Damon has been trapped in the earth for hundreds of years, now he's out, he's looking for his trappers descendant and the sweetness of revenge.
Then he meets Arella.
And it all goes to hell...


7. Awkward

The drive back was quiet.

Quieter than usual.

Brenna was still listening to her iPod but usually Corbett would start some kind of conversation.

He sat silently behind the wheel, some unidentifiable look leaking out from behind his careful façade.

I unbuckled my seatbelt as we pulled up outside my house and opened my mouth to say goodbye when I noticed Corbett slipping out the car too.

My eyes met Brenna’s in the rear-view mirror.

Be nice. She mouthed.

I had a bad feeling about this.

Steeling my nerves, I slipped out and gave Corbett my best actress smile before opening my front door.

  “Want a drink or something?” I asked, straining to sound nonchalant.

Corbett shook his head, leaning against the kitchen door frame.

I hoisted myself up so I sat on the kitchen counter, dimly aware my cat was scratching at the back door. It was made of glass so we couldn’t fit a cat flap. 

  “What’s wrong Corbett?” I said with another smile.

He walked over, coming to stand uncomfortably close, his hip bones digging into my knees.

I know. We often had to make out in front of a camera, but that was different. That was switching your brain off and going onto auto-pilot. Like following a routine, sometimes you looked around and realised you’d gone through it all without any real memory of doing it. Most of the time, when we played it back, I’d watch myself touch his hair or loop my arms around his neck and feel…strange. It was like watching yourself sleep walk.

This, whatever this was, wasn’t good.

  “Arella,” he sighed, resting his hot hands on my knees.

I resisted the urge to shift uncomfortably.

  “What’s wrong Corbett?” I asked again, not knowing what else to say.

   “I like you.” He blurted. “A lot.”


  “Um….since when?”       

  “I dont know. Don’t answer now!” he cried, covering my mouth as I opened it to kindly and awkwardly let him down. “Just…sleep on it.”   

I nodded, wishing he would stop touching my mouth.   

He nodded, that same unidentifiable look seeping out of his mask.

  “I’ll see you tomorrow.”         


The door shut.

I groaned loudly, slamming my head against the cabinet behind me.

Well tomorrow would be eventful.

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