Damon has been trapped in the earth for hundreds of years, now he's out, he's looking for his trappers descendant and the sweetness of revenge.
Then he meets Arella.
And it all goes to hell...


9. Late

I heaved myself out of bed with a heavy sigh and immediately slipped on my headphones. I struggled into jeans and a top as I danced unashamedly to a song I had downloaded just the other day.

Monster sat in the corner, watching me with something that was close to derision, and I gave him a stroke as I passed.

Not being a big breakfast person, I forced myself to grab a cereal bar and walked out the door, headphones still over my ears, psyching me up for the long school day ahead.

A motorbike growled nearby, loud enough to be heard over my deafening music.

I moved closer to the bushes on my left, away from the road.

It growled again, accompanied by irritated car honking.

I turned, planning to glare at the idiot when my heart and stomach seemed to try to turn inside out.


He smiled, using his feet to move the bike along beside me, cars angrily moving around him to carry on their journey.

  “Hey, Red.” He grinned.

  “Arella.” I corrected, turning off my iPod and looping my headphones around my neck. I cast the busy mums on the school run behind him an apologetic look

  “Want a lift?”

  “Ha!” I looked pointedly at the sleek, black beast that emitted a growling purr from between his legs. “No thanks, I quite enjoy having my limbs attached to me.”

  “Twenty to.” He called as I attempted to walk on.


His grin grew and he pushed back the hood of his dark jacket.

For a moment I thought I saw long, flowing black hair that pooled like spilt ink around him before I blinked and it was replaced by his black, curling hair. Thick and soft looking.

  “The time. Now, I know I'm new, but I'm aware school starts at quarter to. Right?”

I nodded, my mind still a little disarrayed.

 “I'm going to estimate that you have a twenty minute walk left. This,” he revved the bike, making my heart jump. “Can get you there only a few minutes late.”

Sliding my phone out of my pocket I saw he was right.

No way could I complete twenty minutes worth of walking in five.

I sighed, rubbing my head.

I had a feeling I’d regret this.


His smile and those melted mahogany eyes only confirmed that feeling.

I sat as far away from him as possible, holding onto his leather jacket with the tips of my fingers, well aware neither of us wore a helmet.

  “Please tell me you have a licence for this thing?”

Damon chuckled, a deep noise that did weird things to me.

  “Would you believe me if I told you I left it at home?”

  “No. I don’t believe a word you say.”

He laughed and shot forwards on the bike, stopping sharply, forcing me closer to him.

  “Jerk.” I muttered before we went hurtling down the road, Damon’s laugh echoing behind us.

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