The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


21. oh Harry

Chapter 19

"Since when you drink ?" "I don't know Harry. It's not like I wrote in my calendar. Last year maybe ?" "A party." "No. A Sunday lunch with my family." "You're so sweet sometimes." "I try." I say smiling. He just roll his eyes. "Hey, can I ask you a favor ?" "Hm yes. What ?" "I want you to talk with Niall about May." "Okay, but why ?" "They kissed and she's a bit confused about stuff between them." "That's it ?" "Yeah, she has this fucking crush on you since ever. It's a miracle she stopped treating you like a god, and realized you're no good to her." "So you want me to set we up with Niall so you can have me ?" "No Harry." I say rolling my eyes, and he laughs. "I'll try." "Thanks." "Yeah, I know I'm the best."

"How was your date with Mr bad boy ?" "Zayn ?" "Yeah." "It was nice. Actually, the best night of my life." "Oh, so you guys had sex ?" "Yes." I say and he chokes on his beer. "What !?" "I'm kidding Harry !" I burst into laughing. "Yeah, I know that." He says awkwardly shuffling on his seat. "Sure." I say trying to control my laughing.

After a few minutes of talking and laughing the pizza delivery guy arrives with our diner and Harry pays for it. The pile of bottles of beer get bigger every minute, most of them because of Harry, but I don't say anything.

"You know, I could take you on a date." He suddenly says. "What ?" "Yeah, just like Mr. Perfect did. I could take you to a nice diner, pay for it, be nice. And I wouldn't do it for sex." "Harry what you're talking about ?" "About me asking out." "Harry, you're drunk." "You're saying no because I'm drunk." "I didn't said no." "So it's a yes ?" He says excited. "Harry ask me this when you're sober and you'll see." I say and he frowns. "You don't believe in me." "What ?" "You don't believe I can treat you like a gentlemen." He says sliding closer to me. "Harry stop. I never said that." "But you though that." He says tucking back a stray of hair behind my ear. "I can treat you nice." He says softly kissing my lips and leaning in. "Like a princess." He says kissing me again closing his eyes. His lips taste like beer, mine probably do too, but he obviously more intoxicated then I am. The kiss starts to get deeper and suddenly I'm laid on the couch and his hands are making small circles in my hip. "I believe you." I say breaking away from the kiss, and he opens his eyes. "But let's end this now before we do something we'll regret." I say that more to myself then him.

For my surprise we're able to act like nothing happened, which mad me relieved. "Ew! You threw up inside her mouth ?" "Yeah. But she knew how drunk I was, so she knew the risks." "No comments Harry." I say scrunching my nose. "If makes you feel better I've been a victim too." "Really ?" "Yeah. Shirt, car, shoes and lap." "Lap ?" "Actually my dick, because-" "Harry, u don't need to hear the details." I say holding my hand against his lips. "Okay." He mumbles behind my hand. "Have you ever gave a blowjob ?" He ask the moment I take my hand from his mouth. "Hm, yeah." "You did ?" He asks sitting up straight. "Yes Harry, can we not talk about it ?" "Was it Zayn ?" "Harry." "Okay. I never did, if you want to know." He says and I laugh, probably because of the alcohol in my blood. "At least not that I remember." I laugh again.

"Don't sleep." Harry says poking my ribs. I have to try hard to not fall asleep, my eyes getting heavier with every second. "It's still early." "Harry, it's 1:45 A.M." "So, I usually sleep much more later then this." "I'm weak." I say and he chuckles. "Yes, you are." "Can you take me up stairs ?" I say pouting at him. "Only if I can sleep with you." "Of corse. Call me when you get home. We'll fall asleep at the same time." He rolls his eyes.

Suddenly he warps his arms around me, lifting me up bridal style. "What you're doing ?" "Doing what you asked me to." I rest my head on his torso enjoying the way up to my room. "Thank you." I say when he lays me down on my bed. "Slide, I'm joying you." "No, it's too small for me, impossible for the two of us." "Okay then." "Seriously ? I thought you were going to keep annoying me till I gave up." "Oh, Ally Ally." He says my hateful nickname. "If there's something you need to know about me, it's that I don't do such thing as push girls to do stuff they don't want you. Even drunk. Life taught me that." "How." I ask curious. "That's how my sister born." He says calmly like he was talking to a child. "Why you seem sober then I am right now ?" I ask changing the subject. "I don't know. Maybe it's because you're too weak." He says mocking me. "Ha ha." "Sleep. By the morning you're probably going to be better then me." He covers me, and the last thing I see before I close my eyes and drifting to sleep, is him by the door turning off the lights.


