The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


3. Drunk

Chapter 3

I finish the call and go change. I just put on some jeans and a shirt. I leave a note to my mom on my bed saying May's dog is sick and she needed my help, it already happened so she wouldn't be so suspicious. I go out thru the front door. "What are you wearing ?!" "Clothes." "You know we're going to a big party don't you? Everybody from school will be there." "Good, everybody will how much I don't want to be there." I say getting in the car. "Now let's go, the sooner we get there the sooner we can leave." "Okay grumpy." She says and we drive to the party.

For my luck the party was just a few block away form my house, so it didn't took that long to we get there. "Oh my god, I'm so excited ! I heard Harry was coming." "So that's why you wanted so badly to come." "What's the problem." "Look, since we only came for him, you see him if he walk away we go home, if he talks to you we go the time you want, okay ?" "Yes." She says and we got out of the car. Wow, May really wants to get Harry's attention, and with this tight dress she certainly she will. "Wow, you look hot." Jack need to scream per the loud music when he sees May. "Do you think ?" She says looking at her dress. "Do you doubt ?" "Have you seen Harry ?" "No. But let's go get some drinks." "I'm staying here." I say as they walk to the crowd of people dancing, drinking and kissing. A few minutes passes and I'm still all alone. Where are those two ?! "Probably took you ages to choose such an perfect outfit." I turn around and see a guy with two beers on his hands. "I fell in the right to say that those jeans were made for you." "Thanks ?" "Here." He says handing me a beer. "No thanks." "You don't drink ?" "Not tonight. I'm the one driving everybody home." "So just take one." "No thank you. Actually my friends were supposed to get me a drink and it seems they're lost." "Okay, so lest find them, we get you a drink an then we can dance." "We're not going to dance." I say and make the same way May and Jack did. "You're not going to drink nor dance, what are you doing in this party." The boy says following me thru the crowd of people dancing. "My friend brought me here against my will." "So-" "Oh my god." I cut him of. "What ?" He says. "I just found my friend." I say. "May !" I scream her name so she can hear me. "Get of Alex, I'm busy with Harry." She says with a drunk voice and then go back to her make out session with the boy with curly hair she's on the lap. I step closer of the couch she is. "May that not even Harry." I say when I recognize him from school. "Yes he is." "No he's not!" "If he's not, why he's friend Zayn is here ?" "You were here and I was in the other side of the house. Why he can't be here alone ?" "Why did you leave me Alex?" "I didn't leaved you May." "C'mon." I say pulling her of of him already done with her shit. "No Alex." She says with a baby voice. "Maylee how you can possibly have got this drunk in 5 minutes ?!" "I'm not drunk." "You can barely stand up." "I'm a big girl I can stand up." She says getting up and almost falling in the ground but Zayn catches her before that happen. "let's go we need to find Harry." She says holding onto Zayn's neck. "Why?" Zayn says a bit confused. "Because he's hot !" "Whoa, good argument girl." I say trying to make her let go from Zayn. "But I love him, and I want him to me me his." She says almost crying."I think is time to go home." I say when I finally make her let go. "C'mon May." I say holding her. "Bye Zayn." I say as I try to walk away with her. "Do you want some help ?" "No, thanks." "Oh, Zayn ?" "Yes ?" He says turning on my direction. "Please don't tell Harry about this." "Okay." He says and I walk thru the crowd practically dragging May with me. Where the hell is Jack when you need him ? "He's here !" May screams on my ear. "Who ?" I say and Harry appears in front of us. "Hi Harry." She tries to say in a sexy voice. For a second he looks at me with fear on his eyes.But then looks back at May. Wait he really thought I'd tell her about him ? "Hi." He says an walk away. "Good luck in the next time." I say to May. After a time I get May in the car and drive her home. She sleeps the hole trip and we get at her house I leave her at the couch. "I'll give you your car back tomorrow." I whisper to her even knowing she won't hear it. I drive back to my house and fortunately my mom is sleeping in her bedroom. I go to my room and change. I look at my alarm clock. 2:00 A.M. Great. Did we stayed out that long ? I lie in my bed and after a few minutes I fall asleep.


"Alex why is May's cars in front of our garage ?" "Shit." I say jumping of my bed and running down stairs. "'s...." "Okay, we'll talk about this when I come back, so you'll have time to make up an answer." She says and go to her car. "Can you take May's car so I can..." "Oh...yeah, wait a minute." I say running inside to get the car keys. I take May's so my mom can go to work and then I put it back. "Don't forget to change sweetie." My screams to me before she drives down the street. I look to my clothes and remember that I'm still on my pajamas. I run back inside and my phone starts ringing. "Hello." I say while I take of my pajamas pants. "Hey Alex, it's me May." "Good morning Maymay."I say with a baby voice. "Don't fucking do that." "Seems like someone is on hungover." I say in the same voice "Alex." "Okay." "So, I was wondering if you know where my car is ?" "Oh, yeah it's here at my house." "Do I need to know why ?" "Do you want to know." "I'm not really sure." "Well, I'll be at yours in 30 minutes. Be ready." I say and hung up. I finish dressing and then I go to the bathroom brush my teeth. I get my stuff an go to May's car. I drive to her house and call her. "May I'm here." "Okay." Wait !" I scream before she ends the call. "What ?" "Did your mom made bacon ?" "Yes." "Thanks god. Can you brings some ?" "I'll think about." She says and hung up. A few moments later she appears on her door steps. She walks to the car and open the drivers door. "My car, I'll drive." "Did you brought my bacon ?" "Here." "All yours." I say jumping of the car and heading to the passenger door. "Why my mother doesn't make breakfast for me ?" "Because you're a lazy sassy bitch that doesn't deserve a proper breakfast." "Whoa. Thanks. I'll remember that the next time you go all crazy on a party I'll let you there to get pregnant." "God. What happened last night." "Well when I found you you were almost eating a boys mouth that you thought that was Harry, wasn't. And then..." I stopped and took a bite of the bacon. I didn't have to tell her about Zayn. Did I ? "And then ..." She repeats me. "Well Harry past thru us and you said hi and he said Hey and walked away." "Did he notice I was drunk." "How I'm suppose to know." "oh god, I just hope we don't meet today." "wow, I think this is a first." "Shut it Alex." She says and the rest of the trip we listen to music low enough to bother May amid loud enough for me to hear.

At the school hallway everything was the same as always, unless that May wasn't counting the seconds to see Harry. "Jack what happened to you last night ?!" I almost scream when I see him. "Can you scream a little bit lower ?" May says massaging her temples. "Sorry." I say. "Erm...what would you say if I say I don't remember ?" "God, he's coming." May's whispers. I turn around to see Harry passing thru us and quickly looking at me. I turn back and May has her head down. "I don't know why you're acting like this, I mean there was a lot of drunk girls in the party and you only said hi." "But..." "May relax. And he only stood like 10 seconds in front of you, he's opinion on you probably didn't change."

Sorry if this chapter is really shitty, but after all the whole fiction is shitty :)

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