Drop the gun payne

This is about A girl named Terri who enters a modelling show and stuff.
It won't be exciting at the start. Personally I think it gets exciting at the end.
P.S. You will find out at the end why the fan fiction is called drop the gun Payne.
Should take: 43 minutes well that's how much it took me I'm a fast reader is shouldn't take more than one hour.
It's actually a Niall fanfiction but I suppose it's a Niall and Liam one!
Please comments I you like it thanks I'm already writing the sequel!


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Drop the gun Payne

Annie POV

Hello I'm Annie I wear big glasses ,long skirts ,long tops ,running shoes and my hair in a pigtail did you guess right 2 things were running in your head right ?? I'm a nerd or I'm ugly you're wrong I'm actually the most popular at school I have a best friend Terri.when ever I walk past boys are always hooting and whistling at me I'm never walking without her we are in the same classes and every thing.

Terri POV

Okay now I'm Terri , Annie's BFF I have my hair down I wear all the latest fashions ,styles and fads I'm popular.when me and Annie walk past every one they are all hooting and whistling at me she thinks it's her. But not to sound cocky with what I just said.

Annie POV

I'm walking to school and Terri comes running up to me "Annie I'm giving you a makeover on the weekend!" I stare at her puzzled "why?" She stares at me like my stupidity is 100% "you're ugly I'm sorry but you're completely ugly." She says harshly "OMG Terri I'm not your friend any more !" I shout at her "fine go walk around the school see who whistles at you!" She runs off.

Terries POV

I look at the school bulletin board every morning to see new things on ooo what's this it's a model show who ever comes 1st get the most attractive guy and it keeps going until we get to the ugliest girl which obviously get the ugliest guy so at the end every girl wins a guy and has to stay at his house for a month! . That's pretty awesome I'm entering!! I sign my name Terri soeters. Wow this is pretty damn exciting it's only for yr10 I'm yr 10 I'm the hottest in yr10 and I know the guy who is this hottest on yr10. (Haha I said yr 10 a lot in that sentence) I look at the bottom of the sheet. It has a small sentence in extremely small writing 'teachers can't know'

P.s the list of who got in will be put up next Tuesday only 21 girls will get in.I smile I want to skip to Tuesday. I want to be the prettiest.I WANT!!

Annie's POV

I walk passed every one without terri and no one whistle or hooted it was every one making stupid faces at me "you're ugly " a boy calls out I run down the hall crying I hit the bulletin board and look at it I read there's modelling show for yr10 only I saw about 20 girls names on the list I signed my name also.

**skip to Tuesday at lunchtime**

"AHHHHH" I hear a familiar scream "I got prettiest girl!!" And all these girls surrounded... TERRI, Terri got prettiest ?? Really? I look at the board Annie Gott. The bottom note said don't worry girls you will be judged at the modelling show as well so you can still redeem your self! Why am I the ugliest? I run to the bathroom and look in the mirror look at me I'm pathetic how did I ever think I was pretty?

Terris POV

IM POPULAR I have girls following me ,the school news paper the teachers don't read following me ,I have a posse of two girl close behind me and I have boy attention I am amazing! I'm the queen bee now. Just my personal opinion I don't think those girls stand a chance against me!

**practise after school**

This girl named Anna taught us all how to walk all our facial expressions and stuff like that

Chapter two

2 weeks later it's the modelling show me and Annie aren't friends yet I don't think we never will be again who actually cares I'm hot I have every one following me. I get ready to go on stage down that runway I'm really excited! "Introducing our hottest model Terri" I smile, check my posture I check every things perfect and I walk out confidently like how I was taught to by Anna. When I walk off I get 10 by all four judges haha I'm perfect!

And then Anna calls out 21st place to 1st she said it's she's starting from who came ugliest because she's gonna surprise the prettiest at the end. When she finally got to 1st place Anna said. "And in first place, the prettiest is TERRI SOETERS!" My eyes widen I walk onto stage like a model and put on a random seductive smirk. "Okay you're new guy is...." AHHH who is it !! "Well 5 boys..." I look at her puzzled. " "you're moving in with the 5 hottest boys the first boy is Niall horan then Harry styles then Zayn Malik then liam Payne then louis Tomlinson." Wow. "Niall come come and claim your girl for a month." She winks at me. "Okay boys just to go over the boys rules again" me and Niall stand on the stage listening. "1.you may do any thing to the girl. 2.you must sleep in the same bed. And last of all you must not tell any of the teachers." She smiles "you're all dismissed"

