The truth about him

Harry is the manhore badboy and Alex is just one more girl in the school hallway.

He walks through the school trying to find the next victim. She just try to walk around without bumping into the other students.

He wouldn't chaise after her because he knew she wasn't the type, and she didn't waist her time with him.

But everything changes when she discover his secret.


13. A day in the park

~~-a/n- HEEY sorry for taking so long to update ! I was so busy and didn't had any time to write but here it it's !! Hope you like it :) ~~

Chapter 12

"I still can't believe it ! How can he be dating someone and not tell us ?!" "Calm down May, it's not a big deal." "Are you serious ? Of course it's a big deal ! He's out friend, we had the right to know." "You're right, but he can do whatever he wants to. Would you tell us if you started to date Harry ?" I stupidly ask. "Wait, don't answer it." "I would tell you if I was dating anybody, and I would fell really betrayed if you didn't tell me you were dating Zayn." Ouch. "Oh, sorry Alex I didn't mean to..." "No never mind." I say and sit on the last desk of the room. "Alex are you mad at me ?" She asks and I look away. "Alex !" She calls me out but I don't hear if she says something else cause I'm too busy looking at Zayn at the door with a blonde in his arms. A playful smile on his lips and his hand on her hips, how cute, it even rhymes !

I grab my things and and run out of the classroom. Where I go ? Home. It's the first and only thing that comes to my mind. I run to the parking lot without being spotted. Get inside de car and start to drive to my house. Why am I doing this ? Why am I over reacting like this ? I stop the car right in front of a park that I never saw in my life. I turn off the car and jump out of it. "Let's take a walk." I say to myself. "What's the worst can happen ? Nobody would come here at this hour." Unless junkies, drunks and homeless people. My subconscious says, but I brush it off. I start to walk further into the park, and for a minute I think about going back to get my phone and headphones so I could listen to some music but I keep walking alone with my thoughts. Oh dear Lord, why am I so stupid ? I make a huge scene for no shit, and after I do it I don't even know why.

I keep walking till I spot a playground falling into pieces. I sit on the swing that's not totally broken and it squeaks. I keep looking at the view not really thinking about something specific when I notice a tear falling down my face. Oh great, all I needed was a waterfall in my face right now. Even refusing to be this pathetic, after a while I stop trying to fight back the tears. I let them fall like it's going to ease the pain, but in someway it's just fells the same, maybe even worse. "Why are you crying ?" A raspy voice asks and I abruptly turn around, causing the swing to squeak loud. "Harry." I say but my voice it's almost inaudible. "Why are you crying ?" He ask again a bit roughly. "Nothing." "Answer me properly." "Why ? It's none of your business." I answer in the same tone. I walks closer to me way to fast, an for a moment I think he's going to hit me, but he simples stays in front of me staring down at my face. "Why you're here ?" "It's also none of your business." "I'm sorry but it is." "Why ?" I ask and look up. "'Cause, this is my area, that's my spot, and here is where the junkies come." "What do you mean, this is your spot ? You come here often ?" "It's none of your business." He says on a high voice. "I don't speak like that." "Really ? 'Cause that's what you sound like to me." "Why you're being to annoying ? Why you're acting like Harry ?" I ask getting up on my feet. "I already told ya. You're in my spot." "Oh so you want me to get out of your spot so you can smoke pot ?" "Please don't do that." "Do what ?" "Don't rhyme." "Oh god." I say and walk away. "Alex ...." He says and I turn to look at him. But he stays quiet. I keep walking away from him after that. But after a while I start to hear footsteps following me. When I get near my car I turn around. "Get off Harry." But it's not Harry. "What do you want ?" "You." The drunk guy says. Great. That's all I needed. I start to walk back to where Harry was. "Please don't." I say when he starts to walk closer to me. I trip over something an fall to the ground. "Stop moving love, it only make things worse." "Get off of me !" "Who's going to make me ?" I get up on my feet and look him in the eyes. "Me." I say and start to run the fastest I can. "Get back her little bitch !" He screams trying to reach me, but the massive amount of alcohol in his blood keeps him away from touching me. I get back to the ruined playground and Harry is in the same place where he was when I left. "What the f..." He trails off when he notice the guy following me. "She's already mine boy." The discounting man says. "She isn't fucking yours." Harry says closing his fists into balls. "Yes she is. I saw her first. Now get off kid, so I can...." Harry doesn't wait for him to finish his fists are already in the men's jaw, and then his head again, again and again. "Harry ! Stop it ! You're going to kill him !" He doesn't stop, but I don't think he even heard me. "Harry let's go." I say again but nothing. The only thing I can hear is Harry's hand colliding with the drunk guy head, and the men's groans of pain. I start to slap Harry's back so he can notice. He only turns around when the guy is unconscious in the ground. "What the hell is wrong with you ?!" I scream but he doesn't say anything. I stare the unconscious man for a moment just to be sure he's still breathing. After I see his chest going up and down I start to walk away from the playground. "Where you going ?" Harry harshly asks walking behind me. "Away from here." "Did you meant away from me ?" Oh god. "You're seriously going to do this ?" I say looking at him. "Why you were here ?" He says stepping closer to me. "I needed to clear my mind." "You were thinking about giving up on me, weren't you ?" "For fucks sake Harry, is not everything about you !" "Okay, so lets talk about why you were here then." I take a step back and take a deep breath. Why did I came here ? To cry my ass off over no shit ? "As I said came her to clear my mind." "From what ? Your favorite nail polish ended ?" "Why you're been so mean ?" I take a step closer to him. "Have you been drinking Harry?" "No." "Why you're lying to me ?" "Only two glasses." "At this time in the morning ?" "I have problems, okay ?" "That will easily go away with alcohol ?" "You know nothing about me so stop judging me !" Me yells. "Come with me." I say turning around and walking to my car. "What ?" "I said come with me." I repeat. At first he doesn't follow me but after a while I hear his steps behind me.

"Where we going ?" He asks when I jump in the car. "To my house." "Why ?" "'Cause I leave there. Are you coming or not ?" He looks up and then wall to the passenger side. "Don't worry, it's not like I'm going to kill you." "Yeah, like that's the worse thing you could do to me." After he says that we stay in silence till I decide to turn on the radio. "What's wrong ?" I asks Harry when he starts pulling faces. "This song." "What's the matter ?" "Are you serious ? It's on my list of the worse songs ever." "So you don like The Wanted ?" "Why would I like it ?" "Well you shouldn't say like that, there are people out there that like them." "Do you ?" "No." "So, that's my point." "Oh god, just change the fucking channel." He goes through every fucking radio station to get the conclusion that there was nothing worth waisting time listening to. "Fine, where almost there, just pic a cd or shut up." "Green day ?" "What you thought there would be only Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift ?" "I don't really know what I was waiting for." He says and we listen to green day till we get in front of my house. I park and the moment I turn of the car he jumps off of his sit. "I think I'm going now." "No you're coming with me." He stops for a minute and looks at me confused. "Don't worry nobody's home." I say and two seconds later I realize how bad that came out. "I" "It's okay." He says walking past me and stoping at the doorstep. "I can't blame you, everyone wants a bit of me."

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