Minecraft world of two friends

Two boys having fun in a new world. This is made by me i am a 12 years old boy, in a danish school


3. Powers WHAT

”Mads I will take a look at it” “Okay thanks Mathias” (arrararrraaana) “Mathias?.... are you there” “ahhhhhhh HELP ME!!” “MATHIAS!!...... Where are you Mathias!!?” MADS YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE.. “ who are you” I CAN TELL YOU BUT I CAN  TELL YOU, YOU CAN SAVE THE WORLD, BECAUSE IS YOUR DESTINY “Why me” YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO DARES TO GO ON ADVENTURE IN THE DARKEST FOREST, YOU HAVE STRENGTH , BUT YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW ITS WORK “No I need to save my friend he is the best friend I have to help and I will not let him die” BUT MADS YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW ITS WORKS FIRST “NO , what I’m need to is save my friend from the zombies and I don’t have time for this” BUT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU POW….. “Stop I don’t have time, bye” (15 minutes later) “arhh, No I have lost him, I have to run. i have runed so long but can’t find him” [I think I will run back]

(5 minutes later) “NO!! I can’t get back I can do anything” (arararrraana) “ARHHH!!!!! God dammit!!!!! (FRUHHOW) (frdeddsred) “


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