The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


15. friends ? + Zayn's house

I'm sooooo sorry for taking so long to update. But here it it's. 😬😬

Chapter 14

Did you ever saw one of those vitamins where people put a bunch of shit with no dam reason an at the end it's just discounting ? That's kinda of what I'm feeling right now. All these different emotions together just fell weird as fuck, and with weird I mean bad.

"Are you okay Alex ?" "Maybe not." "What do you mean with that ?" He says looking at me worried. "I don't know." He sights impatiently. I debate with myself if I show him or not the phone, but before I can make any decision Harry takes the phone of me and starts reading the screen. "Why is he bothering you ?" He says and I can see his jaw clenching. "Well I don't know, since you took my phone away from me before I could do anything." I say grabbing it from he's hands.

" Alex where are you ???? - Zayn "

" Please call me, we're worried about you. - Zayn. "

" Alex calm me soon as you get this. - Zayn. "

I read and a few other like this, from May and Jack too, but mostly from Zayn. And a few missed calls from everybody that I talk, and that would be May and Jack, and now Zayn, I guess so.

I dial Zayn's number on my phone and wait for him to answer. "What are you doing ?" "What do you think I'm doing Harry ?" "You're fucking calling him ?" "Yeah !" "No fucking way !" He says grabbing the phone from my hand and leading it to his ear. "Harry what are you going to do? You're planing to say to Zayn that we're friends and then what ?" "I'm going to tell him to back off !" "Why ? To the world you don't know me, we're nothing but strangers." "Hello?" I could hear Zayn's voice coming from my phone. Harry kept looking me in the eye. "Are you going to talk to him ? Or you're going to give my phone back ? Your choice." Harry let put a loud groan and give my phone back. "Hey Zayn." I say as I see Harry walking away frustrated. "Oh god Alex finally ! Are you okay ? I thought something bad happened to you ?" "No, don't worry. I'm okay." "Where are you ? And who was that ?" "I'm walking around my block, but I think I kind of got lost." I lie. "And who was that ?" "No one. Just a guy that was passing by." "Don't move, I'll be there in a while." "Why ? It's not like I'm in danger. And plus, you don't even know where I am." "You're lost, that's how I know you're in danger, and I'll find you at one moment." "Zayn you don't need to come find me. I'm okay." "Just to let you know I'm already in my way." "No you're not." "How do you know that." "If you actually were coming here I wouldn't be able to hear you because of the wind." "Well, you got me. But I'm going anyway." "But Zayn..." "Bye Alex, don't run away please. " He said and hung up.

I put my phone back in my backpack and search for Harry, that's sitting on the sidewalk with his head on his hands. "Hey." I say siting by his side. "You're my friend ?" "Why you're asking me this ?" "You asked me if I was going to tell Zayn we're friends." I did ? "Well, you want me to be your friend ?" "It's been a while since the last time I had a friend. I mean, I real one." "So...would you like to remember how it is ?" He lifted his head and smiled at me. "I would love to be your friend Alex." He said and gave me a side hug. I wrapped my arm around him and hugged him back. He smiled at me showing off his dimples in a lovely way and. I smiled back at him and he got up. "Where are you going ?" "Well I'm going to get my car. Will you join me ?" "Err....actually Zayn's coming to get me." I say and his smile turns into a frown. "O-okay." He says turning around. "I didn't asked him to." "Mkay." He jut shacked his head and started to walk away. "Harry." "What ?" He asked not even turning around. "We'll still be just strangers for the rest of the world ?" "I think it will be better this way." He says and walks away. "Bye Harry." I whisper sadly as I watch him turn in the corner.

I look around. Where am I ? Maybe after all I didn't lied to Zayn. I start to walk back from the way we came, but after a while I wasn't sure where I was going. I sight in disappointment and sit on the side walk. I guess I'll just wait for Zayn to find me. After 20 minutes I start to get really hungry, and no sight of Zayn. When I'm about to call Harry I see Zayn's motorcycle enter the small street. "Hey." I say as he drops his helmet and runs into my direction and wrapping me in his arms. "Whoa, I'm happy to see you too." I say surprised. "Alex I was so worried." He says and I hug him back. "Cigarettes." I say out loud when I smell it, even though he smells amazing. "Yeah. As I said I was really worried, so I surrendered to them." He said letting me go and taking a step back. One more reason why that my little breakout was nothing but stupid. "Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't meant to bother you when I did this. I ..." "Alex, it doesn't mater anymore, 'cause now I know you're okay." "And, it wasn't your fault that I smoked it was only a matter of time till I lighten up one of them." "Okay then. But I'm really sorry." "Stop apologizing Alex." He says smiling cupping my cheeks. "So...are you hungry ?" I smile back at him. "I'm dying." "Here." He hand me a helmet and then jump in the motorcycle. I put on the helmet and do the same.

After a while we park in front of a house not that big but bigger then mine. He helped me get out of motorcycle and we entered the house. "Welcome to my home sweet home." He said walking around the living room. "This is a nice place." I say looking around. Everything had a place and it looked like a home. "I thought we were going to lunch." "We are. Here at my house." "Okay then. What are you going to feed me with ?" I say and we laugh. "I was thinking, maybe I could cook something for you ?" "You know how to cook ?" "That's the point, I don't. So it might be burnt." He says and we burst into laughing again. "Or we can go out eat some pizza maybe." "Yeah, I thought about that, but once I took a girl out to eat and she was allergic to pizza, she didn't tell me and then she almost die because the allergy." "Well but thanks God I'm not allergic to pizza or any delicious food." "Yeah but this other girls got food poisoned, so I think I'm not the best guy to go out with to eat something. Maybe a bad luck thing." "Okay." I say chuckling. "If you say so."

"So what are you going to cook for us." "I really don't know. I didn't notice before how stupid this was. I don't even know where the pans are !" We laugh and then I help him search for the pans. After a while looking for them we decide to do spaghetti. "So, you're sure you can cook this." "Yeah, I think." I answer him. "Can I ask you something ?" "Yes." He says while chopping the onion like I told him to. "You haven't been going out with girls ? I mean, you kind of said you don't take them out to eat anymore." "You're asking me if I have been seen any girls lately ?" "Oh god I just realized how pathetic that sounds. You don't have to answer that. Sorry." I say mentally punching myself. "Yes I've saw some girl, but I didn't want on dates with them." "So what....oh". I fell my cheeks getting hotter and I turn around to stare at the boiling water. "Sorry, I think I shouldn't have said that." "It's okay. At least you're telling me the truth." "It's this enough ?" He asks about the onions. "Yeah, I think so." I say and then we stay quiet for a moment. "Can I ask you something too ?" "Hmm yeah, go on." I say. He looks a bit nervous about this. "Never mind, I don't think this is the kind of thing you ask someone." "Zayn. Spit it out." "I don't think you would like this question, and/or you would fell offended. I don't know I just fell I'm really going to regret it." "Zayn I know you don't mean to hurt me so just ask me. If I fell uncomfortable I just won't answer." "Okay. So don't answer if don't want to." "Zayn if you do this again I'm going to fucking hit you." "Okay." "I just wanted to know if you know."

~~A/N is this a novel or a fiction ? Sincerely I don't know the difference between them. And what's your opinions on zoos smoking weed ??? Please like the fiction/novel/idk :) :)

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