He already graduated." "Oh. What we're going to do ?" "Well, he insisted for me to go, he wants to talk to me. But after we're done, if you don't want to stay there we can go somewhere else." "Okay. Let's go." I say hugging him just because.

After we graves out trash we left and quickly we arrived at Louis'. There wasn't any loud music, so certainly wasn't a party. At least not a big one. Zayn rigs the door bell and someone shout something like I'm coming. A shirtless girl opens the door and smiles when she sees Zayn. "Zayn !" She shouts and troughs herself at him. "Hey Giny." He says holding by her waist. I force a smile and try not to seem too awkward. "Come in, Louis said he was waiting for you." Zayn kept a bright smile on his face and I was trying hard to not frown when I saw a table of people almost half naked. "We're playing strip poker !" I blonde girl said way to excited. There was smoke around then and two boys were passing a cigaret. "Zayn ! Woah, who's your friend ?" Louis said getting up. Zayn placed his hand on the small of my back. "This is Alex. Alex that's Louis." "You remember me someone." Louis said coming closer to us. "I'm sorry, but I have no idea who you are." I say giving him a small smile. "Anyway." He says holding Zayn arm. "I need to talk to you." "Wait there." Zayn said before Louis dragged him away. "Wanna join ?" One of the boys asked me. "No. Thank you." "What a shame." He smirked and went back to his game.

18 minutes later I couldn't handle the smoke anymore, and the naked teenagers. I go to the yard, and I'm pretty sure no one notice my exit. I sigh. This is so confusing. Or maybe I'm making it seem confusing. But Zayn having boobs pressed against his chest it's certainly not normal, at least to me. I don't know if we're going somewhere or if he's just like to have a good time with me to in no time dump me.

I sit on the grass and watch the sunset. "Alex ?" I hear as jump at the noise. I turn around to see Harry closing the door behind him. "Hey." I say as he comes closer to me. "You brought May to have a good time ?" I ask rolling my eyes at him. "Actually I was at you doctor friend house, to get my medicine. Remember ? You were supposed to go with me ?" He tries to make me feel guilty. "Anyway, Louis called me and I came." "Stop being so jealous Alex." He smirks. "I'm not." I quickly defend myself. "Hell yeah." "Stop bugging me." "I'm not doing anything !" He says pushing me and laughing. I laugh too, and suddenly we're pushing each other till we're laughing on the ground.

"Aren't you supposed to be playing strip poker back there ?" I ask when I manage to slow my breathing. "Not really good at that game." He says shrugging it off. "What about you ?" "Too much smoke." "That's kind of ironic." He says and I frown. "Why ?" "Well, considering your boyfriend. He's the one that smoked more pack in this house." I don't know why, but I fell bothered. "He doesn't smirks when he's with me." "Seriously ?" "Yeah." I say feeling like it's something especial. "Good for you then. But I guess he's not being that real with you." "Shut up Harry. You know nothing !" I say getting up tired of his shit, and and anger flowing trough me. "Calm down Alex, and not saying anything bad." He says getting up too. "Yes you are." "Alex ?" Zayn's voice echoes trough the yard and I turn around. "Hey, there you are. What you're going here ?" He asks and I turn around to look at Harry, but he's no longer by my side. "Nothing." I say taking a deep breath. "It's just too much smoke inside." I say walking in his direction. "Yeah, I tough you wouldn't like it that much." "Wanna grab something to eat ?" He asks offering his hand. "Yeah. I'm starving."

We go to a Pizza Hut, since I was craving for a pizza. "Oh god, you're spending way too much money on me." I say taking a bite from my slice. "I like doing it. And the pizza it's mine, I'm just being a nice person and sharing it with you." He says and I laugh. "Okay, now I don't fell too guilty to make you buy yourself a desert, that I'll simply take a bite. Or maybe the whole thing." I say and he laughs.

