A show stopping performance by Inua Ellams

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  • Published: 27 Nov 2013
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Inua Ellams, a great actor.


1. A show stopping performance by Inua Ellams of The 14th Tale

A show stopping performance by Inua Ellams of The 14th Tale

I had witnessed a mind blowing performance by Inua Ellams, a great role model to many people, both as a poet and as an actor. Generally, I thought the play was well formed and structured.

I really liked the way he had acted many people. There were many characters he had acted and I lost count. The characters that I vaguely remember; His dad and Inua himself, are very much printed in my head. Many plays use lots of different actors or actress to play each role, but Inua played every character by himself.

Inua was very comedic in this play, which made me laugh a lot. I especially liked the part where he urinated against the wall along with some sound affects he had made. I would describe the language that he used as very mature. Inua cleverly used his accents to symbolise the different countries. But, it did have its downs; I could not understand some words that he said because of his accent.

At first, when I entered the Boyd Campbell Hall, I thought the music was very upbeat and enjoyable but sadly the same music was used to often to my liking. The lighting was splendid and was used very well to create the mood of each scene in the play. What I also thought that different backgrounds could be used for each scene.

Understandably, the costume was the same throughout the whole play as he had to act out every character, but, I do think he could of at least used props to help us understand and picture the scene.

I am particularly keen on the structure of the play as it shows flashbacks and the past. It is like starting from the end, go back to the beginning (flashback) and finishing at the end. Personally, I think this is the most effective way of acting the story.

The main idea is that, when Inua is in hospital, people think it’s blood, but it’s just paint which is symbolised to us as blood or has connotations of death and how his dad had got up to very mischievous things.

Overall, I thought this was a decent play by Inua Ellams. The language, character and overall structure were very effective in this play. I would give this play 4* as there was room for improvement and I would definitely encourage Inua to write more plays...

By Milz07

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