My New Town

Tia has just finished her final year of high school and she is ready to start her life and adventures somewhere else! When her family friend Justin let's her rent a apartment in the Tropics, she can't think anywhere else better to go. If you want to found out what adventures she goes on read the novel :)

It's a working progress, hope you like it, still more to come :)


3. New Day and New Job

Justin's POV

"I am so happy Tia has moved here. Our families have been friend for a long time, even though I am about 14 years older than her, We always seem to get along. She has always been open to me about everything's, her feelings, Her likes and dislikes. She is a lovely girl and for a 18 year old she is every mature".

Tia's POV

The next day I was sitting out side in the courtyard where everyone in the area has parties and other gathering things and I see this absolute stunning girl. She is tall and thin with brown hair. "Hi I am Eleanor. Are you new here?", she asked me. "Hi I am Tia and yes I am, I just moved here two days ago", "That's wonderful, it's good to have another girl around the place". I was a bit confused cause I haven't really met anyone besides Justin here. "Oh?, what other girls are here?" I asked. "There're are another two girls that I am friends with, everyone else is to old here haha", she laughed. I just smiled. "Oh no I've got to go, I am meeting my boyfriend for lunch but it was nice meeting you Tia. We will have to catch up soon and I'll will introduce you to the others", she hugged me and left before I could say anything. "She was nice" I thought to myself and continued what I was doing.


It was almost time for me to start work, I was really nervous. I hadn't met any of the other staff yet. When I arrived Liam was waiting for me at the front of the restaurant. It looked so different at night with all the beautiful lights then it did during the daytime. There were little booths with black tables and chairs and different coloured lights hanging over each table. The walls were also black. Everything seemed to match and the mood of the place felt so romantic. "Tia this is Harry, he is the chief" Liam said while looking at Harry, "and the best one ever" Harry said complimenting himself while shaking my hand. I just laughed and said hello. Liam took me over to where I was going to be working. It also was amazing. We had to walk through the restaurant, past the guest toilets and out side to another little area. There were palm trees around the outdoor bar, but seemed to somehow keep everything dry. There was a big dance floor and couches were people would sit and mingle and there was also a DJ area, so I am guessing there is a person who is the DJ. The bar was huge. A big mirror, with rows of shelving with alcohol mixes and drinks. It was my dream bar.!

It was 12:30 and I was tired. I had learnt so much stuff. My brain feels like it's going to explode. "Good Job Tia" Liam said to me complimenting my hard work. "You can have the night off tomorrow and come and join in the fun here tomorrow night, bring Justin and anyone else with you, it will be a great night". I was relieved that I could spend my first Saturday night not working and it can give me a chance to meet some people. "Thanks so much Liam, I had a wonderful first night, I will be looking forward to the next shift".

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