"Thanks for the pizza." I say when we reach my doorstep. After a lot of laughing and the pizza was finished we agreed that it was already time for me to come home. "Thanks for the day." He says caressing my cheeks. I smile before he leans over me and place his lips over mine. I feel goosebumps all over my body. "Goodnight." I say after we break the kiss. "Bye Alex." He says smiling and kissing my left cheek before leaving.

Still dazed from his smell and the kiss I look for my keys on my backpack. But I can't find it. Shit. I forgot my keys. I call my mom, maybe she will be home early today. "Alex sorry, I won't be going home tonight." She says after I told her what happened, which I had to wait a lot for, 'cause apparently the hospital is a chaos today. "You see, this is why we should have a spare key under the mat." "Mom, that's so cliché, that's probably the first place someone wold look." "Okay Mss., but you're the one that's locked out of the house." "It's not my fault." "Alex I don't have time for this now, I have to go. See if you can go to Mays." "Okay i will. Bye." "Bye." She says before the line went off.

I look at my contacts list and press Mays name, but I think twice before call her. She's probably going to keep blabbing about Harry. No, thank you. I stop at Harry's name and I think about calling him. Maybe he would help me break in or something like that. Or we could spend time together, that would be cool too. But then I remember all the stuff he said about Zayn, and that pissed me off. So I scroll looking for the number I should've called first.

"I think ten minutes were too long away from each other. That's why you called right ?" He asks playfully. "I'm sorry. You're probably tired of me." "Just a bit." He says and I push him. "Hey ! I'm giving you a place to stay the nigh, and I already payed your diner, don't be so rude !" "Okay, okay. Yeah, I'm abusing of your kindness." After Zayn picked me at my house we drove to his house. "You're sure that you're parent are okay with me staying the nigh ?" "They're probably asleep now, and my sisters too." "Oh god I can even imagine what they will think about in the morning when they see me." "Don't worry, I'll make sure they know what really happened."

"You can take the bed." He says looking for something on his closet. "We can...share it." I say feeling me cheeks getting hotter. "I don't have any problem with sleeping on the ground." He says looking searching for something inside the closet. "But I don't want you to." He turns around and smiles. "Okay, if you you're okay with it." He says placing a change on the bed. "Here. You can use these." "Thanks. Can I... Take a shower ?" "Oh, yeah, go ahead." He says opening the door beside the closet. "I'll go get a towel for you."

After I'm clean I lay on the bed and cover myself. Zayn's now taking a shower I decided to get comfy on the bed while he wasn't here. It doesn't smells like nicotine, nor perfume. Its jut Zayn's smell, and I really like it. Putting it in a poetic way, it's almost like this is the real him. Not the one other think he is or want him to be. "But I guess he's not being that real with you." Harry's voice echoes inside my head, and then I start to wonder how many girls already smelled his real him, as weird as it sounds. How many girls laid on these bed, and how many he shared things with. But, fortunately, these thoughts flow away when I feel the bed sinking beside me showing that Zayn was beside me. "You're still awake ?" He whispers laying down, facing me. "Yeah." "The bed it's not comfortable enough ?" He jokes, still whispering. "No." I laugh. "It's perfect." I say looking deep in his eyes.

We stay like this for I don't know how long. We just keep look at each other. Breathing in and out, till my breathing is in a slow pace and my eyes start to get heavy. I start blinking, and I swear I saw a big mess of curls in front of me. I blink again and there Zayn, still looking at me. "Go to sleep." He whispers so quietly that I'm surprised that I heard. And with that it only takes a few seconds for me to drift to sleep.


"Thank you." I say as we walk side by side out of the parking lot. He parked beside my car, even tho it was forbidden for motorcycles. "Like, for the awesome day, for the diner, taking me in, and the hoodie." I say lifting my hand showing the oversized sleeve. "Well it was my pleasure. And it's not like you made it anything ease. It took me like, half an hour to make you take the hoodie." "I don't need it." "But it's fucking cold here outside." he says adjusting his beanie. I laugh at him. "Just a bit." I say and he grabs my hand giving it a little squeeze.

