Hate It When People Do This

Hate it when people do things!!!!!!!!!


9. The Reason I'm Annoyed- Part One

Hi, this is all about why I am annoyed at this person who I keep mentioning all the time. Well we met and everything was going fine. But everyone in school warned me about him. I didn't listen to them so one day he came over to my house. Him and his brother. They were so bad. They played tug of war with my iPad and they dropped food everywhere and his brother is so rude and has no values. He kept pestering me about chocolate. Who does that at someone else's flipping house????? They cam over again and they kept making fun of me and saying things which I don't like. They were so rude. I stopped talking to him until the summer holidays. 

So one day I went to his house and everything was going fine but then I found out something so rude about him. He spread a horrible rumor which when I cry every time I hear this. I can't tell you and I am a confident person but I still can't tell the viewers. We still became friends. But he was still very rude to me, everytime being so rude and offensive and boasting if he gets a good mark which is soooo rude.


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