The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


19. basically, a lot happens

Chapter 17

"Taco !" I cheer when Harry parks at Taco Bell's parking lot. "Better late then never." "That's what they say." I say clapping my hands together on excitement. Maybe I should calm down. It's just food after all. We get out of the car and head to the enter of the restaurant, if you can call a Taco Bell a restaurant, but anyways. I pass through the door first and Harry comes right after me. "Go get a table while I get our food. Taco ?" "Yes." I nod and go looking for a table. I find one in the back. I sit there for a while, and watch people stare at Harry, and give him disappointing looks at him. What's the matter ? This is not even the worse he can look like. I never felt something like what I'm felling now, but I know it not good, for them. Harry slowly comes to the table and sits by my side. And the random strangers looks followed him and started to judge me. "Harry can I ask you a question ?" "Yeah." "Are you worried about people seeing us together ?" "Why ? Are you ?" He says a bit angry and a bit hurt. "No Harry ! You're the one who said that would be better if we were strangers for the world !" I say felling kind of offended by his conclusion. "When I said that, I meat for people at school." He said defensively looking down now. "And how can you be sure that nobody from school will come here ?" "They don't, usually." "You thought the same about the bakery." I state. "Okay, you're going to use that against me forever ?" He says lightening the mood between us. "For the rest of my life." I say chuckling. He smiles at me, and I fell butterflies on my stomach by seeing his beautiful smile.

"Shouldn't you wait for out food there ?" "Are you kicking me out ?" "No, it's just that I want my food as soon as possible." I say and he laughs. "Well no, I don't need to be there, she's going to call me when my food gets ready." "Okay, if you say so." I say an fell my phone buzzing on my pocket. "Who's that ?" Harry asks the moment I unlock my phone. "Zayn." I say reading the message. "He's asking if I want to eat something with him." I say out loud while I answer him apologizing and saying that I couldn't. A few minutes later he answers me that it's okay, and if I wanted anything he would be in the newest Taco Bell in the city. "Harry you said people at school didn't came here right ?" "Yeah, they prefer the one near the center, the old one, 'cause there nobody cares if you have a hot make out session on the table." He says casually. "Well I'm guessing you're wrong, 'cause Zayn's coming here." I say and he looks at me before showing any emotions. After he sees that I'm kind of panicking he just smirks at me. "Cool." "Harry are you serious ?" "Look out food is ready he says getting up going to the balcony to grab e food. He's doing this just to piss me off. "Here's your taco." He say handing me a tray. "Harry can we go ? I don't think Zayn would this a as good thing." "Why ? Actually I wanted to talk to Zayn, ask how things are going etcetera." "You're a dick." "It's not just because I have a big one means that I am one." "Oh God Harry!" I say slapping his arm. "Please, let's go!" "I'm not moving from here till I eat my food." "Buy he can be here any minute Harry !" "Speaking of the devil." Harry says pointing to something outside. Zayn taking of his helmet and the coming inside. I run inside the bathroom, which was fortunately right next to our place.

"Zayn !" I hear Harry shout. God. I can't believe he's actually doing this. I close the toilet and sit on it. I can clearly hear the boys talking. "I'm here with a girl." "Oh." Zayn says and I can perfectly imagine his smirk. "She's in the bathroom. "So I think I should go get a table for myself and let you do your thing." "No mate, I pretty sure she won't have a problem with you here." "So who's the lucky gal this time ?" "I....I don't remember her name." "Wow that's new." Sarcasm fill Zayn tone. "But anyways, you actually know her. I bet you already made out with her." "Wow, Harry that helps a lot." He says and they both laugh. I freeze at that. The mention of that I'm one more on Zayn's list makes me wanna cry. After that I just shut down and stare at the dirty floor.