I wake up to the sound of gun shots. What the actual fuck. I get up and walk down stairs. "Harry what you're doing ?" "Woah, good morning sunshine. You look stunning." He says mocking me. I quickly set my hair in a really bad loose bun. "Shut up I just woke up." I say walking closer to the couch. "Why are you even awake ?" "It's like 10:30 A.M." He says looking at me. "And I had a headache because of last night, so I looked for some medicine." I seat beside him and see what he's watching. "Oh, and then you decided to what a fucking war movie full of explosions when you didn't found any ?" "No. I found it." He says trowing it on my lap. "Harry did my mom saw you ?" "I didn't even saw your mom. I don't think she made home yesterday." "Did you sleep on the couch ?" "No. I slept on the ground beside you." I stare at him for a while. "Why ?" "I don't know." He says still focussing on the movie. "Oh, and you phone've been buzzing for a while." He says and I jump off the couch.

I find my phone on the kitchen table, even tho I don't remember bringing it here. "Hi, good morning :)" "call me when you can. xx" I read both of Zayn's texts. "There's food on the fridge." My mom texted me yesterday. Not anymore mom.

"Hello ?" The voices on the other line asks. "Hey !" "Hey Alex. How are you ?" He says nicely. "I'm fine. What about you ?" "I'm okay. So I was thinking if you wanted to do something today." He asked. I look at Harry in my living room. "Erm- I, I have homework to do. You know, May was here yesterday so..." "Oh..." "But, I would love to go out Monday." I blurt out. "If you want to, and if you're free and stuff." Trying to seem like I'm not that desperate. "No, I'm free Monday. After school we can go somewhere." "That would be perfect." "It's set then." "Okay." "Bye." "Bye." I say before he ends the call.

"What did Mr. Bad Boy wanted ?" "How you know it was Zayn ?" "I saw his messages before you woke up." "Harry !" "Did he wanted some of what he can't get ?" He said smirking. "Actually he was asking me out again." I say and he turns his head on my direction. "Today ?" "No. Monday." "But I have to go to the doctors house Monday, to get my medicine." "You can go by yourself." I forgot about that. But I'm not going to call Zayn and reject him for the second time. "You're a big boy." I say patting his head, trying to not felt guilty.

"I'll be right back." "Where you going ?" "My room. I'm going to change, brush my teeth, you know, normal stuff to do by the morning." "Can I come ?" "For what ?" "To help you change." He says smirking. I just roll my eyes. "Thank Harry, but I'll pass. Maybe next time." I say already climbing up the stairs "definitely next time." He says loudly so I can hear.

After a few minutes I'm in sociable clothes, and impressively i don't look like a hobo. "I think things would've been quicker if I helped." "No Harry, you only get to see me naked on the second date." "Okay." He says getting up and walking to the door. "Where you're going." "We're going on a date." "What ? No." I say chuckling. He sights an come back, sitting beside me. "Okay, not now. But what about other day ?" "What ?" "Like Tuesday, since Monday Mr Badboy already stole you from me. " "No Harry. I meat what you're talking about." "You said, right here, that we would talk about it when I was sober. So, talk." "You remember that ?" "Alex, it takes more then a few bottles to erase my memory, years of practice." He says proudly. "I thought you where kidding." I say trying to avoid the answer. "But I'm not." "Alex, will you go on a date with me ?" "I don't think we should." I say shaking my head. "Why not ? You think just because I never took a girl to a real date, I can't take you ?" "No, it's not that." "The what it is ?" "I'm going out with Zayn, and that wouldn't be right." "For fucks sake, I've already fucked girls 30 minutes after he did, and he did that as well." His words hit me like bullets, but I don't show any emotion. At least I try. "Oh, so you're just comparing me to some other girls that easily gave herself to multiple guys in one night ? Are you comparing me to a fucking hore Harry ?" We're both shouting now. "No ! I'm just trying to show you that maybe he doesn't care for you a much as-" he stops mid sentence. "As much as what Harry ?" "As, as much as you think he does."

