The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


18. helping, someway

Chapter 16

His arms kept me warm, even if he seemed so cold. This hug felt just right as the kiss he gave me earlier, that felt like ages ago."Harry, are you smelling my hair ?" "It's not my fault that you smell so good." "Well you don't smell bad yourself." I say and we laugh. I let go of him at the same time he opens his arms, and we just stand there looking to each other. Well, at least I think his looking at me, 'cause I'm looking straight to his lips. Oh how I would love to attach my lips to his. "You know if you want to kiss me I'm all yours." "Fuck." I whisper. "Did I said that out loud ?" I ask. "No. But your eyes made it really obvious." "I never really liked them." "That's sad, 'cause I like them." He says and we start to lean closer to each other again. As our lips are almost touching I feel something stoping. I "I'm sorry Harry." I say stoping and resting my head on his chest. "It's okay." He says kissing the top of my head, surprising me. "Seriously ?" "Yeah, it's not because I'm a mental I need to make the ones I like mental too." "Thank you." I say lifting my head up and getting on my tiptoes to kiss his cheek. "Soooo, you like me ?" "Oh God." He say laughing. "I guess I shouldn't hate my friends." "That's a true." "But yes, I like you, my very good friend, that by the way it's a great kisser." He says and I feel my cheeks getting hotter. "Thank you, I think that information will be really helpful in the future." I say and we laugh. "Do you want a ride home ?" He offers. "That would be great, but I was thinking that we could start today." "Start what ?" He asks, and when I'm about to say something he cuts me off. "Hell yeah, my problems. We can start today." "Great." "So, how exactly we're going to do this ?" "I was thinking we could see Max, my moms friend. He's a doctor." "So we're simply going to his house and I'm going to talk to him." "It didn't sound a bad idea on my head." "I'm sure it didn't." He says and starts to walk in the direction of his car. "Okay, 'Mr. Good Ideas.'" I say walking behind him. "I didn't say I have good ideas, I just said that yours suck." "Ha ha." "Okay, Miss. Let's Go To A Park Where Drugged And Drunk People Go." "Okay, let's stop talking about this subject." "What about we start with where this doctor guy lives ?" "Hmmm, in some fancy neighborhood." "Well, that helps a lot." "Sorry, it's just that it's been a while since the lat time I went there." "I'm not even saying anything. At least you could reel me anything else about his neighborhood ?" "I think it's where all the houses are pretty much the same, and they're all white." "I think I know where it is." He says starting the car. "Why ?" "What type of question is this ?" "How do you know where it is ?" "Are you trying to say something here ?" "No no no no. I didn't meant nothing bad, I'm just curious." "If you say so. I don't really remember why. Maybe my mom worked there and I gave her a ride ? I don't know." "Okay then." I answer and we remain in silence.

After a while he turns the radio on, and some All Time Low music starts to play. "Do you like them ?" He asks. "Yeah, I do. But it's not like I know all the lyrics to their songs." "So if someone invited you to one of their show you would accept ?" "I think so." "What if I invited you ?" I chock on my own saliva. "What ?" I ask confuse an he starts laughing. "What's the laughing about ?" "Your face." "I bet that was really funny for you, hope you enjoyed the show." "I should asks you out more." "Oh, and for the record, it wasn't for real. I'm not a date type of guy." "And can I ask what type of guy you are ?" "I'm the type that actually fucks the girl and doesn't have to pay for it." "You just made it sound like all the girls in the world are hookers." "But you know I didn't meant that. If you prefer I could put out like......I get to fuck the girl without lying to her, and saying a bunch of shit to then crush her heart when I don't call her back." I get speechless after what he says. Not because her sincerity, that's kind of really cool, what stop me on my tracks it's the fact that it reminded me about Zayn. "It's everything okay ?" "Yes." I say almost as a whisper. He just shrugs it of and keeps looking to the street.