"Soooo. I just said to Zayn that you wanted me to do you here." "Why ? So you could have your first time on a Taco Bell ?" "First time ?" "Yeah you said you never got caught here, that's why we came here." I say bored. "Actually I didn't said that. In a matter of fact I just wasn't caught, that doesn't mean that never happened." He says smirking at me. I just ignore him and go back to staring the ground. "Alex, what's the matter ?" "Nothing." I say getting up. "Let's just get out of here." "Zayn's still out there." "I know." "So why we don't do why he thinks we're going ?" Harry says looking suggestively at me. "No Harry." "Okay, I can agree with you. Fats food restaurant toilet it's not the most romantic place." He says casually. "What we're going to do ? If he's out there we won't be able to he out without him noticing me." "That's easy." He says. "Come here." He says stepping closer to me. "What ...." I start to say but he lifts me up and put me up on the sink. "Harry what are you doing ?" I asks almost lower then a whisper. He's right between my legs, and his chest is pressed against mine. He's so close that I can fell his hot breath ok my face. "Lace your legs around me." I'm so static that I do what he demands without even asking. "I can carry you out of here like this, he won't see your face. He won't know who you are." "My shirt." I blurt out. "What about it ?" "He saw me wearing this shirt today." He casually takes his own off. "You can wear my." He says handing it to me. God. The urge to kiss him only grows with each second. He finally realizes the effects his having on me and smirks at me. "Like what you see." I don't really know why, but I nod at him, sending his ego to a whole new level. He grabs my hand and leads it to his abs. "You can touch it if you want." He says sliding my hand trough his stomach. I fell a shiver tuning down mine spine. He comes closer. "Put the shirt on, your taco is probably cold by now babe." I can really think if it's a good thing that he stop it there or not. Because if he even said the word kiss I would have my lips attached to his before he could finish his sentence.

I back away a bit so I can put Harry's shirt over mine.

If I wasn't in my great state of mind before, now with Harry's smells felling my nostrils I'm 100% sure I'm not okay. "Ready ?" He asks but doesn't give me time to answer. He grabs right under my tights, and I fell sparks all over my body. Quickly we're out of the bathroom and I have my face on his neck. "Pretend that you're kissing me." He murmurs to me. How am I supposed to do that ? Maybe it was the fact that I had his hard grip ok my legs or his smell dazzling me, but I started to kiss his neck for real. I fell him tensing a bit, probably caught by surprise with my lips on his skin.

I'm so focused on Harry's neck that I almost don't listen to the gasps from the other customers. Almost. That makes me fell a bit uncomfortable, what makes me hold tighter to Harry's arms.

After a few more steps and a door unlock I'm inside Harry's car. "Be right back." He says an walks back to the restaurant. I see the girl at the balcony talking to him and blushing more then I usually do. I think Harry is right to laugh at me, 'cause it's really funny. Soon enough he's back with my food.

"Where we going ?" I ask taking a bite of my taco. I want to show you a place. I just nod and keep eating. A few minutes later I finished my taco and we're parking in a park. "Harry is here where I think it is ?" "Yes." "Harry why would you bring me to a place full of drunks and drugged people ?!" I almost scream at him. "Don't worry, we're not staying here." He says and grabs my hand.

"Don't worry, it's not like I'm going to kill you or some shit like that." He says leading me into a little florets. Woah Harry, that's a way of making me fell secure. Suddenly we're climbing some type of hill. "They can't climb up there." "They usually tripe over something by the middle of the way up." He says, and right after that I fall. "Well, maybe teenage girls can't ether." He says laughing. "Shut up Harry". I say getting up.

When we get to the top we sit on the grass, and I keep my gaze at the city lights. "'s beautiful up here." "Yeah, sometime I come here. Since home it's not usually my first opinion." I stay silent, not really knowing what to say to him.

"Thank you." Harry says. I don't even have to ask why. "We're friend remember. That's why I'm here for." "Thank you for being my friend so." I smile at him. He can be so sweet sometimes, that you wouldn't believe that everybody is afraid of him. It's dark, so I can't really see his features, but I can perfectly see his eyes and lips. He starts to lean closer to me, and our lips are inches from touching. "I have a date with Zayn tomorrow." I say almost a a whisper. "Lucky him." He says low as I did and breaks the space between us and he kisses me. Well, it's more like a long peck on my lips. Jut when I start to fell the sparks flowing trough my whole body he backs away. "We should get going. It's already late." I just nod and get up with him. I can't really decide if it was a bad or a good thing he stopped the kiss. It would be bad 'cause I really wanted to kiss him. Good 'cause I could help but fell bad after every kiss, because of Zayn.

We walk back to the car in silence, and in my opinion, way to far from each other.

"Harry, is everything okay ?" I ask as we enter the car. "Yeah." He simply says turning the engineer on and driving off of the parking lot. I leave it, I don't want to bother him, I already spent a lot of time with him today, and I know how annoying i can be.