"Okay Niall you pass her to Harry on the 30th of April because you get a month will her and today is the first of April." He nods and we walk off together. "Soo you're living with me for 30 days" I smile "yes,haha" he walks me to his car and we get in. "Do you need any thing from home?" He asks politely. "No all in here" I pat my bag.He smiles once we get to his house I smile because it's not to big or small it's really pretty. "Let's go in!" Niall laughs as he sees me staring. We make our way up to the stairs and up to his room. "Well this is my room .I got told 2 days ago that I'll be getting the prettiest girl so I saved two draws for you and half my cupboard space for you to put your clothes in." I smile "thank-you!" He smiles as well we gaze into each others eyes "oh I forgot the bathroom attached to our room is all yours I'll use the one down the hall" I smile and kiss him on the cheek he blushes like crazy. "So what do you do in your spare time?" I smirk "well it depends, what kinda guy are you?" I say cheekily. "Well I'm an Irish guy" he says playing dumb. "Do you like video games?" I laugh. He puts a shocked face on like woah your a hot girl that likes video games I laugh harder. "Call of duty ghosts ?" I put on a shocked face "what you have it my mum won't buy it" (I know it only came out this November but I couldn't think of any other game that came out sorry) "well let's play" he laughs 4 hours later "NIALL!! Dinners ready!" I look at him "oh that's just my mum" he pauses the game and tells me to follow him. "Hey mum"she smiles and then looks at me "oh sorry this is Terri she's staying with us for a month because she was in a modelling show for a fundraiser for school and I won her for a month." She squints at him "keep is PG maybe even G." I smile "okay" she smiles as well "well Terri let's sit down" Niall says. I take a seat near Niall. I think this month is gonna be good Niall is very caring. "Wow this is amazing!" Niall looks at me "You stole the words outta my mouth." Niall's mum smiles "Awh thank you guys!" I smile back "well thanks for dinner" Niall's mum hugs me "you can call me Maura" Awh she's amazing "well thanks for dinner Maura" I say as me and Niall get up and put our plates in the sink. We go back to Niall's room.

Chapter 3

Annie's POV

Well I'm officially staying with the ugliest nerd on earth! For a month.Why did I think I could be pretty? I'm not.I'm ugly!! We have to eat dinner now but I'm fully jealous of Terri she gets 5 months of hot guys she can sleep with any of them I'm pretty sure one of them has a girl friend!

Niall's POV

It's really exciting having Terri over I'm not really keen of having sex with her but I don't mind sleeping next to her and waking up with her I like the idea of being best friends with her she's pretty cool. "Soo what do you want to do now wanna watch a movie or something?" I ask "well yeh what movies have you got?" I laugh "I have grease?" Her face lights up "YES!" I laugh "my movie player is broken we have to watch it on the lap top" she nods and gets under the blankets. I think I'm pretty keen now she's pretty hot.I get under the blankets as well because it's really cold (it's cold in April, I'm Australian.) we get to about the middle of the movie and she starts cuddling up to me and puts her head in my chest.

Terries POV

Just take your top off. Alright I'm officially snuggling with the hottest guy on yr10 OMG I'm gonna faint Okay ,okay calm down.Still he's so hot!! I just wanna sleep with him.

Annie's POV

This little nerdling won't stop kissing me. I guess it's for the best ugly girls get ugly guys.

**authors note**

Sorry just quickly no such thing as ugly there is only such thing as ugly inside.

Still Annie's POV

Gosh I don't even know the nerds name.

Louis' POV

I get Terri second yay well I have a few things planned like

Zayns POV

Well I get Terri 3rd I probably won't sleep with her well maybe once or twice I dunno.

Liam's POV

I get Terri 4th.Harry better not get her pregnant we all know what he's gonna do ,sleep with her every night.

Harry's POV

I get Terri last Haha I got a hot chick to sleep with every night for 31 days! hey, the rules said I can do any thing to her.i have a big surprise for her though and it's not even my part.

Nerdlings POV

Well hi I'm Marcel ,cute as a button every single one of you. I think i'm pretty cute I think I'm stuck with a very ugly girl well she's ugly inside she says very hurtful things okay okay iv kissed her twice she's pretty on the out side but ugly on the inside .okay she's FUGLY on the outside as well but i'm sure we could give her a makeover.

Niall's POV

I'm really worried About passing Terri on I don't know why though. It's just Harry.... "Terri?" She gets up from my chest and looks at me. "Yes?" She smiles "do you want to know about the other boys that are taking you?" She nods. "Okay i'm passing you on to louis in 29 days and he's not bad he'll probably kiss you like twice, Zayn same as him he's a bad boy, liam is a nice guy he likes movies and romantic stuff and Harry will probably try to sleep with you every day." She looks at me "is Harry curly?" I laugh "you call him curly?" She laughs as well "yes" we have a weird pillow fight after that we lie on the bed laughing and panting. "Niall, I think I love you." She says still staring at the ceiling "I love you too" she looks at me "really?" She puts a shocked face on "yes!" I kiss her on the cheek. "do you think we will be a thing?" She asks "yes I do.do you want to begin it?" She looks at me with wide eyes "YES" we smile and we're about to kiss on the lips and my mum walks in. "oh sorry for interrupting... Whatever you guys were doing? But I'm going away for the rest of the month with your dad okay Niall!" We nod "yes mum" she's about to walk out when "OHH i almost forgot!" Me and Terri looked at each other puzzled "BOBBY!" My dad walks in me and Terri are still lying on the bed "hello, I'm Terri." She gets up and shakes his hand haha it looks funny. "Are you Niall's girl friend?" She nods he nods as well and my mum and dad walks out. I look at her and blush well mum totally ruined the moment... "well don't just lie there where were we?" She kisses me for like 10 seconds and I ask for entrance into her mouth with my tongue she accepts and let's me in our tongues dance our lips keep in sync she's a great kisser."you're amazing at kissing" she smiles "no you are!" We laugh she sits on me. "Let's go out for dinner tomorrow since my parents are gone we can do whatever we want now." We celebrate "wait..." I look at her "what?" I ask strangely "I'm really worried about Harry and stuff I don't wanna sleep with any of them I would only sleep with you." I smile "I'll threaten them with their life if they even kiss you because you're my girl now." She smiles and then laughs "Awh thanks" I love her soo much "do you think we should sleep now?" I shake my head "I have something else planned..." I smirk "and what would that be." She asks also smirking and then I kiss her and she turn us around so she's lying on me and we put the blankets on because again it's cold "just take your top off" she laughs and I laugh along. We start to kiss again and you know stuff like that.half an hour later okay I know that's not long but we are both virgins it was cold and we had to make it quick we're only 16. "That was amazing Niall you're good." I laugh "our clothes weren't even off" she laughs as well. "Still it was amazing" I laugh and we get up woah it's 12:30 am I guess it wasn't half an hour it was 2 hours haha oops. "Let's get to bed." we both fall asleep in each others arms.

