My New Town

Tia has just finished her final year of high school and she is ready to start her life and adventures somewhere else! When her family friend Justin let's her rent a apartment in the Tropics, she can't think anywhere else better to go. If you want to found out what adventures she goes on read the novel :)

It's a working progress, hope you like it, still more to come :)


4. Great and Meet

Eleanor's POV

"Hey Gals, do you you want to go out to 1D tonight?", "yeah sure, sound fun!", "great, I'm gonna bring a friend is that ok?", I asked. "yeah sure, but you have a boyfriend", the other girls joke. I laugh and leave the room to go see Tia.

Tia's POV

"Ah time for a nice Saturday morning work along the beach", I think to my self. When I walk out the door of my apartment. I see Eleanor standing out the front. "Hey Tia", she says jumping towards me in excitement. I laugh and say "hey, what you up to?", "I was just wondering if you were doing anything tonight?" "Na I'm just heading out 1D tonight with Justin, whys that?" I asked. "Perfect, you two can join us and you can meet the other two gals". I smiled and nodded in excitement, "sounds great" I said, then headed off on my walk.

On my walk, I was thinking all about how being here has been great so far, Justin is so nice and so is Eleanor. I am really looking forward to going out tonight and meeting the other girls and seeing Liam again at work and tasting Curly's famous dishes, (that's what I call Harry, he doesn't know I call him that I made it up when I first met him and saw his curly hair). I was also hoping to find someone special tonight. I have never had a boyfriend or been in a relationship before. I have been waiting for someone who likes me and who will love me for all my flaws.

*Later that night* "Hey Tia are you ready?", I hear a knock on the door, " coming" I yell while I quickly brush my teeth and grab my purse and phone and apply some perfume. I grab my keys and open the door to see Justin waiting out side. We're meeting the girls at the bar. So we start heading off...

Justin's POV

Wow Tia looked amazing when she opened that door, I was speechless, she so beautiful. I really hope she finds someone good enough for her.

Tia's POV

We arrived at the bar and nek minute we hear Eleanor yell across the room to catch our attention, well it worked, cause it had everyone's attention even the guy on stage who was performing was staring. Classic! We grabbed our drinks and headed over to the others. "Hey El" I say hugging her, "Hey Tia, glad you two could make it. I liked you to meet Sophia "she said with a big smile on her face. "And this is Zayn and that's Louis up on stage. Louis and I are dating and Zayn's girlfriend is on tour with her band and of cause you already know Liam and Harry". I smiled and said hello to everyone. I sat in between Liam and Harry. After Louis finished his act (which was really funny) he came over and joined us. He gave El a little kiss on the forehead and sat next to her. "Well hello cutie, what's your name?" He said with a little smirk. "This is Tia" Liam said looking at me. "Hi Tia I'm Louis, nice to meet you" he said to me while shaking my hand. "Hi nice to meet you too Louis" I said with a smile. We all started talking about Louis's performance and other things.

A little while later I heard Sophia asked when someone else was coming, I couldn't hear what their name was so I whispered to Harry asking him who it was that Sophia was talking about. "That's Niall, he is Irish" Harry said " and totally single" Justin whispered to me with Harry overhearing and laughing about it. "Shut up Curly" I say to him. "Curly?, why curly?" He asked "cause you have curly hair, dah" I laughed. By that time he had arrived and everyone was looking at me. "Tia this is Niall" Lou introducing me to him. "Hi I'm Tia, nice to meet you" I blush a little and looking him in the eyes. "Hi" he says in a shy Irish voice. "I'm Niall and you must be Tia. I've heard a lot about you". He's heard a lot about me? How?

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