My New Town

Tia has just finished her final year of high school and she is ready to start her life and adventures somewhere else! When her family friend Justin let's her rent a apartment in the Tropics, she can't think anywhere else better to go. If you want to found out what adventures she goes on read the novel :)

It's a working progress, hope you like it, still more to come :)


2. Job Search

Tia's POV

I have just settled in and I am now ready to look for a job. I know what sort of job I want, so I asked Justin if he knew any good places to work. I told him how I wanted to be a bar tender, he said he knew this guy who owned the restaurant down the Main Street and he said he would set me up an interview with him.

The next day, Justin came to my apartment and said I had an interview at 1:00pm today. I thank him for all that he has done for me.

The morning past and I was ready for my interview. Justin told me that it wasn't hard to find. So I looked for a place called 1D. When I arrived at the restaurant, I walked in to see a man sitting at a table and he seemed to be doing paper work. So I decided to approach him, "Umm excuse me, I was looking for the owner of this place", I said, "yes that is me and who might you be?", " I am Tia and I am looking to apply for a job here", "Ah you must be Justin's new friend, I have been expecting you" he said. "Have a seat over there and I'll be with you in a minute". So I waited patently until he came over to start the interview. "Hi, My name is Liam Payne and I am the owner and manager of this place and I am the boss here and there are many rules you will have to know before working here" he went on. After about 5 minutes of listening to him talk about everything that happens here I managed to get everything down. He asked me a few questions like, "What qualifications Do you have and why Do you want to be a bartender", I replied by saying things like, "I have completed my RSA (responsible Serving of Alcohol) and have work in the local pub for 12 months", I also said that "I enjoyed making different kinds of cocktails and other drinks and enjoy socialising with the customers and making them happy". He seemed to be impressed, the fact that I was like the only one who applied for the job. He said "You have got the job, you start tomorrow night at 7:00pm and to wear all black, no nail polish or jewellery only earrings". I smiled and thanked him for the job.

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