Chapter 4

Terries POV

"NIALL WAKE UP!" I shout it's 8:30 in the morning we are supposed to be at school by 9am OMG! "What??????" He wakes up slowly "ITS 8:30!!!!!!" His eyes widen "SERIOUSLY??" I nod "YES!!" We get up and get dressed in front of each other we didn't care we couldn't be late for school.

*saturday of the first week**

"Well that was an interesting week." We joke

"Yep you're good in bed." I laugh. me and Niall lost our virginity to each other last night "well thank you!" We both laugh. "What do you wanna do today?" I lookup "well we could go to white man park??" (An Australian park.) "yehh awesome!!" Me and my family used to love this place it's huge it has lolly shops and gift shops and heaps it's really old though soo yeh. We get into Niall's car and we drive to white man park we bring sandwiches for lunch and then it starts pouring down with rain and we sprint to the car. "Haha I was having fun until that happened!" Me and Niall laugh our heads off. "Is Zayn tough and scary" I ask him because I'm really scared I don't wanna live with a bad boy."No Zayn is actually a nice guy he likes video games and stuff he just dresses like a bad boy we can stop past his house so you can meet him" I look up at Niall "okay text him and say we're coming" Niall starts texting "he said yes" so we start driving off the Zayns place once we get there I look at his house in awe it's stunning me and Niall walk in without knocking Niall said he can because they're 'best friends' all the boys getting me are on the couch "okay boys this is my girlfriend, when you get her these are the rules

1.no kissing her

2.no having sex with her

3.i approve sleeping in the same bed just don't try any thing

4.shes my girl don't try to change her mind."

The boys nod "Harry the having sex with her rule is mainly pointed at you." We all laugh "yeh boys I don't actually wanna have sex with you guys any ways." The boys laugh "okay you can have some time to get to know one boy each, Louis you're first" every one but me and Louis leave the room. "Okay my name is Louis Tomlinson and I love parties, I love 1 tree hill ,my favourite colour is dark red and my favourite album is how to save a life by the fray." I nod okay and I told him about me.

** (By the way I actually don't know if the Info's right I'm pretty sure some of it's right because I got it off a magazine but I dunno)**

Terri's POV still

Then Zayn walks in. "I'm Zayn Malik I act like a bad boy but I'm actually different I like video games,I love Harry potter and I love intelligent girls." I nod and tell him stuff about me and he walks out then liam walks in. "I'm Liam Payne I love romantic dinners and dates and I love the movie toy story." I tell him about me and he leaves. Last but not least Harry walks in he was acting extremely flirty. "Hello I'm Harry styles and I love the kazoo and my favourite album is parachutes by Coldplay and I like family guy and I like the colour orange." I laugh well "I have a boyfriend, Niall and we are deeply in love my favourite colour is pink and I love IRISH!" Then all the boys walk in. "So do you like the boys?" I nod "yeh they're cool" the boys lower their heads. "What's wrong?" Liam looks up and smiles "when you call some one 'cool' it means constipated overweighted old lady." I crack up laughing "seriously?" We all laugh and liam nods "okay you guys are awesome then." And they all nod "haha okay guys me and Terri gotta hit the road seeya on Monday." We say our goodbyes. Once we get to Niall's car I laugh "what's funny?" He asks puzzled "those boys are all different liam is the quiet though the childish type, louis is a party animal,Zayns a soft bad boy and Harry's just a flirt." Niall laughs as well "you got that right." We both laugh hysterically.

**skipping to the last two days of Terri staying with Niall**

Niall's POV

"Well Terri only two days until I hand you over to Louis" she nods and sighs "what's wrong?" I ask worried "it's just that I love louis I really do but I want to stay with you!" I look at her weirdly "you love louis?" She looks up and gives me like a you're such an idiot look. "As a friend I love every single one of them they're my best friends!" I blush embarrassed "oops" she rolls her eyes "well I just really love you more than any thing I enjoyed my time with you it's just a question I wanna ask!" She looks me in the eyes "are you still gonna be my boyfriend when I leave and are you still gonna be my boyfriend if one of them kiss me." I look at her "of course we will still go out when you leave and of course I will go out with you if one of them kiss you as long as you don't kiss them back and if do kiss them I'm sure we could work it out." She nods and hugs me. "I love you" oh my God I love her "I love you to" she kisses my lips. "Let's go to a party!" She looks at the ground. "I don't like parties bad things happen there." I laugh "I wanna show you off the all of my friends making them drool on their chinny chin chins." She looks up and laughs. "What?" We burst out laughing. (That is a line from 'kiss you' he was supposed to say it not sing it.) "Niall I still don't want to go." She says I get a little disappointed but oh well. "Okay I'll do any thing for you you're my princess." She blushes "now come here" I kiss her lips for 5 seconds.

