The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


17. oh Zayn

Chapter 15

"Did you ever had sex with someone ?"

I fell my cheeks getting red within seconds and my mouth getting dry. What ? It's the only thought in my mind. I guess I should've heard him. I really didn't want to hear this question. Who wants ? "You see ? I really shouldn't have asked this. You don't need to answer this." "Well I think not answering it would give you a answer by it self." I say surprising myself, 'cause I felt like I could barley breath, let alone talking. "Look Alex." He said lifting up my head. "I only asked that 'cause Harry referred to you as a 'boring ass virgin'. And I said that he shouldn't say that because is really disrespectful, and after all you probably weren't one anymore." I don't know what hurt the most. The way Harry spoke of me, of the fact that Zayn thinks that I'm a whore. "So you think that I'm that easy ?" "No ! No no no no. You got it wrong ! That's not what I meant." He says. "It's just that you''re all this, and you probably have thousands of guys all over you, so you probably already had a boyfriend and shit, and I.....especially after the way you kissed me, that was just WOW. It was probably the best kiss of my life. So I thought that....I don't really know what I tough. But please don't think I imagine you as a whore or anything like that. I really didn't meant that. And most of all I really didn't meant to hurt you or offend you." "Hell yeah." I say letting out a fake laugh and turning around to put the pasta on the boiling water. "What ?" He says with a confused look. "You think I'm trying to offend you ?" "No." I say looking everywhere but his face. "I'm laughing about the fact that you actually thought that I had all the guys falling for me or some shit like that." "What are you talking about ?" "Zayn are you fucking kidding me ? You never saw the way I'm totally ignored ? Oh yeah, you probably didn't, 'cause you ignored me. But I'm not taking it personal everyone already did that. " "Are you serious ?" "You still think I'm not ? Look at me ! At all my falls, that are so many. And my face, that's nothing more then ordinary, or worse. I'm not the kind of girl boys usually look twice, and when they do it's probably to take some vantage of me, of my low self esteem, and take something they want." I say almost crying. "What do you mean with take vantage ?" "Nothing." "Alex you know it's not okay if someone takes vantage of you, don't you ?" "Yeah, I know. Don't talk to me like I'm a child." "Alex whatever this someone did to you it wasn't right. Do you understand that ?" "Yes I know ! And I can fell it too ! Can we just stop talking about this ?" "Yes. But if you need to talk to someone you can count on me. For anything Alex." He says looking deep in my eyes. "Okay." I whisper losing myself in his eyes. "God, I still can't believe you don't know you're beautiful." [sorry I couldn't hold myself, I had to do this 😂] "And I still can't believe you actually like to spend time with me." "I never said that." He says smirking. "I just know you do." "But you're wrong. I don't like it, I love it." He says leaning down over me, till our lips touched. Our mouths moved in sinc as he settled one of his hands on my cheek and the other one rested on my neck, with his finger tangled with my hair. I kept my hands on his chest, holding onto his shirt. We break the kiss to catch our breaths. His eyes never living mine. "So, best kiss of your life ?" I say ad he chuckles. "I shouldn't have said that." He says turning around while I laugh. "What about we finish this spaghetti, 'cause I'm starving." "Me too." I say and go back to cocking.

After a while we were eating our spaghetti in the kitchen table talking and laughing. "Well, this was surprisingly good." "What do you mean with that ?" "Oh, no. I did it again. It's just that usually when I'm in the kitchen this go wrong and the food is horrible. But apparently it didn't happened this time." "I guess it is true." I say and we laugh. "I'm happy that I could spend some quality time with you." "Why ?" "You're different from the people that I usually talk to." "Is that a good thing ?" "It's one of my favorite this about you." He says and makes me smile. "Most of the girls I know just talk about make up, shopping and the guys they've hooked up with. You don't, you have what to talk about, you have your own opinions on stuff, and you can talk about so much stuff that amazes me." "What about the boys ?" "Well it's different for multiples reasons. One of them it because you're a girl, so you're not going to talk about how hot the waitress is." He says and I laugh. "And all the boys are cool, even Harry, that sometimes is a douchbag." He says and I remember about the bakery. I start to wonder the time but I wait for him to finish before leaven. "But sometimes you get tired of only cigarets and girls." He says and my smile fades for a moments at the though of him and Harry with other girls. "What time is it ?" I ask trying to not seem desperate to leave. "I don't know, but probably pass last class." "Wow, this was the longest lunch I ever had." "Well I guess time go fast when you're having fun." He says kind of shyly and I smile at him. "I guess it does." I say and he smiles back to me. "But sadly I really have to go." "Why ?" "I have a few this to do." "Okay, I guess." He says disappointed. "But, can I see you again later ?" "I think I won't have time, but I'll call you okay ?" "Yes. Of course." He says a bit more happy.