We walk inside and everybody turns around to see us. They start whispering and staring at our hands together. "Ignore it." He says and pulls me closer to him. We keep walking till we're at my locker. He waits for me, even when I say he didn't had to. "It's not like I need to get any stuff." He says. "You know, you should actually attend the classes. That's the point of coming to school." I say as we start to walk again. "It's not like I can't learn these stuff by myself." "You do ?" "No." He casually shrugs and I laugh at his indifference. "See you later ?" He asks when we get to my class. "If you come to me." "Then I'm afraid to tell I'm not going anywhere." "Bye Zayn." I push him away and he walks to I don't know where.

"I'm sorry I had to leave you alone." He says when we meet at the parking lot. "No problem Zayn. It's okay." I say forcing a smile. Which was kinda hard after he dumped me at lunch, leaving me alone at the cafeteria. That was the highlight of my day. "I'm really sorry okay." "It's okay Zayn." "Can I call you later ?" "Yes." I nod and jump inside my car. He waves me goodbye and I drive home.

I feel the hot tears running down my face when I park my car. I don't know why I'm crying, I just am. And the fact that there's no apparent reason for this mess, makes me feel worse.

After Zayn left me at my classroom the room started to get full, and girls were staring at me with judgmental eyes. That's when I started to feel small. Then everything just started to go down the hill. May didn't showed up on the class we had together, and the girls in that class were more confident to say out loud stuff like "whore" or "bitch". But what hurt most, was when Zayn left me alone at lunch. He was waiting for me at the cafeteria when i arrived. The thing was, he was beside a pretty blonde girl, probably one of the ones that called me whore. I forced a smile and walked in their direction, since Zayn was calling me. I think what broke me was the fact that his arm was around her, and her hand on his thigh. A few minutes later she styled whispering stuff to him till she dragged him out. That just gave another reason for people to talk about me, mock my innocence, and the way I sat full of hope for my prince to come back.

I dry the tears with his hoodie sleeve, that I don't know why I still haven't took it off. I storm inside the house mad at myself, Zayn, the world, just everything. God, teenage problems are so stupid. I guess it's just the hit of reality that does this. I run upstairs and just lay on my bed.

I guess I just drifted into sleep while I was sobbing or something. I get up feeling my whole body ache. It sucks. The only reason for me to get up it's the bakery. More precisely Harry, but it's not like I'm going to tell him or anything.

I quickly change to something warmer, 'cause out side it's cold as fuck. I spot Zayn hoodie on the ground, and grab it throwing it in the back of the closet. Much better.

I walk to the bakery in a quick pace so I won't freeze to death. Maybe if I took the car it would've been better, but I was too stupid to think that before left home.

"Good evening." A woman says as she pass me while leaving the bakery. I great her back and push the door open, making the little bell on the door ring. Harry lifts his head looking in my direction. I smile at him and he gives me this strange look between anger and hate. "Hey." I say still smiling. "Oh, hi Alex." "What's the matter Harry ?" "Nothing Alex." He spits and my smile fades and my heart breaks a little. "Why you're being so mean ?" "I thought you weren't coming after all." He ignores my question. "Why wouldn't I ?" "I don't know, maybe because you're too busy ducking you boyfriend Zayn." "He's- he's not my boyfriend." I say and my voice cracks. "Oh, okay. Sorry. Too busy fucking Zayn." "Stop saying that Harry, I didn't sleep with him !" "Yes you did ! Stop lying." "Everybody knows. You made very clear when you made a big appearance on the hallways walking hand in hand, you even had his hoodie on ! What happened ? He tore your shirt when you were having fun ?" He keeps going like I'm a punch bag till I break. "Shut the fuck up Harry. You know nothing !" "I didn't slept with him. In a matter of fact I did. I shared a bed with him, 'cause I got locked out of my house." "And I think you should know that my first choice was you, but after you tore my heart at Louis' I couldn't." "And I hope you're happy, cause you were right. I don't mean anything to Zayn. I'm just another girl. Just another useless pice of shit."

~~~~sorry it took me so long :/ and be more active guys !~~~~

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