*last day*

"Last day it's a student free day and I only get up to 4PM with you and I have to give you to louis..." She starts to cry. "Why are you crying?" She wipes her tears. "I don't want to go to him I want to stay with you, I have problems saying goodbye even know I'm going down the street and we will see each other every day at school! But I just feel like their either gonna kiss me or rape me."I hug her. "It's okay beautiful, you know I love you no matter what and if any one them does that tell me straight away I'll sort it out ."

"Thank you" she hugs me tighter. "What should we do today?" She smiles "good bye sex?" She suggest. "Yep of course" we you know 3:30PM comes and we stop I look at the time she's about to fall asleep. "Terri we can't fall asleep there's half an hour until you have to ...leave." She gets up "okay, by the way you're still great in bed." We laugh at her joke and she packs her bags and we talk for a while until we hear a knock at the door. "Well bye I guess" she kisses me for about a minute and walks out. I could see her holding back tears. Well I don't get why she's crying it's just louis she really does have separation problems.

Terri's POV

Well I'm officially gonna die I don't wanna stay with Louis! I want to stay with Niall.

Annie's POV

I have to go with Leeroy today it's the last weirdo I have to stay with I have to only do two months with weird guys but Terri gets 5 hot guys I herd she's going out with Niall. I under stand why all those little things about her are just perfect the crinkles by her eyes when she smiles, she never never wants to know how much she weighs, she still loves to squeeze into her jeans but when I do I look ugly when she does she looks outstanding.

Niall's POV

Every things empty my mum said she's staying in Ireland with my dad for two more months and I eat dinner alone now, Terri's laugh isn't filling the whole house with happiness, her smile isn't lighting up my whole world, my closet isn't filled with perfume smelling clothes neither are those two draws I saved for her. My first night in a month alone I lay in bed thinking.I bury my head in the pillow and cry I smell her perfume she's not here my pillow smells like her shampoo that she uses for her hair it's the shampoo of an angel. I sigh. My girlfriend is amazing.i miss every thing about her the dimples on her back at the bottom of her spine, the slight crinkles by her eyes when she smiles the way she squeezes into her jeans I love her.

Terri's POV

First night without Niall in a month I met Louis' Mum and Dad they aren't as nice as Niall's parents and Louis' mum definantly doesn't cook at good as Maura I just can't do this it's too hard I cry silently in the pitch black next to Louis. "What's wrong?" Oh shit he herd me "nothing" I lie "why are you crying?" I lie again "I'm not." Louis sits up we are still sitting I pitch black. "Look I know you miss Niall it's okay though" he hugs me "thanks" we fall asleep on each others arms not like a me and Niall way it's in a BFF kinda way.

One week has passed I'm sorta enjoying Louis' house but I miss Niall at the same time. Louis is a crazy person he is very hyperactive, right now he skipping and jumping around. "You're and idiot!" I shout. "No I'm not." He chucks a pillow at my face. "Yes you are." I chuck a pillow at his face and he sits in front of me while we laugh. "Bye losers!" his sister hits Louis in the back of the head and his lips hit mine. He quickly pulls away. "I'm soo sorry my sister pushed my head into yours oh my God don't tell Niall please it was an accident." I laugh. "It's okay don't worry it was your sisters fault it wasn't yours!" He smiles relived though thankful.

Two weeks have passed since that little incident with his sister I did actually wanna slap her he put so much stress on him he didn't come near me for a week, well he did but he was all awkward.I only have a week left with Louis and then I move in with Zayn I'm actually not worried with Zayn me and Zayn are MEGA BFFS and we love each other in a friend way no matter what we will be friends I know he won't try any thing on me. It's 9PM right now and Louis walked into the room. "Hello, wanna go to bed?" I shake my head. "No I can't go to bed without a cup of tea you know that." He laughs. "Maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep." I laugh "maybe, get me my tea!" He smiles. "Right away sir." We laugh and he walks out of the room to get my tea. Maybe it is the reason that I talk in my sleep.

Niall's POV

Well it's 9PM I have half an hour to spare normally in this half an hour I would be making Terri's tea and waiting for her to drink it and then we fell asleep, well umm she did I'd stay up listening to those little conversations she has in her sleep. They were soo cute.but I know I say it a lot I really miss her ALOT I can't get over her staying with my best friends they could have done any thing to her I have only talked To her in text it's soo stupid.

Terri's POV

Well it's the last day with Louis and I have to go with Zayn yay, it's 9AM in the morning and Louis hasn't woken up, SLEEPY HEAD! And it's Wednesday we should have been at school well now haha I guess we're staying home today 8 hours until I leave Louis. I'm looking forward to Zayn I wanna see how he lives his life because every month iv had to change my morning routine because every one does it different. "Louis wake up we only have 8 hours together!" He wakes up slowly. "Oh yeh right,sorry." He sits up. I look him in the eyes. "What?" He laughs "is Liam a good guy?" He looks at me. "You're going to Zayn today not Liam!" I look down. "Yeh but I'm worried about him Niall said he's a good guy but I think he's gonna rape me my boobs always know." He hugs me "listen in not even gonna ask about the whole boob thing but tell me straight away of he even kisses you." I smile while I hug him. "I will, that won't stop him from raping me he will rape me then I will tell you that won't take it back though." He pulls away. "I don't think Liam will, you need to watch out for Harry." After two hours of talking to him about Niall and Liam and Harry and stuff we have about 6 hours.We just spend it watching movies. "Louis it's time for me to go to Zayn's house...."

