The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


9. Help

Chapter 9

"Why do you wanna know ?" "Harry it's my house. Why you were in front of my house ?" "Why I need to tell you ? From what I know the street is a public place." "Cut that shit Harry." "Why you're making such a big deal about it ?" "Harry just answer me." "I was going to offer you a ride ! Are you happy now ?" He finally says. What ? "Why ?" "I was just trying to be polite." I can hear he saying 'you're stupid bitch' in his head. "But why you were worrying about me if you were with your friend ?" "What ? After that she went home." "Hell yeah Styles, and Zayn was sucking my dick." I say sarcastic "Why are you doubting of me ?" "Because....I saw you two in that room." I say and I feel that pain on my heart again. "Oh." It's all he says and then stares at me for a while. I don't handle his eyes on me and I start do look at my really interesting shoes. I feel like if I look him in the eyes I'll do something stupid. So we just awkwardly stand in front of each other doing no shit. "I'm sorry Alex. I'm sorry for being a dick earlier, for scream with you and lying to you." He say obviously not sure what to say. You can expect that, I don't think he's familiar with apologies. "Okay ?" He asks coming closer to me and lifting up my face. "Okay ?" He asks again and I nod. "So don't cry, please." Cry ? I'm not crying. Am I ? I lift my hand up to my face and I feel my wet cheeks. God why am I crying ?! Maybe I'm hurt ? Hurt by what ? By Harry ? Unfortunately it's the only rational reason I can think about right now. "I'm not crying." I whisper to myself. "Are you sure of that ?" He asks coming closer. "No." I say and then I start to really cry. My legs get weak and I fall on my knees. I don't dare to look up, I don't want I look at his eyes in this moment I'm embarrassing myself, but Harry calmly seats by my side and pets my hair. "It's okay." He kept whispering to me, even if it wasn't. I know it's okay to cry, but not if you don't have a reason, at least that's what I think. "Alex, look at me." "No." I say and shake my head. "Alex, please." "Why ? You wanna look in my eyes to try to find my dignity ? 'Cause you won't find it there, or in any other place." "Alex..." He says and lift up my head. "Look I don't know why you're crying, but I have a feeling that's it's my fault. So I'm sorry okay ?" "You already apologized." I say. "But you're still crying so probably I did something wrong." "You didn't." I say looking down. We were in silence for a while, what made me want to scream loud as I can. "Zayn did something ?" My heart skipped a beat when he mentioned Zayn. "No. He didn't." I say involuntary smiling. After that we didn't said nothing again, but this time I didn't want to scream, I just kept thinking about Zayn, stupidly smiling to myself.

He let out a sigh and stand up. He walked back to the kitchen, leaving me me here in the dirty ground of the bakery. After a while I got up too and walked to the back of the balcony. After that only a woman and her little daughter came to the bakery, but the bakery was really quiet for a long time. Harry only came back from the kitchen to take the lefts overs to the back. We didn't spoke, he didn't even dared to look at me. I was locking the door and him walking to his car when he brutally turned around and stood in front of me. "Can you at least answer me something?" He almost screams out of nowhere. "Yes ?" "Why you accepted skip class with Zayn, but refused to do it with me ?" "Harry is ...." "Different ? In witch way ?! How ?" He cuts me off. "Harry calm down." I say serious. "Is because I'm sick ?! Because of this fucking disease I have ?!" "Harry calm down." I repeat. "It's because I am a freak !" "Harry !" I scream. He stops and look at me. I walk closer to him and hold his face. "Harry you're not a freak." "Yes I am." He say looking away. "No you're not !" "Prove it." He hisses. "Harry for God's sake ! You might be different, but it doesn't mean you're a monster." I say and notice tears streaming down his cheeks. "Harry." I calmly whisper. "What happened ?" "Nothing. " "Harry don't lie to me, I'm trying I help you here." "I had a anger attack. I've broke some stuff and my mom's husband started to shout that I was a monster and I should be I'm a hospital." "And did your mom said ?" "She was crying and saying he was right." He says with a broken look in his eyes. "But you're not a monster, do you understand that ?" "Yes I am." "No you're not ! Are we going to argue over this again ?" "No." "Look Harry..." O say trying to get his attention. "I'm going to help you. Okay ?" "You are ?" He asks looking me at the eyes hopefully. Be carful, a voice says in my head. At first I don't understand, but then I notice that she's right, that this is a big responsibility I'm giving to myself. "Yes I will." I nod and he surprise with a hug. "Thank you Alex ." "It's okay Harry." "But you're promise you're not going to give up on me ?" "Harry, I promise do whatever it takes to help you." I say and he hold me tighter. He let's me go from the hug and see a happy smile on his face. "But I have some conditions." "Okay." He says and starts to push me to his car. "Harry what are you doing ?" "I'm giving you a ride home." "No Harry, you don't need to." "But I can and I will, 'cause I want to." He says gently opening the door for me. "You should be a lawyer you know ?" I sarcastically say. "Just get in the car." He says looking to the car.

After we're both in the car I turn to him and wait for him to look to me. "So continuing with my conditions, first of all: you have to promise me that you'll do your best, and that you're going to take your medicines and do all the stuff the doctors asks you to." "Okay." "And one more thing, Harry it's none of my business who you sleep with...." "You're going to forbid me from having sex ?" "No ! Calm down." I say shaking my head. "Oh, so you wanna have sex with me ?" He asks smirking. "No." I say without thinking twice. "Harry can you let me finish ?" "Of course." He says looking at the road. "How I was saying is not of my business who you sleep with, or how many girls you sleep with, but please treat them nicely. If you want my help you can't break any hearts. Don't treat them like they're toys. Try at least to remember her name. Okay ?"

~Author's note~

I'm really really really really really sorry for this shitty short and late chapter. I was supposed to post it earlier but obviously I didn't. This almost make me fell bad about asking anything for you guys. But it doesn't cause I'm a bad bitch, so could you tell everyone you know about the fiction cause I would really appreciate more readers. And we could try reach 45 likes. Okay so byeeeee :)

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