I don't say anything for the rest of the ride till we get in the richer part of the city. "Do you know number of his...." "It's right in the next left, the first house." I cut him. He does what I told and parks in front of the big white house. "We're here." He says turning of the car and taking of his seatbelt, while I slowly take mine. "Is everything okay Alex ?" I mumble a yeah to him and open the door. "Did I said something wrong ?" Yes. I think. "Don't worry Harry, you did nothing wrong." I say closing the door and walking up to the house. I quickly mocked on the big door in front of me. "Seriously ?" Harry asked and started to ring the bell unstop. "You really thought that someone would heard that on this massive house ?" "Stop with that." "That what ?" "Stop. Ringing. The. Bell." I say slapping his hand after every word. "No. And stop slapping me, it's annoying." "I'm coming !" Someone shouted inside the house twice, but Harry continued to press that damn button. "Stop Harry, didn't you heard him ?" "How can I be shire he's actually coming to the door ?" "Why would he be screaming that he's coming the ?" I asked confused, but he just laughed at me. "So innocent." He said and the door opened. "Hello ?" Said the man inside the house, that by the way looked like Ashton Kutcher, and was shirtless. "This is the wrong house." Harry said the moment he laid his eyes on the mysterious guy. "No. I'm 100% sure this is this house." "Didn't he move or some shit ?" "No." I say but actually I had no idea. "Oh, I guess your looking for Dr. Madden ?" "Yes." I say. "You should come in, he'll be back any moment." He said opening the door for us to enter the house. "Thank you." I say smiling to him and passing trough him to the living room. "Sit." He says politely point to the couches around the room. I look around and sit on the smallest, where there's only place for two persons, and Harry sits right next to me. The guy that I still don't have idea of his name sits in the big cough positioned in front of us. "Max will be right back." "Alex didn't told me the doctor had a son." "Well, from what I know he doesn't. I'm his nephew." What a nephew, I think. "I'm, sorry I didn't introduce myself before, I'm Avery. I'm living with my uncle till my apartment is ready." "Avery ? What a fag name." Harry !" I slap his arm felling bad. "My mom name me after my grandfather that died in the war." He said and Harry just mumble something offensive. "Why you're fucking shirtless ?" Harry suddenly asked. Avery looked down at his torso to see that Harry was right. "I was sleeping, I only had time to put half of my clothes on, since someone was rushing me." "You're the one who took to long." "Harry." I called for him but he just ignored me. "I'm sorry, you preferred me to answer the door naked ?" He said and I could fell Harry was pissed, Avery apparently was doing this for fun, or just push Harry further. "I'm sure someone in this room would be fine with that." He said, and I felt my face starting to burn. How could he say that ? Not that's a lie, but c'mon ! He's probably too mature for this. He looks like he's 30, maybe 28, but not at the age to just call Harry for a fight. "Shut the fuck up !" Harry yell closing his fists onto balls on his lap. "Don't worry kid, I was just messing around. I know your girlfriend wouldn't cheat on you with a old pal like me." "She's not my girlfriend." "He's not my boyfriend." We say at the same time. "Are you sure ?" "No, ask again in a few minutes and I'll give you a answer more surely." Harry spat. "Well, you look like a couple, act like a couple, you even fight like a couple !" He said calmly, while Harry was filled with rage. My heart jumped at the tough of us being a couple. "Sorry Avery, but we're just friends." I say as a warning for him to stop pushing Harry. He looks at him and then back at me and just nods. "If you say so." He says standing up. "I'm going back to my room. If you need anything just call me. Max should be back any minute. Fell free to get anything from the kitchen." "Are you seriously leaving us, two people you never saw in your life, alone wondering around your uncle's house ?" "She." He pointed towards me. "There a picture of her with my uncle and another woman somewhere." He smiled. "You can't forget a face like that." He said and my face turned red once again. "I'll be upstairs." He says living us alone. "Harry, come down." I say laying my hand on his and I fell his muscles relax a bit. "He's the one who started." He said like a child. "Of corse he did." I said smiling and rolling my eyes at his childish behavior. "At least he said something that wasn't shity." "What ?" "That a face like yours, you can forget. " he says turning his face towards mine. He looked at my lips for a while, and then moved his eyes to mine ones. "You're so beautiful Alex." He whispered lacing our hands and lifting his other one to my face. "So pretty." He said leaning closer. A part of me didn't want to kiss him. Well, didn't want to it's not the right word. It's more like I felt it was really wrong. But the other part just yelled yes, and how right this felt. I didn't have a shit if it was wrong or not, and just leaned forwards him, making our lips gently touch. I felt sparks, starting from my lips, and then falling trough the rest of my body. Even tough it was Harry, the kiss was sweet and quick. "So pretty." He whispered again but this time right against my ear, making me shrug at the feeling of his hot breath on my skin.