Well iv moved in with Zayn now .it's not that bad living with all the different boys I get away from my annoying family for 5 whole months God I hate my family they aren't aloud to see me. "Do you wanna settle in I saved you a draw and some of the closet and that bathroom is yours I'll use the guest bathroom." He says really fast. "Woah slow down why are you soo nervous?" He looks down. "Because I don't want you to see my flaws." I laugh "seriously? What don't I know about you we are MEGA BFFS! I know every thing about you!" He smiles "I guess so." I settle in my things and stuff and one hour past "fewww" I chuck myself on the bed and close my eyes I look at the time it's only 5PM Zayns in the shower he take like half an hour in the shower I have a little time to myself. I miss Niall ALOT I miss his kisses and hugs I miss his Irish goodnight and good mornings I miss every thing about him.

Niall's POV

Well it's been two months now iv had no communication with Terri the boys are running away with her. *vibrate* oh I got a text. "Hey" OMG it's Terri "oh my God Terri you don't know how much iv missed you I haven't seen you in like two months the boys keep taking you away." I say. "I know it's not fair! I love you soo much !! I'm gonna make a way so we can see each other at lunch at school." I smile "I love you too and I hope you find a way because I sure can't, Iv gotta go bye xx" I look at my phone waiting for a reply. "Bye x" I sigh.she's amazing and always finds a way to get her own way.

Louis' POV

I really miss Terri she was good company.

Terri's POV

I know Niall was thinking of my I choked on my chips it wasn't bad though I'm alright I texted him he was saying how much he missed me.(When you're eating and it goes down the wrong way and you have like a cough attack it means someone's thinking of you) wow I miss him he's amazing I miss every thing about him.

**Morning time**

"Terri can you go get the mail" Zayn asks while he makes us breakfast. "Yeh sure" I step out side and smell the morning breeze I step in what it seems to me a autumn leaf i mean it crunches like one.I look down it's a note saying...

"Why I love Terri

I love when she smiles it lights up my whole world.

I love when she laughs it fills the whole house with happiness

I love the crinkles by her eyes when she smiles

I love how she never wants to know how much she weighs

I love how she sounds on tape

I love Terri."

I get the mail while tears are coming down my cheeks. I walk into the house. "Why are you crying?" Zayn asks worried. I hand him the piece of paper. "Awh, who's it from?" He smiles. "That's what I haven't thought about..." I look at the hand writing it's Niall. I pull out my phone "I love you I'm crying right now." He replies back instantly. "Awh was it that good?" I smile to myself "yes, I still hate my voice on tape." I laugh. He replies back again. "Aha whatever you silly bum, I love you bye xx" I laugh at his funny text I'm a silly bum? Haha "well bye I love you to, Shakespeare" I laugh at my reply and lock my phone. I love my boyfriend he's amazing.

Zayns POV

That was an amazing poem what a Shakespeare haha i'm only joking Niall is good at writing poems though.

Niall's POV

Wow she actually liked my poem and I'm Shakespeare!!!!

Terri's POV

Well this day has had a great start I think this day will be amazing seeing I only have 5 days left with Zayn. "Do you think it's alright if I wag school with Niall today?"

"Yeh sure do what ever you want." I hug him. "Thanks." I walk off to get ready I meet Niall at the shopping centre that's where we planned to meet up. "Hi Niall." I wave across the shopping centre.He waves back and we walk towards each other. "Hi, why did you wanna wag school today?" I look at the ground. "I don't like Liam he has a weird perve feeling to him and he acts like he's gonna rape me or try something on me." Niall kisses me on the cheek. "It's okay Liam's a good guy you need to watch out for Harry more than Liam." I continue look at the ground. "Yeh well I always go with my boobs and I know he's gonna rape me." He looks at me like what. "What do you mean your boobs." I laugh "well my boobs know when someone is a bad person and I know Liam is."Niall hugs me. "Wow I wish I had boobs and He won't I promise." I smack his arm and laugh.He promises? How can he promise it's impossible to promise someone else won't do something especially when you're not there to watch. "Okay." We spend like the whole day at the shops and I get a text. "Can you stay at Niall's house for tonight I have to go to a party." I roll my eyes "okay thanks for not making me go." I wait for a reply. "Yep bye." I reply back "bye." I look at Niall. "Who was it?" I smile "well Zayn's going to a party and I need somewhere to stay." Niall laughs "who are you planning on staying with" I roll my eyes playfully. "My boyfriend" I ruffle his hair and start to walk off. "who's this boyfriend?" Niall smirks "some guy his names Niall you wouldn't know him." He smirks again "well I'm sure this Niall guys pretty attractive." I smack his arm. "Oh whatever!" I say playfully. "Well do you wanna go home?" I nod.We get into his car and laugh randomly. "Iv had a great day with you."

"same" once we get home, yep I call his house home he said after I leave Harry I can move in with him I know I'm in grade 10 but my family are horrible my Dads in jail my mums an alcoholic and I have no siblings. So I'm leaving them. Anyway I had an

amazing day with Niall I love him forever and I know we are gonna have little Niall and Terri's haha.it comes night time and it's 9PM Niall walks in with my tea. "Oh you remembered!" We laugh. "Yep I started making my self tea every night because I missed making it haha."