What ? It's not like I'm expecting anything from Zayn. Or am I ?

"But how the fact that you want to take me out affects the way he fells about me ?" "You're not going out with me ?" He groans ignoring perfectly my question. "No." I say sharply. He's not going to shout at me and get what he wants. He glances at me one more time before storming out of my house.

And now, here I am. Standing alone in the middle of my living room. When I was supposed to be spending time with Harry. Who I sadly choose over Zayn. Probably the best will ever get in my life. I'm doing life right.


After staring at the wall for three minutes I decided to eat something, god I was starving. Then I did why I told Zayn, I did my homework. My mom got home in time for diner, but she was really tired, so I ate by myself, just like in the lunch.

And now here I am, driving to school. Today u tried to look pleasant, I mean, I have a date with Zayn today. But the best I could work with was skinny jeans and a black tank top. I swear I tried to wear one of the flowery dresses I own, but I just can't.

When I'm finally getting my books from my locker, I realize May still hasn't showed up. Which is strange. I was going to tell her that I found a away to talk too Niall. Now I'm wondering if Harry ever talked to him. I bet he didn't, especially after our fight yesterday.

I start to walk to my first class when I stop ok my track. What the actual fuck. My heart flinches at the view. Harry is pining May against the wall right beside the door of my classroom. Her arms are tightly pressed again his neck.

I just stop there for a while, just staring at them. I can't believe he did this.

At least now I'm sure he didn't talked to Niall. Ha ha. Notice the sarcasm.

I rush past them and seat in the back of the classroom, trying to avoid the image of the both of them eating each other's face out. But it keeps replaying in my head.

After a while the teacher closes the door and the room is full. I really don't want to be here right now. So that makes a bit harder to pay attention to anything the teacher is saying. And I think the worst, it's there's no one to talk about this. Jack ? Nah. Zayn ? Impossible. It sucks to not have many friends.

After the class is over I rush to the girls bathroom. I'm really not in the mood for biology. I'm still a bit unsure of skipping class, especially in the bathroom. The bell rings and it's too much pressure on me and I give up.

I walk out of the bathroom and the hallway is already empty. Great. Maybe I can get to the nurse's room and say I'm not felling well, yeah, that's a great excuse.

On my way there I found Harry wondering alone. That little shit. I walk in his direction, but he doesn't sees me, since I'm behind him. "What's you're problem ?!" I try not to shout when I push him against the lockers. It's not like I've succeed, I just pushed his sides as he just seemed surprised. "What you're taking about ?" He asks smirking. "May." "What's wrong with us ?" "Are you trying to make a point ?" I asks and he still pretends to don't understand. "Harry, are you trying to make me jealous ?" "I don't know, is it working ?" "No !" "I doesn't seems to me." He says cocking an eyebrow. "Look, I just heard that she really liked me. And then I realized that maybe she's the one for me. So I asked her out. Everybody's happy." He says. "Look, I don't give a single fuck that you're going out with someone, just don't you dare to break my best's friend heart. This is not about you, it's about her."

And then I walk away after screaming half lies in his face.

I walk looking down, rushing trough the corridors, till I bump into someone. "Alex ?" "Hey Zayn." "Hi, I was looking for you." "You were ?" "You weren't at biology so-" "Wait, you're in my biology class ?" "Yes." "But I never saw you there." "I usually don't attend to the classes." "But where were you ?" "I didn't want to go to class today. But I chicken out. Seriously, I suck at being badass. I was going to hide in the filing bathroom for fucks sake." I say an he laughs. "Maybe I could help you with that." He says and I blush. He's practically saying that he can spend time with me. "That would be great." "Why we don't start now ?" I look around to see if there's someone around. "Why not, I'm already late." "So let's go." "Wait, we're leaving school ?" "No. We're going to the roof." "Roof ?" "Yeah." "So you have a thing for highs ?" I ask and we laugh. "No. It's just a great place to smoke and don't get caught." He says shrugging. "There's someone else there ?" "I don't know, maybe." He says and suddenly stops. He opens a door I've never seen and there a staircase. "After you." He says holding it open for me. I nod and pass trough him.

