The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


6. do I go or not ?

Chapter 6

I start to get tempt, leaning forwards too, but then a annoying voice inside my head started to tell me not to do this. I stopped where I was and started to think if I should or not do this. "Are you going to fucking kiss me or not ?" He hisses at me. Before I can do anything he covers his face. "Sorry Alex... I just...can't control it." He says disturbed. I don't really know if I scream at him for treating me like that or comfort him. I choose comfort him. I mean he can't really control it, and he seams really sorry for what he did. "It's okay Harry." I say. "No. I don't deserve your apologies. I'm just a useless freak." "Don't say that." "But it's the true." "No it's not." I say lifting up his head. "If I weren't I wouldn't have almost break your wrist, or yelled at you for no reason, or made my mom cry. I don't even know why I'm still alive." "Harry-"I start but he cuts me of. "I think I should go." He says heading to the window. "Don't make nothing stupid." I say looking at his back. "Why ? Would you care ?." "Harry I just shared with you stuff that I usually don't share, so maybe there's a reason for that." "What do you mean ?" He asks turning around. "Just don't do any shit." I say walking to him. "Please." I say looking in his eyes. "Okay." He whispers and I hug him. He is tense when I wrap my arms around his torso but after a few seconds he relax with my touch. "I'll try." He whispers in ear sending a chill down spine. We split up from the hug. "Goodnight Alex." He says and jumps of my window. I look down an see him jogging to his car. I only lay down on my bed when his car disappears at the darkness. I stare at the roof about five minutes. "What the hell just happened." I say once against because of Harry.

Every thought in my head it's about Harry. And I try to change that, but it's almost impossible. After a time fighting with my brain my eyes start to get heavy. I look at the clock and it's 5:00am. God it's going to be tuff to wake up tomorrow. Yeah tomorrow, it's only another day after I sleep and wake up. I turn out the lights and within seconds I'm sleeping.


"God, you look like shit." "Thanks Maylee. You always know what to say." I say walking by May's side. "What happened to you ?" "I just had some problems to sleep." "Are you sure that was the only reason ?" She asks and Harry appears on the hallway. He had his hands on his pockets and his head down. In the moments he got closer to us he lifted his head and made eye contact with me. We kept staring at each other a he past thru me. After what seem hours he came back to stare at the ground. "Oh my god ! Have you seen that ?!" "Yea- what ?" "What do you mean ? We totally had a moment. He kept looking deep in my eyes." She says dreamily. "Hum." It's all I can say. "Thanks for the support." "You know what I think about him." I say tilting my head. "Okay, okay. Sorry, but could you at least pretend to be happy for me ?" "May, you and Harry make will look so cute as a couple. And your kids will the the cutest and your dog too." I say moving my hands too much with a annoying voice. "Thanks." She says rolling her eyes. "So did you really couldn't sleep or you were out netting someone ?" She says suggestively. I roll my eyes again. "Like who ?" "Mr. Sexy Malik ?" "Are you serious ?!" "Why not ?!" "May I'm not going to argue with you, not now. I'm really tired right now and things weren't going well this morning with my mom, so please cut it" "What happened with your mom ?" "Well, it wasn't with her, it's more with my uncle, they had a fight and she was really mad at everything, especially with me 'cause I wouldn't wake up." "Is he in deep shit ?" "I don't know, she didn't tell me. But I think so." "Do you know if your cousin will have to come to your house ?" She says as Jack joins us. "And why would him come ?" "Who ?" "My cousin." "Oh." "I don't know." May answers."May, sometimes you're so slutty." "Only sometimes ?!" Jack says. "Really funny guys." May says and the bell rings. We walk to our classes together, but again, May isn't in this class with me. But for my luck was history, which was one of the classes that you can easily fall asleep and don't get caught.

Soon as Mrs. Holstein started to speak I was already laying my head on my notebook and my eyes start getting heavy.


At lunch I'm not that sleepy anymore and May notice that 'cause I'm not that grumpy anymore too. "'re happy now because someone cheered you up?" "She asks. "No. It's because my first period is History." "And you still says you don't like him." "What ?" "Zayn first class is history too !" "Seriously ?" I ask, 'cause I really never noticed that. "Yes." "Well, to your information I didn't knew that. And that doesn't change nothing on my life." "Alex, why you don't like him ?" "It's not that I don't like him, it's..." "So you're saying you like him ?" "No. He's like Jack to me. We're friends. I think. That's all." "So you're saying that if he's ask you out you would reject him ?" I stop and look at him, sitting on a table not far from ours, talking with his friends. "No." I say. "I wouldn't reject him." I say still looking at him, noticing the way his leather jacket fits him, and how he really looks like a badboy. "Okay, so promise me that if he asks you out you will say yes." "Why ? You really thinks he's going to ask me out ?" "Yes." "How ?" "Trust me I jut know." "I'll promise, but I'm pretty confident he's not." I say and my phone buzz on my pocket.

"Hi Henderson. - H"

I read the text and start to look around to find him.

"I'm not there."

He texts again.

"What do you want ?"

"Just want to know if you wanna skip last lesson with me ?"

"No, sorry I can't."

"I can't or you don't want to ?"

"Sorry Harry, I'm not going."

I answer and he doesn't texts me back. "Who were you talking to ?" "Nobody ?" "May I know who nobody would be ?" "My mom Maylee. I was talking with my mom." "Oh." "Yeah, really exciting isn't ?" "She's still mad at you ?" "Erm....not. Well she wasn't mad at me. She said she was just stressed. But now she's fine." "Good."she says smiling at me. "Now c'mon, I need to get my books in locker." She says grabbing my arm. "Have you ever talked to Niall Horan ?" She asks while we walk to her locker. "Erm...don't you two have English together ?" "Yes." "What's the problem ?" "We have to do this project together. And I'm ping to his house after school." She says and I smirk at her. While she opens her locker. "We're going to the project Alex." "I already saw him, are you sure it's only a project ?" "Yes Alex, I'm pretty sure of that." She says closing the locker, and at the same time the bell rung. "Alex !" I hear someone say in the middle of the students walking to their classes. Soon as the corridor gets empty I see Zayn walking in our direction. "Hi Alex." He says smiling at me. "Hi Zayn." "I think I should go." "May." I say as she walk away. "Sorry Alex I canst be late in math again." She says. "Well, that's Maylee, my friend." "Yeah, we already met." "Where ?" "At the party ?" I facepalm myself. "Sorry, that was stupid." "No problem." He says laughing. "So I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me after school."

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