"Haha whatever! Soo you liked my poem?" I look at him. "Yes that was just I don't even know,it was amazing!" He hugs me and hands me my tea. "I'll be right back!" I nod and sip my tea. He comes back in. "Terri?" I look at him. "Yes?" I concentrate on my tea. "look at me." I look up and see Niall with gel in his hair, a suit and an open ring box with a ring. My eyes widen. He smiles "Terri, that day I asked you to be my girlfriend was the best question Iv ever asked someone.I love every thing about you I love every hair on your head. Do you know why I fell for you?" I look at him. "Why did you fall for me?" He starts singing

"because your hand fits in mine like it was made just for me but bare this in mind it was meant to be and I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sense to me." He continues singing his wonderful song once he's finished he says. "Terri I want to spend the rest of my life with you I want to be one of those old couples that live together and look back in photo albums to see all the photos of our grown up Terri and Niall's. Will you marry me?" I look at him and start crying with tears of joy. "Of course I'll marry you!" He hugs me. "Thank you!! We can get married once we graduate." We walk into the kitchen and there's every one of our friends standing there, Maura, Bobby, my friends, Harry, Liam,Zayn,Louis and some caterers we must be having a party. Maura runs up to me. "AHHH!! You're my future daughter in law!!!!! I love you." She hugs me. "You're my future mother in law, I love you too!" We squeal for a little while. Then we get on with the wedding party well I don't know what to call it. So that's what Zayn meant by going to a party haha it's been me and Niall's party all along! I walk up to Zayn and we start talking and stuff. Niall walks up. "Hey Niall you can keep your fiancé for the last 4 days." He nods. "Thanks!" He hugs Zayn so do I and me and Niall continue talking with Zayn.

It's been 4 days and I'm going with Liam now....

Liam's POV

Well I picked up Terri from Zayn's house now we are sitting on my bed I have a few things planned.

Terri's POV

This is soo scary he keeps looking at me funny. "Terri?" Oh shit. "Yes?" He looks down. "Do you wanna be my girlfriend?" I look at him like WTF! "IV BEEN HERE FOR LIKE 5 MINUTES!" He looks up and raises an eyebrow. "Terri?" I look at him gosh put your damn eyebrow down. "WHAT?" I roll my eyes. "I wanna kiss you." I squint at him. "No" I shout. How could he do this to Niall! "I wanna be your last kiss." I look at him. "What?" He pulls out a knife. "I'll be your last kiss." I scream and struggle trying to get our of his grip. "Now for screaming you have to have sex with me or you get it." He holds up the knife. Well I guess I have to "okay let me take off my clothes." I stand up and run to the front door just as I get there I see him like 5 centimetres away from me I scream and run I get to his mail box I pull out my phone and call Louis. While I'm running I talk. "LOUIS PICK ME UP IM ON LIAMS STREET NOW!!!" And I hang up and I continue running I can't get off this street Louis won't be able to find me. I have to I run down a street and keep track of were I'm going and I knock on this random door. They answer it. "Please let me in I'm being chased by a psyco!" This kind looking lady opens the door I have tears running down my face. "Come in darling." She gestures me to come in. "What's wrong?" I look at her "I was being chased by this psychopath in broad daylight." She nods "sit here for a second." I sit. I call Louis on the phone and I tell him about where I am. He arrives in less than a minute with a knock on the door the lady opens it. "Umm someone by the name Louis is here to see you" she says from the front door. "Wait don't let him in yet ask him what happened with his sister and then you can let him in when I say." I sound a bit demanding but it could be Liam pretending to be Louis. The lady came in and told me about how his sister hit his head and he accidentally kissed me. "Okay tell him to come here." He nods and is about to walk off when I grab her hand. She looks at me. "Thank you." She smiles at me. "For what." I smile back. "For opening the door and letting me in I would have been killed if you didn't." She smiles and makes a serious face "I'm " , where have I herd that name before "I'll go get your boyfriend at the door okay"

"LIAMS MUM!! You're Liam's mum!" She turns around. "Yes?" I stand up. "He was the psychopath chasing me with a knife!" She looks at me "I'll go get your boyfriend and we'll talk." She walks in and she sits down and tell Louis he can sit down. me and Louis take a seat. "Louis, this is Liam's mum." She nods. "So let me get this straight Liam was chasing you with a knife?" I nod "well yes there was this school thing where I had to stay with him for a month and I only got to his house at 4 and I was sitting on the bed and he asked me to be his girlfriend.I said no.He said he wants to be my last kiss and I looked at him funny and he holds up the knife and I get out of his grip and run to the door and run to a random house." His mum just looks at me with her mouth opened. "Why is he even living alone?" Louis asks. "Well we were having.. Problems." Me and Louis look at her puzzled. "What kinda problems?" She looks down. "Well Liam threatened me with a knife because he wanted to live alone so I just moved 2 streets down.Then he drove he father out of the picture by beating him up and yeh he's torn our family apart." I walk up to her and hug her. "That's Terrible he's gone crazy.Look we gotta go iv gotta tell my fiancé about this.But here take my number and call me tomorrow okay, thank you again." She nods we exchange numbers and me and Louis go into his car. "Wow I can't believe Liam." Louis says shaking. "I know, I don't mean to be a know it all but I TOLD YOU MY BOOBS KNOW!!" He looks at me. "Yeh I'm sorry okay!" I laugh "don't worry you redeemed your self." We laugh. "Well here we are, Niall's house." I walk in I have the key. Oww my arm hurts. WOW WOW WOW I have a deep cut near my shoulder haha it not even bleeding what the fuck.

