Journalist Adventure

Sam is a 17 year old journalist.
Her boss has given her the opportunity, to travel around in South America, to find out what has happen to one of her co-workers, who got killed.
But also to find out what story he was working on.
Of course she's exited, but this journey us not what she pictured it would be.
She meets a lot of new friends, but also enemies, and maybe true love, on her way to success...

Hope you like it, and enjoy!:D


6. The secret meeting 2.

I could tell on the look, on Mark and Thomas' faces, that where as surprised as I where.

Honestly. Was I Samantha Wendy Hawkins, gonna travel with that scumbag, Mark?!

Incredible! And that's not all, I am the only lady in this trip! If Thomas wasn't here, I would have mental breakdown!

Mr. Johnson kept going.

"Your plane will be boarding, tomorrow at 5 pm. You will have to bring your own passport, but we have paid for the tickets. All you guys need to do now, is to go home, take a bath, pack, not more than for three months, and go too sleep. Tomorrow you'll get all the heavy information. Any questions?"

Wauw. That was totally..... Wauw. I was really gonna be busy. What clothes should I wear? What shoes? Toothbrush? I need to call Angie!

"Sir I have a question."

"Yes Thomas?"

"Will we be playing any rolls? Like siblings, or something else? I mean considering the fact that this might get dangerous?"

"Why would you think that my boy?"

"Cuz this assignment sounds like it's quite undercover. Am I right sir?"

"Wauw. This boy is smart. What do you think Michael? Should we tell them?"

Wait. What? Are they hiding something? Oh great!

"Absolutely sir."

"Good. We have the CIA involved. But not much. All they think is, that our journalist came up with a great story. But they also think, that this story is a matter of national security."

We where all just looking at him like... This really sounded dangerous! I could feel the adrenalin in my body.

"You will have to play rolls. In fact, they are already done. You get three possibilities.

1. Get dressed as old people, traveling with there son from London, to Brazil on their birthday.

2. A couple traveling on a romantic vacation, and her brother are with them to meet his own girlfriend in Rio.

3. You travel as three friends. But that one will actually draw too much attention, so we'll just delete it.

That leaves you guys with option number 1. and 2. Start deciding."

As for myself, I would never do a boyfriend with Mark. But if that's what it takes, then yeah. Whatever.

Suddenly Mark came over. Still with a smirk on his face.

"What do you guys wanna do? Personally I don't see number one as an opportunity. Any of you do?"

I looked at Thomas, and realized that he was still holding my hand tight. As if he was nervous. As soon I looked at him, he removed his hand. He seemed embarrassed. But I thought it was okay. We where both so exited about listening, that we hadn't noticed it before.

"Do I get an answer?" Mark said.

"Oh yes. Sorry Mark." Thomas said. "I think we should do the number two too."

"But who is gonna be who?" I asked.

I saw an evil smirk on Marks face. I knew what that meant. So before Thomas could say anything, I grabbed his hand lightly, and looked at him with a help-me-or-I-will-die look on my face.

Then he spoke up.

"I think me and Sam should play the couple, and then Mark should play her brother."

"And why is that mr. Carter?" Michael asked.

"Sir. My skin is dark. There skin is light. If i was gonna be Sam's brother, wouldn't people look at us weirdly? Like how can a dark Latin American boy, be the brother if a "white" London girl?"

"Excuse me mr. Johnson, but I think Thomas have a point." Michael said.

"And I agree with you mr. Barker."

I looked at Thomas. I was relived!!! But not really. Wasn't this gonna be awkward? Maybe. But it's better than having Mark holding my hand. I left the office in peace. So silent that I almost forgot my bag. But before I walked back, Thomas came running down the hall with it.

"Here's your bag Sam."

"Thanks Thomas."

He just stood there awkwardly. Then he spoke up.

"Sooo.... I just wanna say that I don't wanna feel awkward about this assignment. Do you think we should set up any rules about our, fake relationship?"

"I was just thinking the same."

"Okay good. Uhm... Should we go sit in the cafeteria?"

"Okay." I said.

We went to the cafeteria, to make a list of rules. It didn't really take long. You know. We had our own opinion, but still it al ended up well. The list was this:

1. Always holding hands.

2. Only cheek kisses.

3. Hugging is okay.

4. Remember to always look in love.

5. If anybody starts flirting with you, the other one comes, and "saves" the partner.

6. No touching! Except the knees.

7. Holding around the waist, is okay.

8. Always stay together, except in the bathroom.

9. Darling, Honey, and Sweetie, are the only nicknames aloud.

10. If your in danger, do a real kiss. Only for emergencies.

I went home that day, with a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. Awkwardness? Gone!

I really need to call Angie about this one.

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