My New Town

Tia has just finished her final year of high school and she is ready to start her life and adventures somewhere else! When her family friend Justin let's her rent a apartment in the Tropics, she can't think anywhere else better to go. If you want to found out what adventures she goes on read the novel :)

It's a working progress, hope you like it, still more to come :)


1. Arriving

Tia's POV

I got off the plane and made my way through all the people to collect my bags, then went to my car that I had hired for the long period that I was staying here and drove another hour or two until I arrived to my beautiful tropical apartment!

"Hello and welcome to your new home" a man said to me as I hopped out of the car. "My name is Justin". He helped me with my things and showed me to my new place. There were other apartments around the area, but they weren't close to were I was staying. We all had our own little front and back yards and balcony for the up stairs bedroom. My apartment was a two bedroom place, with the master bedroom having an on-suite and both rooms having a walk in wardrobe.

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