Annie's POV

Well I was going out with Marcel for a while and then I dumped him I only just realised that I love him. So I'm going to drive to his house. I knock on his door and Marcel answers. "What do you want?" I look at the ground. "Look Marcel I was so stupid for letting you go and I know you're still the one, you might have moved on but Marcel you should know I know you're still the one." He looks at me. "You weren't stupid,I'm only a disgusting nerd..." I look at him sympathetically. "You're not a disgusting nerd, I'm sorry for calling you names.I love you." He puts on an angry face. "You don't love me and I don't love you! All you do is mope around wanting to be Terri or someone else but nobody compares to you." I feel tears burning my eyes my heart ripped into two he said he doesn't love me."okay it was worth a try" I whisper and walk off. "Annie!" I hear him call but I continue walking.He holds my shoulder I stop and stand with my back facing him. "I love you too." He turns me around and kisses me for 5 seconds. I cry "thank you." He looks at me. "why?" I smile "you told me that nobody compares to me that's amazing" he smiles.

Terri's POV

"I'll call Niall okay I'm really sorry I should have listened." I just nod and look at the floor. I was right about Liam I guess I should go with my boobs more haha! Niall comes rushing in. "TERRI! I'm soo sorry I should has listened to your boobs!" I laugh and make a serious face. "It's okay." Then I hear a scream come from the other room it's not a woman's scream though and Liam runs in. "Every body stop what you're doing, stand up and put your hands up!" We do what we're told because he has a gun, I feel tears coming down my face why is this happening to me I just want to have a normal life first I don't have proper parents and now I getting threatened with a gun. "Okay here's the deal I won't kill Niall if you stay with me forever and I will shoot him if you don't pick me." I lower my arms. "KEEP THEM UP!" Why do I have to chose.This soo fucked up. "Don't kill Niall, I'll stay with you." I close my eyes. "NO JUST SHOOT ME, it's okay Terri we're only yr10 you can start a life with someone else and have children with another guy." How could he even say that to me? "NO! I want to be with you forever! if you kill him you kill me as well." Niall looks at me. "No you can't die!" I cry harder. "WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME CHOSE YOU'RE SO FUCKING TERRIBLE!" I shout at Liam. "FUCK YOU, WHORE." I see 3 shadows come up behind him. "Drop the gun Payne." 3 boys point their guns at Liam. OMG it's Harry,Zayn and Louis! They have guns? "How about no!" He shoots Harry in the arm."HARRYYYYYYYY!" Louis screeches. Haha did I mention me and boys came up with Larry Stylinson because they are such good friends with each other.My best friend possibly got murdered in front of me. "TAKE HIM TO A HOSPITAL!" I shout at the top of my lungs. Zayn half picks up Harry and hurries out with him. Louis holds up his gun Liam holds up his. "So it's just me and you Payne" Louis shouts and slightly moves his head to the right to say go right.We could move because Liam had his back turned to me and Niall. Me and Niall slowly move out to the right. "OY!" Me and Niall stop. Shit how did Liam see us he wasn't even facing us! I lower my head. "I think we're gonna die here." I say trying not to move my lips or teeth. "At least we die together." He also says trying not I move his lips and teeth. Wow I think I'm gonna die right here with Niall. I guess we were meant to die together....


What the fuck is Liam thinking? "What is wrong with you are you on drugs?" Liam's eye twitches. "No I just want Terri to be my sex buddy forever." I think, hmm I have an idea. "Okay you can kill me if you let Niall and Terri go. I want them to go and live a life together and die when they are at least 75+" he shakes his head as in no. "Terri come here." He shouts. Terri walks over and looks back at Niall. Liam pulls out a knife and stabs her in the leg. "OY, no one hurts Terri EVER!" Niall shouts at Liam while Terri is on the floor screaming in pain.Niall runs up to Terri. "Terri!" Liam stares at Niall. "Get up or I'll shoot you." Niall stands up. "You hurt Terri." He pounces at Liam and Liam's lying on the floor with Niall on top of him. "The only time Terri can be in pain is when she's giving birth to me and her child!" Liam pushes him. "You won't have children with her if you're dead!" I roll my eyes. "Okay every one stop."

Every one stops Liam also stops and points the gun at my head. "Alright Liam if you do get Terri do you think he will be the same person you fell in love with? Do you think she will ever love you like she loves Niall? Do you think she will have children with you and be happy? because I sure don't you're a horrible person I don't even know how you could do this to Niall you guys were like best friends!" Terri interrupts with. "Yeh what Louis is saying is right Niall stuck up for you when I asked if you were nice he said you were a good guy so did the other boys including Louis. I don't think it will ever happen between us but ..." She blacks out. "To much blood left her we need to get her to a hospital!" Me and Niall start to pick her up. "No! Put her on the couch she's not going any where!" Niall looks at him with hatred. "You're a horrible person she's on the verge of... Dying" he struggled on the word 'dying' he really loves Terri and if it means I get killed for their love so be it I'll die for Niall and I'll die for Terri I love them both, you know In a friend way. "Listen just let us take her to the hospital you can come!"

"No!" He's acting like a 3yr old not wanting to eat his food.I just wanna kill him!! "PLEASE!" Niall shouts as tears freely flow down his cheeks. "I'm gonna get help" I whisper to Niall. I sprint out of the house before Liam can catch me.

Liam's POV

Who should I go and chase should I stay with my love and her dick head of a fiancé or should I go run after Louis the one who is trying to obviously get help? I shoot Niall in the foot so he can't go any where and I run out the door to catch Louis.