We get up from the table and set our things in the sink. And them he walks me to the door. "Got all your things." "Yeah." I say while checking my purse. "I'm sorry for taking your food and leaving you all the dishes. " "No, it's okay." "Oh, great. 'Cause I wasn't going to wash that anyway." I say and we laugh. "I'm just kidding okay ? So you can call me again to eat here that I'll help. Free food is always good." I say and he laughs. "Well i was thinking..." He starts to say leaning again the door frame. "I said that I was going to call we could go on a date, but we still didn't." He says and I remember all the stupid things I thought because thy phone call that never happened. "And as I said I was thinking if you're still up to it." I think my face of surprise was so obvious that made him scared. "Of course that if you don't want to it's okay." "I'd love to go on a date with you." I say and I see his face light up. "Yes." "What about Friday ?" "Excellent." I say smiling. "So see you Friday ?" "Yes. But first can you drop me at my place ?" "Oh, yeah, I forgot you came with me. Just a sec." He says and go catch his leather jacket, that makes him look sexy as fuck. "Let's go." He says grabbing his keys and opening the door.

A few minutes late we were in front of my house. "Thanks for the ride." "Thanks for the lunch. You really sure you're okay ? You were holding me really tight." He says and I can feel my checks getting hotter. "Yeah...I'm okay." "So till Friday ?" "Well since that tomorrow I guess yes." I say laughing. "Bye Alex." He says and leans over me and places a gentle kiss on my check. "Bye." I whisper and he chuckles at my reaction to him. He puts back his helmet and jump on his motorcycle. I stand in the same place till I can't see him and then I go inside to see I'm going to be late for my job, so I get my phone and my keys and go to the bakery.

As always I go walking, but since I forgot my headphones I just humble to songs instead to actually listen to them. After a while I'm opening the front door to the bakery. "How was your day with Zayn ?" I hear out of nothing. "God Harry you scarred me." I say as the door closes behind me. "And how do you know I spent the day with him." "I just assumed." "Well it was great." "I guess not the great he was expecting." "Why do you mean with that ?" "Well, your hair is not messed up, and your clothes don't look like they've been ripped out of you at any time. So I guess he didn't got in your pants." He says dead serious and a bit pissed off. I look at him first shocked, but then pissed off too. "First of all who are you to talk about him like that ? And you really thought he would easily get me in his bed ?" "Zayn have his ways. All the girls at some point gave in." "We'll not this boring virgin." I say going to the balcony and then passing trough the 'only employes' door without looking back at him.

I want to scream at the top of my lungs, but I don't. Why ? Maybe because I don't him to know how this got to me, but yeah, I'm not really sure. I put on my apron and put my hair into a messy bun. Even if I don't want to, I have to spend the next hours with him. I pass trough the doors back to the store and I don't see Harry. Maybe he went home. The moment I think that he pops up in the middles of the shelfs and I let put a scream. "Fuck Harry I told you to don't do this again." I say try to calm myself. "Sorry." He mumbled with a neutral expression.

After that we didn't talked at all, actually he didn't made a sound, while I spoke briefly to the few costumers of the day. At the end of my shift Harry kept looking at me and opening his mouth like he was going to say something but he quickly would look away or go back to do was he was doing before. In the meanwhile I kept receiving texts from Zayn. Not that it was a bad thing, it was probably the only thing that stopped me from confronting Harry and then leave here. He asked me a few times if we could meet after my job, well, actually he didn't knew that I was at my job, but after I told him I couldn't tell him where I was he didn't asked anymore, what made me kind of happy, I mean, to know that he knows when to stop and don't keep pushing further.

"Hey." Harry said almost as a whisper as I closed the door from the bakery. "Hi Harry." "Alex I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier." He says looking me in the eyes. "And for the way I talked about you to Zayn. That wasn't right." He says like a 5 years old. It breaks my heart, even if I should be mad at him. I don't know why, but I fell a urge to hug him. Harry doesn't seems to be the type that cares with people, let alone apologize. I take a few steps closer to him and wrap my arms around him, and to my surprise, he hugs me back.

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