"Goodnight Harry." I say jumping out of the car. "See you tomorrow ?" I ask trying to look him in the eyes. "We'll see." Says and leaves. I sigh and walk in the house. "Alex ! Where have you been, it's 1:00 o'clock in the MORNING !" My loved mother screams at me the moment i lock the door. "Mom I told you, I were at Max' house." "Yes, you were. But wants at least an hour ago." She says angry, but a bit more calm the before. "Mom, I'm not going to lie. So, I was with Harry, that boy from the bakery ?" I say and she nods. "But we just ate something together. Nothing more. I was with him at Max." "Look young lady, I'm not going to ground you or anything 'cause you usually don't do this. But if this ever happens again you'll see the consequences." She says serious but quickly her expression softens and she walks closer to me. "So, was that a date ?" "Mom !" This time I scream at her. "Okay." "To be honest, I have a date tomorrow." I say and her eyes grow wide. "And he's not Harry." "And who's the mystery boy ?" "Well, I guess you're going to have to wait to tomorrow night." "But I'm going to work tomorrow night." "Too bad." "There is any chance I'll have another occasion to meet him ?" She asks. "I don't know, maybe." I say and she frowns. I laugh at her reaction. "Now lets go to bed." "I just nod and walk up stair. There's nothing that I'm craving more then a good night of sleep.


"Alex ! Alex ! Alex !" I hear my mom screams and slowly open my eyes. "What ?!" I scream back. "Look !" She says and I'm still trying to open my eyes, and within seconds my eyes go wide. My mom sets a huge bouquet with a thousand, okay maybe not a thousand but quite a lot, of colorful flowers in my bed. "They just delivered. Who sent it ?" She asks really excited. "Calm down mom. I'm still trying to wake up." I say sitting up and grabbing the bouquet. "Here, there's a card." I say grabbing and opening it. "Can't wait till tonight, Z." I read out loud. "And what does Z stands for ?" "Zayn."I say smiling at the small card in my hand.

"Alex I'm telling you, you're going to be late !" My mom says again. A few minutes ago she left me alone in my room and took my flowers with her to put them on the water. But I just couldn't stop admiring the card. After a few more seconds I decide that I have to run to do all the shit I have to. I grab my everyday jeans and a shirt and run for the bathroom to take a shower. I quickly brush my teeth while I rub some soap on my tummy.

"Oh my God !" I hear someone scream down stairs while I put on my shirt, that ended up being my favorite tank top. I finish getting dressed and run down the stairs to meet May and my mom looking at my bouquet. "Who sent this ?" May asked me. "Someone called Zayn." My mom said from the kitchen. "Oh my god !" She screamed again. "For god sake, stop screaming." "Okay but you're going to tell me everything." I just roll my eyes and walk to the kitchen. "I'm going sweetie. Have fun tonight, don't come home late." My mom says leaving the house. I make a toast and leave with May.

"Oh my God." May screams after I tell her that Zayn asked me on a date. "I have something I tell you too !" She says. Clapping her hand. "May ! Don't do that, you're fucking driving !" "Don't worry." She brushes me off. "Anyway, Niall took me to a date and we kissed !" "What ? Weren't you guys gust doing a school work together ?" "Yeah." "And didn't you despised him ?" "I didn't knew him when I said that." "Where did he took you ?" "To be honest, it wasn't a date. He didn't had any food at his house, so we went to Mc Donald's. And after a few bites of hamburger we kissed." "Woah May, I think you just described the perfect date." I say sarcastically. "Piss off." She says. "It was good to me." "And what about him? Did he liked ? Are you guys going on a actual date ?" "I don't know. He didn't said anything." "Are you guys done with the work you ha to do ?" "Almost done. The rest we don't need to be together to do it." "So make an excuse to do it with him. Then see what happens." I suggest and she thinks about it.

After a while we're talking to each other in front of my locker. "Did you see Jack ? He was with that girl.... Liam's cousin. What's her name ?" "Jack never told us." "Yeah, we still need talk to that boy." She says dramatically. Suddenly she's frozen looking at the door, and after she's trying to fix her hair. "What you're doing May ?" "Harry." It's the answer I get back. She steps in front of me hugging her books tightly to her chest. "Hi." Harry says to us smirking, but I know that was for me. But May doesn't.

After he's out of our sight May turns around with the wildest smile I ever saw on her face. "He talked to me !" She says. "Yeah." I just nod, the only reason May doesn't think something wrong is because she knows I'm not really a fan of Harry. Well I wasn't. But that's one more thing that she doesn't know.

