The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


5. Deep secrets

Chapter 5

"What the fuck ?!" I scream when someone opens my window. "Shush Henderson, it's me." "Harry." I whisper. "No Santa Claus." "Go fuck yourself Styles. You're the one breaking in my house." I say while he Jump in my room. "Alex ! Is everything okay ?" My mom screams. "Yes. I... I just got scared with the thunders." "Oh. Okay honey. Go back to sleep." "I will mom." I say and then stay quiet till I hear my moms door closing. "What are you doing here ?" I say while I turn up the lights. When I turn around I see Harry with bloodshot eyes. "Harry are you okay ?" I say getting closer to him. "No." He says while tears stream down his face. I come a little bit closer and he surprises me with a hug. "Erm...sorry." He says stepping back wiping away the tears. "Harry you're soaked." I try to change the subject. "Yeah, it's kind of rainy outside." "Wait here." I say and go to the room in front of mine. I grab a sweatpants and go back to my room. "You can put this... And this." I say taking a really large hoodie form my wardrobe. "Thank." He says. I walk to my bad and sit there. I start to do random things on my phone so I won't accuardly watch him change. But don't resist and look up. He's with his back for me so I could see a few of his tattoos and his muscles. God he's hot. When I realize I'm staring I turn my attention back to my phone. "I'm done." He says. And I look at him. "Tell me what happened." I say tapping to spot by my side on the bed. He seats by side and stare at the wall for a while. "Harry, are you going to tell why happened ?" "Well I think I HAVE to tell you why I broke in your house." "I think I can say I'm having a few family problems." "Everybody has family problems Harry." "Does everybody have an asshole dad and a stupid mom ?" He says turning his head to look me in the eyes. "Care to explain ?" "My parents divorced when I was 7. A few years later my mom met this guy and...he was an asshole just like my dad. He keeps drinking and coming late home and my mom doesn't see that he's the wrong guy." "And you think your dad is the right guy?" "No. He doesn't stay at his house at all, and when he is there is always a girl with him with almost my age. And is a fucking different girl every night !" He says angry. "That reminds me of someone." I whisper to myself but he hears it. "Dot fucking compares me to him !" He hisses furiously while holding my wrist tight. "'re hurting me." I whisper in pain. He doesn't move he just keep the same angry look in his eyes. "Harry." I cry out then he loses his grip on my wrist and let me go. "Alex I'm sorry." He whispers. "I'm sorry. Did i hurt you ?" He says softly holding my wrist. "No, I'm okay." I say not looking him in the eyes. After a few minutes of silence I decide to break the tension. "You live with your mother ?" "Yes." "So how you know about your father ?" "I go to his house when he's not there." "You take your dates there ?" "They're not my dates." "So you take girls there ?" "Yeah. I wouldn't take then to my house and be disrespectful with my mom. "So you're just disrespectful with the girls ?" "No ! They know what we're going to do. And most of times they are trowing them selfs on my. I just don't refuse it." He says defensively. "So you break in your father's house to have sex ?" "I don't break in, he knows I'm there. We never stooped and talked about what I do when I'm there but since I once said I was bringing friends, I think he figured it out himself. At least he always change the sheets." "Oh." "You know, you didn't tell me what happened today." " mother mom told me her husband got fired again. And I tried to convince her to leave him but she said she couldn't and I said she was just stupid 'cause actually it's really simple for her to leave him. Then she started to cry and say to me she couldn't 'cause she loves him no matter what. After that my sister made me leave to take a breath 'cause I was making thing worse and the I got a bit out of control. I started to run with my car through the city till I got here. Then I notice I was crying and that I needed to talk to someone." He says. "Alex how's your dad ?" He asks out of nowhere turning his face to me. "Not present I can say." "Always out ?" "Never been in." I whisper and he looks confuse at me. "My mom dated him in high school, then they went to the same college, and at the graduation year she got pregnant. He backed out, said that he wasn't going to take any responsibility on me. My mom took it very well. So I grew up without a father." I say blankly looking at the wall. Then, who are this close ?" "The bottom is from my cousin, an the hoodie it's mine." "Seriously ?" "I like large clothes on the winter. Actually this is my favorite one. Take care of it." "Okay then." He says chuckling. We stood in silence for a moment, but not a bad silence. "Harry can I ask you something ?" "Yes." "Why did you came to me ? You told me you drove here and notice you needed to talk to someone but why you didn't went to talk to one of your friends." "'s.....I can't talk about this to then." "They don't know about this ?" "No." He shook his head. "And you really think I would let 'em see me like this ?" "I never thought I would see you crying. To be honest i never thought I would talk to you for longer then 2 minutes." "Why ?" He asks confused. "You're Harry Styles. I'm not one of yours Barbies." "Barbie ?" "Almost perfect girls that you play with till you get tired of them." "Yeah, maybe that's true." He says clearing his throat. "Harry, I know that I've said that I didn't want to know about your life, but...." "You want to know why am I having this double life ?" He says and I nod. "But if don't want to tell me I'm totally okay with that." "You remember I said that my mom met a guy after the divorce ?" I nod. "We'll I didn't liked him since the start and only got worse when they decided he should move in. I think i was 12 when I got a really bad grade and he kept saying that I was worthless and then for the first time I punched him. After that it only got worse. We would always argue and almost fight. That's when I started to have problems at school. I got expelled and after that he only got one more motive to make me fell bad. One night he got home and told my mom he got fired and I hear it, and that was my turn to say some stuff to him. Well we fight I got an black eye and he a broken nose. My mom didn't work at the time so I had to get a job while he didn't had one. Barbara helped me and gave me a job at the bakery, but with one condition that I got good grades and didn't got into fights." "You have good grades ?" "Well they're not straight A's but is usually C or D." "Wow." "What ? You thought that was dumb ?" "No I just thought that you didn't really care about grades." "Good point." "So..." "So what ?" "Why you did kept getting in fight ? And practically became what Barbara didn't want you to be ?" "Er...let's say I'm a bit compulsive when it comes to angry. And she didn't have to know. So I kept the good boy image to Barbara and at school I'm -" "The real you ?" I cut him off. "No....Maybe..... I don't know." He says hiding his face on his hands. "It's really difficult. I I'm these two persons. I can't change that." "So you're living a double life like Hannah Montana ?" "Serious ?" "Sorry I couldn't handle." Say and we both start to laugh. "But now seriously Harry, you need to try to think about this. You can't leave forever like this." I say looking deep in his eyes. We keep looking at each other for a while till he starts to lean forwards. After a few second I realize, he's going to kiss me.

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