Louis' POV

I feel scared right now but I have to be brave Niall and Terri are counting on me I hear a faint gun shoot once. Liam must've shot someone. Okay I'm calling the police. Once I do they pick me and walk in to my house where Niall, Liam and Terri are. "Drop that gun or we shoot" one of the cops shout at Liam. "Niall you go take Terri to hospital." He doesn't move. "why aren't you moving get up." Niall Shakes his head. "I can't he shot my foot"

"okay, can you take him down to the station I need to take these two to the hospital?" The police nod and continue to shout at Liam to drop the gun. We are about half way to the hospital when Terri shoots up and freaks out. "HARRY.." She falls back down and closes her eyes. "She must've remembered about Harry getting shot in the arm!" I say sadly. "Yeh, we need to hurry up and get to hospital though." I nod and speed up. We get to he hospital and run to the front desk and tell them it's an emergency. "We need a room, Terri was stabbed in the leg." She nods and looks up at Niall who is struggling to walk. "What happened to this young man?" Niall gives her a glare. "Just give Terri a room she's bleeding I will be alright I only got shot in the foot." The lady types on her computer. All these doctors snatch Terri out of my arms and put her on a bed and run off with her and go into a room. I look at Niall and he looks at me. A doctor comes in. "Are you boys with Terri?" We nod. "She might not survive there's a 40% chance and it's not good." A tear rolls down Niall's cheek. "She will survive I know it, Terri's a fighter." The doctor looks down. "OH MY! What happened to your foot?"

"I got shot in the foot." She makes Niall stand up and she takes him to a room.Now I'm left alone.

Niall's POV

I feel hurt inside I don't care about my damn foot! "This is serious who ever shot you stopped your blood circulation you left it to long you need to be treated or your foot will have to be cut off." All these doctors come in and take me to a treatment room. They give me this weird stuff that makes me fall asleep.

Doctors POV

I'm treating Terri she's not gonna make it though she bled to death.

Other doctors POV

Iv just received news that Terri won't make it neither will Niall.

Niall's POV

I feel soo cold I can see my self on the hospital bed what's happening! Am I dead.... I'm walking through these busy hall ways. "Hello! Can any one hear me?" It's like I'm invisible or something I look through every window until I reach Terri's she is laying there peacefully, but she's all white! "Boo!" I feel somebody touch my shoulders. "Terri, are we dead?" She nods. "I'm afraid so but we did it!" I look at her weirdly. "Did what?" She smiles "we might not of died together but we still died at the same time!" She reaches in to kiss me she's half a centimetre away from my face when she disappears I look in to her window again.her lifeless body comes back alive and she sits up. "Niall!" She screams, I walk into her room and play with her hair although she can't feel it I know she knows that I'm with her. "I love you" I whisper. She doesn't respond because she can't hear me either. This is what it feels like to be dead? Alone, miserable, depressed and missing out! I close my eyes and sit on the cold floor. I cry for a moment and open my eyes and here I am on the hospital bed alive , breathing and visible. Doctors start rushing up to me and doing their doctors stuff and checking computers and those weird machine things. "TERRI! Bring me to Terri!" One of the doctors walk up to me. "Terri has passed away." I cry. "No go check on her I swear I just saw her alive I was dead for like 5 minutes both of us were and she disappeared and woke up!" The doctor nods and walks out. 2 minutes later he comes back in. "I suppose you're right!" I smile "can I see her?"

"Yes, right after we put your cast on okay?" I nod. Well me and Terri survived getting shot and stabbed. I wonder how Hazza is.

Harry's POV

Well I got shot in the arm by my old best friend Liam. "HARRY!" Louis squealed as he walked into my hospital room. "LOUIE!" I also squeal. "How are you?"

"I'm great my arm hurts and stuff but I'm fine, what happened with Terri and Niall?" I ask. "Well once you left Terri got stabbed in the leg and Niall got shot in the foot and the cops caught Liam but I don't know what happened I guess we'll find out when we all get to go home." Wow Niall got shot in the foot and Terri got stabbed in the leg and they survived...err I think.

**two days have passed**

Niall's POV

They said I could see Terri two days ago but I couldn't they wouldn't let me but today me, Harry and Terri are gonna meet at my house because we are getting let out of the hospital well right now yay!

**20 minutes later**

Well I'm home now cuddling up to my darling and talking to her about how we saw each other when we died and came back to life while we wait for Harry,Zayn and Louis to come. Knock knock. I answer the door and it's the boys they all come in and sit on the couches. "Well that was a terrible week.." We all agree. "Yep it was I nearly got raped, I got chased with a knife, I got stabbed with a knife, Niall got shot in the foot, Harry got shot in the arm, me and Niall died and then came back to life." Terri says and breaks into a fit of laughter. "What are you laughing at those are all terrible things!" Louis growls at Terri. "Sorry it's soo funny because I didn't know so much shit could happen in like 3 days!" We all laugh. Well I'm happy with life right now I have an amazing fiancé, great friends, awesome family and no stupid Liam.

Okay guys first things first the auction is my favourite fan fiction ever and I sorta based it on that like with the modelling show instead of a sex auction it was a modelling show. Well this fanfiction was sorta like the Slave auction.do any ways that actually took me a while to write but now there it is. I'm making a sequel to this book as well. Also I notices about 50 people reading my 'he left for Ireland' fanfiction should I keep it and update it or should I scrap it and delete it? Comment on 'he left for Ireland' keep of scrap!! Be honest. Also once you read this book comment on what you think the sequel should have in it!

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