The day goes slowly, especially because every second I spent with May she wouldn't shut up about Harry. That's the reason why I won't let her go to my house too. "What if I just help you get ready to you date ?" "Okay." I finally agree with her and she turns off the car. "You're going to be so pretty !" She says jumping off of the car. "Just don't do nothing that will make me want to kill you." "Can't make promises." She says and walks up the stairs. I roll my eyes and walk up to my room. "You said you were going to some fancy place, right ?" "Yup." "What am I going to do ?! You have nothing to wear !" "Look in there." I say pointing to my wardrobe. "sooner or later you'll find something." "Alex, I can't make miracles. A good dress will not appear here by magic."

After a long search she founds a cute flowery dress with a black skirt and sleeveless, and ended in the middle of my tights, what for my taste was way to high. "This is too small May." "It's the only thing that get close to fancy Alex." She says grabbing my moms high heels. "Luck you wear the same size that your mother does." "Lucky me." I say sarcastically and May grunts in annoyance. "Alex listen to me." She says trying to get my attention. "You're going to at least try to be nice in this date." "What do you mean with nice ?" "Shut the fuck up, I'm trying to make a speech here." She say seriously. "Okay." I say laughing and putting my hands up in surrender. "You're going out and you're going to have a great time. Laugh, smile and fell happy, and if everything work out maybe. Little bit of kissing." She stops for a second to catch her breath. But quickly goes back to talking. "'Cause girl, you're nice, funny, and sometimes even caring, and right now you're looking smoking hot, and it doesn't matter if you think you don't look that good, 'cause I'm pretty sure that's what Zayn's going o think." "You really think I'm looking not even a bit like a whore ?" "Alex, you're not even close to looking like a whore. Maybe a bit provocative, but that's it." "But..." "Shut up. Behind all this it's you and if someone says something about it just ignore it, 'cause fucking Zayn Malik, one of the hottest boys on earth likes you, not them." I have to admit, that after all this speech I fell like girl power, actually adrenaline but whatever, rushing trough my veins. "So now make up !" She says and takes her

make up bag from her purse.

After a while she was done. Hair, make up and clothes. She's amazing. I don't remember looking good like this. And the make up ? Never in a million years I would be able to do some shit like this. Suddenly we hear the doorbell. "I'm goi to answer that !" She says running out of my room leaving me alone before I could say something. I smile one last time at the mirror and grab the little purse May found on my moms wardrobe.

I walk down the stairs looking down, so I wouldn't fall because of my heels. I reach the last step and l look up, founding the best view of my life. Zayn had a black blazer and a button up shirt, his black skinny jeans and combat boots. "Alex, you look...beautiful." "And you" I say without thinking and regret the second after I close my mouth. "Well, I wasn't expecting that." He says chuckling. "Trust me, nobody was." May says, and I feel my cheeks getting hotter. "Sorry, I ...." I start to say, and he starts to walk in my direction."Don't worry Alex." He cuts me off and holds my hand. "Are you ready ?" He asks and I nod. "So let's go." We walk to the door but I stop at May. "Stay here, so then we can have a sleepover." I whisper and she squeals I'm excitement. When I'm opening the door I say really loud. "Just don't bring anyone over while I'm Niall." I say and push Zayn on of the house and close the door. "May likes Niall ?" He asks. "I don't know, maybe it was just a kiss." "They kissed ?!" "Yeah." "Can't believe he didn't said anything." "You're friends with Niall ?" I asks when he opens the door for me. "Yeah, you can say that." "Didn't knew that you walked with the basketball team." "I guess we're just together because of the cheerleaders." He says and laughs. "But I never really liked those cheerleaders." He says the moment I start to get jealous. He smirks at me. "I'm more into brunettes." He says and I smile at him. "So maybe this is not the best time to tell you that I'm actually blond." I say and laugh.

"So, did you liked the flowers ?" He asks when we drive off of my house. "I loved them. You really didn't had to bought them." "But I wanted to." "So, I'm glad you did." "Can I ask you something ?" "Sure, I guess." "How many firsts dates you've ever been to ?" "Just a few, but to be honest I wish they never did happened. He looks at me and then nods looking back to the street. "Okay, so let's pretend they've never happened, and make this the best first date ever." I smile at him. "Okay."

~~~authors note~~~~~

I'm really really really really really really really really sorry for taking this long. I just wanted to make it a bit longer, but then I got really sick and couldn't even think right.

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