Seconds after someone knocks the door and then opens it. "Avery..." A voice starts to say but starts to fade of when he notices the unexpected guests on his living room. "Alex ?" "Hi Max !" I say getting up and waking in his direction. "Alex !" He shouted and started to open his arms to embrace me. "It's been so long ! And you've grow so much." He says hugging me." "So... What brings my girl back to the house of big books ?" He says bringing back a few childhood memories and I step a side and he sees Harry. "So I'm guessing there's something to do with this young gentleman." "Yes. It's a bit complicated." "Maybe, but I think we can resolve it." He says smiling at us. He guides me back to the living room and I sit beside Harry, while he sits right in front of us, where Avery sat before. "So, knowing how a great professional you are, I thought you could help Harry with a few problems." "That would be..." "Problem with self control, angry and possibly a case is bipolarity." I say eyeing Harry that didn't move one since the door opened. He just looked straight at Max face. "And, why is it complicated ?" He asked curiously. "Because, we..." "I can't afford a fancy doctor." Harry cut me. "Yeah, something like that." I say worried with Max's response to that. "Oh AllyAlly." He says my nickname, that by the way I'm not very found of. "Don't worry about that. I would love to help you, or one of your friends." He says looking at Harry. "And this would be a good reason for you to come see me more." He says looking back at me. "Now." He says clapping his hands together. "How about you look around, maybe eat something on the kitchen, or visit our library, while I go to my office with Mr. Harry ?" He asks and I just nod. He stands up and look at Harry, who looks at me, like he's shouting for help. "I thought you would do it with me." He whispered to me. "Don't worry, you can do it." I say searching for his hand and squeezing it. "I'll be waiting for you." I say and he stands up too and then they both walk out the room.

I get up and realize that I'm hungry. I walk to the kitchen and search for something to eat. I end up eating an apple, 'cause it's the only thing that I found. Probably because the shops are still in the bags, that I'm too guilty/lazy to look through. Then I exit the kitchen and go upstairs to look for the library. I remember coming to his house and him reading to me. He had this huge library with fairytales and science books. I stop t the familiar wooden door and open them, hoping to find my childhood books and the comfy sofas around the place, but I find a guy with wet hair and a towel around his waist. In one hand he had a book, and in the other a sandwich. He didn't realized my presence till I spoke up. "I thought you couldn't eat here." I say and he turns to look at me. "Hey, Alex, right ?" "Yeah." "Don't tell my uncle I was eating here. It's just that it's been a while since the last time he came here, so I thought that I wouldn't get caught." "And you came here because...." "I needed a book from his library. I'm doctor too." "You are ?" "Yeah, but I'm a neuroscientist. Why can I do if my uncle has all this expensive as shit books." "Can I ask you a question ?" "Of corse." He says taking a bite of his sandwich. "Why this is the second time I see you, and I still didn't saw you fully clothed ?" "Oh right. I just got out of the shower." "Yeah, I notice." "Well, I'm going to put some clothes on." He says closing the book and walking out of the room. "That's not a bad idea." I say and he laughs. "Oh, and Alex." "Yes ?" "I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable with my comments earlier, I was just messing around." He says and I fell my cheeks flush again. "No problem." I say and he walks away, closing the big doors behind him.