After a lot of steps I see a door. "Finally." I sigh and he chuckle. "No wonder you have a six pack. You're always going up stairs." I say and he just laughs and opens the door. "What you're doing ?" Zayn asks when I start to walk away from him. "I want to see the view." I say looking back at him. "Don't stay near the edge." "Why not ?" "It's dangerous." "Oh, and getting high on a roof it's not ?" "Well, yeah, a bit. But it's not like a care that much with the others like i do with you." I take a step back, but still looking forwards, so he wouldn't see my red face.

He pulls me by my arm, and drags me away from the edge. "So what's the first lesson ?" "Don't say it like that. It sounds like school. The point here it's to forget you're in school." "Take that's as you're first lesson." He says winking at me.

We sit down against the wall and he wraps his arms around me. "Is everything okay ?" He suddenly asks. "Yeah." "Are you sure ? You were a bit....pissed when I found you." "No, everything it's perfect. Just a rough morning. I lost the time." "I'm not buying that. But if you don't want to tell me it's okay. I just want you to know that you can tell me anything, okay ?" He asks reaching out for my hand and interviewing our fingers. "'Kay." I answers leaning on his shoulder while staring at our hands together. "Okay." I repeat.

We keep talking till I hear the bell. "I think one class per day it's enough for a start. I'll be going to this one." I say getting up. "One per day ? So I'm meting you here tomorrow ?" "Maybe." I say smiling. "So I'm counting with your presence." He says just like a teacher. "C'mon, I'll come with you to your next class." He says holding my hand and dragging me to the staircase.

"Here it is." He says and we get to the door of Math class. "Thanks Zayn." "My pleasure. "Bye." Meh says and he kisses my cheek before leaving. He walks away, looking back a few times, seeing my red face and my quirky smile. I keep smiling till I seat and May appears next to me. "Did I just saw you and Zayn holding hands ?" "Yeah." I say trying to control my emotions. "Oh my god. And did you saw me with Harry ?" "No. You were with him ?" "Yes. Actually I was waiting for you at your first class but he came to talk to me and after that u wasn't paying attention to the world around me." She says smiling at nowhere. "Ha ha." I say trying to sound nice, and not ironical like it did. "Is everything okay Alex ?" "Yes. It's just that, you know I'm not really a fan of Harry." "You'll see, he's not like what you this he is." "Oh I'm pretty sure." "Alex he asked me out on a date !" She almost screams. "You know he's not the type." "So, isn't that a bit strange ?" "No, because I'm the one for him. He finally saw that." She says her theory, that doesn't makes any sense to me.

She tells me how he showed up at her house yesterday saying how he couldn't stop thinking about her. They went out to the movies, and, her words 'he wouldn't stop looking at her'.

Thankfully the teacher arrived and made her stop talking. And during the class I would stop thinking about how he was going to crush her heart. He used the information I gave him to win heart, just to make me regret my decision. Before, the idea of Harry going out with May never was pleasant, but now, knowing his reason make me hate it even more.

"Oh my god, we can go on a couples night out !" She says and i seat on our lunch table. "All the three of us. We really need to meet the girl Jack is going out. It fells like ages since we last saw him." She says and just regret my decision of seating here. "Yeah, you're right." I say nodding. "It has been ages since we talked to him." "So that's it. Friday we're having a couples night out." "Who's we ?" Says a voice from behind me. I turn around to see Zayn. "Hey." I say sounding way too happy with his arrive. It's not my fault i didn't want to eat May counting her reasons to love Harry. "The two of you, Jack and his girlfriend, me and Harry." "Wait, didn't you said a 'couples night' ?" "Yes. We're going out." She says proud of herself. Oh May. "But Harry doesn't date he just fucks-" "Zayn." I say pinching his arm. Yes I was bit mad with May, but he didn't need to crush her heart. "I'm sorry. Maybe he changed." He says trying to clean the mess he made. "He did." She says confident. Not how she imagines.

"So we're still up, after school ?" He asks when May grabs her phone. "Of corse. Unless you're ditching me. The I'm going to vegetate at home." "I can't find a single reason to not e with you." He say and my heart skips a beat. Damn, this boy is smooth as fuck. May chuckles from behind her phone, pretending to not pay attention. "What we're going to do ?" I say trying to ignore the butterflies on my stomach. "I don't know, do you like ice cream ?" "Who doesn't ?" He smiles. "We can get some." "That would be great." I say smiling back at him and then eating my lunch.

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