Damon has been trapped in the earth for hundreds of years, now he's out, he's looking for his trappers descendant and the sweetness of revenge.
Then he meets Arella.
And it all goes to hell...


15. Fire

Suddenly, the bells started to wail.

Miss. Slone looked around in surprise before throwing wide eyes at us.

  “Okay, everyone calmly leave the building and line up on the field.”

Ignoring her protests, we shoved our things in our bags, moaning about whatever idiot year nine had set off the alarm again.

That’s when I smelt smoke.

And all the joking stopped.

We joined the torrent of students scrabbling to get out of the building, the smell of smoke fuelling the frenzy. I was dimly aware of Corbett grabbing my hand but otherwise I was focused on the clear sky peeking through the open door ahead of us.

My ribs were bruised and crushed as several people tried to get themselves through the door at once but Corbett, tall and intimidating, soon got us through and then we were fast pacing it to the field.

During a fire bell, it was school policy for everyone to line up in their tutor groups and be registered but a look at our line told me that Brenna wasn’t there.

  “What did Brenna have?” I asked Corbett, a sinking feeling in my chest.

  “English? Why..?” he trailed off as we both spotted people we recognised as being from her English class.

Without a word, we both turned and ran back towards the fire.




My hand in its true form, I molded fire like a human child might manipulate play dough. Forming flaming balls that I threw back into the fire when I was done.

I sighed heavily and watched the fire roar up to engulf the oxygen.

This just made me miss home.

Not enough to return though.

Then I heard coughing.

I turned to see who was my latest victim and watched the shadowy figure stumble through the smoke and flames.

She looked familiar, tall with black hair. Breathing in I caught the unmistakable scent that lay dormant in females of her kind.

Bethany? Brianna?


Red’s friend.


I shift from my sitting position into a crouch, watching through red tinged eyes as she collapses against a wall, great, desperate, hacking coughs tearing out of her throat.

She falls to the floor.

She’s unconscious as I move to stand over her, slowly letting my skin turn human and cool.

Did I add her to the list of people I’d killed?

Or did I save Arella’s friend?

Be myself?

Or someone I wanted to be?


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