I walk straight to the last shelf, near to the bottom, where he kept the books he read to me. It was placed where I could catch it. I smile at my good memories. I grab a random book and sit near by the shelf. After a while reading I fell my phone vibrating on my pocket. 2 messages. One from my mom, and the other from Zayn. "Alex where are you ?" My mom sent me. Well, what do I tell her ? Just the necessary. "I'm at Max. Don't worry.Xx" I think that will calm her for a bit. "Hey, so Friday, what you're up to ?" "Impress me :)" "okay then, dress fancy. See ya tomorrow." He answers back a few seconds later, and then I went back to my reading.

"Alex !" Someone called after me and I opened my eyes. "Finally !" Harry said. "How long have you been sleeping ?" "I don't know." I say getting up from the chair. "Well, can we go now ?" "Why the hurry ?" "Can we just go ?" "Okay, okay. Just let me talk to Max first." "Be quick. I'll be in the car." He says and walks out the library. I put the book that I read back in his place ad go look for Max. I found him in his office. "Hey." I say knocking on his door. "Come in Alex." "I just came to say goodbye and thank you." "That's not a problem. But why the hurry ?" "Harry." "Okay then." "So I guess I'll be seeing you next week ?" "What ?" "Harry will come Monday to get his medicine, you'll come with him ?" "Yeah, I'll see." "I'll be waiting for you." "Can I ask you something else ?" "Yes." "Can you not tell this to my mother ? At least the part of Harry coming with me. You know my mother, she'll think we're dating or something like that." "Oh, okay." "Thank you. See you next week." I say and leave the room.

"What took you so long ?" "I was talking to him okay ? To the man that doing for free what a everybody has to pay a lot to have it." I say an Harry opens his mouth to answer me but he's interrupted by a loud roar of a motorcycle. He turns around and follows the Harley Davidson with his eyes. Suddenly he's eyes went wide and he stops looking. "What's wrong Harry ?" "Nothing. Let's just go." He says turning on the car and driving off. "Harry tell what was that about. Now." He just ignores me looking forwards to the street. "Harry, aren't we friends ? You can just go on with secrets." "Okay, okay. You can piss someone off so easily." "That's a gift. Now tell me." "Call down, I'm going to tell you." "You know that Harley Davidson that parked in the house next to Max house ?" "Yes." "Well that guy is the dad of a girl a used to fuck. And I really liked that bike. I mean it's a fucking Harley Davidson ! " I don't know if get shocked or just roll my eyes. "Well long story short, I thought that dating her would give me a free pass to a ride on that motorcycle her dad discovered my intentions. Hit me with a baseball bat and said that if he saw me again he was going to shot me." "Oh my God Harry. What did you do ? Did you said something to the police ?" "What would I fucking say ? It was simpler to just stop fucking her. It's not like I didn't had anyone else." "You're disgusting." "Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say." "I'm hungry." I say changing the subject. "Of corse you are." "Hey ! I'm the one helping you ! Shut up." "Everything you want AllyAlly." I give him a death glare. "Don't call me that." "Why not ?" "Harry. Cut it." "Okay." "But I'll buy you a dog and name it after you." "I'll throw her shit on you if you do that." "You wouldn't touch dog poop even if someone paid you." "Is this a freaking challenge ?" "Maybe." "Harry." "Okay, no dog. What about a cat ?" "Harry." I say hitting his head. "Okay I'll stop." "Where do you want to eat ?" "Pizza Hut !" "Well, we can't." "Because..." "I'm banned from there." "Why ?" "Do you really wanna know ?" "Just spit it out." "I was caught having sex in the bathroom three times, and once on the staff room, with the owners daughter." "Wow, Harry, you're really ruining that place to me. What about Domino's ?" "Banned too." "But that guy has a son." "Wait..." "No no no no no. It's not that !" He shouts and I start laughing really hard. "I got drunk there and puked on the floor multiple times. And pied all over the mans restroom." "Well there's somewhere in this country you haven't been banned from." "The bakery." My jaws drop. "Are you serious ?" "Of course not ! You're take things too seriously sometimes. Have you ever heard of something called sarcasm ?" "Just take us to eat something, please. I'm starving." I ignore him. "Okay Madame."

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