Journalist Adventure

Sam is a 17 year old journalist.
Her boss has given her the opportunity, to travel around in South America, to find out what has happen to one of her co-workers, who got killed.
But also to find out what story he was working on.
Of course she's exited, but this journey us not what she pictured it would be.
She meets a lot of new friends, but also enemies, and maybe true love, on her way to success...

Hope you like it, and enjoy!:D


1. Office work, sux!

Why are my coworkers such idiots? The only good thing about them is... Wait, there's nothing good!!!

It reminds me about high school. I dropped out a year before everyone else, just to be a traveling journalist. Instead, I became the servant of everybody else at my office.

Oh, sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Sam(Samantha) Hawkins, I'm 17 years old, and I have brown hair, brown eyes, colored skin, and curves. Not that I'm chubby or anything, but....


I dropped out of high school a year before everyone else, cuz I wanted to travel around the world. Specially South America. So I thought, why not become a journalist?! So I decided to become one. But it was far more boring than I first thought. My new boss, made me do the same things I did in high school. It was very disappointing.

So now, all I'm waiting for is mr. Barker to tell me that I can get my own assignment, and travel to South America. I think I've showed a lot if energy, and joy in my work. I'll do whatever it takes.

Back to the story.


"Yes mrs. Bates?!"

"Where's my coffee?!"

"I'm on my way!"

I wish that lady get choked in her coffee! She's the office secretary, and everybody hates her. They only like her, when she pokes on me. Typically office spirit!

"Here's your coffee mrs. Bates."

"That took some time Sam!"

"Yes mrs. Bates I'm sorry."

"Good. You should be!"

What a humiliating scene!

"Ms. Hawkins?! Can I have a word with you please?"

Oh my god! My boss wants to talk to me!

"Yes sir. I'll be with you in a moment."

Everybody looked at me. Kinda stalking feeling. It was not often the boss called somebody in. Rather you got fired, or you got a promotion. Mostly a promotion, but I think I'll get fired.

"Look at her. I hope she gets fired."

"Yeah me too."

"I hope she falls and embarrass herself."

With all those words, I walked into his office.

"Hello ms. Hawkins. Nice to see you."

"Thank you sir." That's what your boss usually says to you, when you're about to get fired! Shoot!!

"You're probably wondering why you are sitting here."

"It has crossed my mind Sir."

"Well, you don't have to worry. One of our best journalists, got, got...."

"Are you okay sir?"

"Yes I'm fine. One of our best journalists got killed, in South America."

"Killed?! Why?" This just got a whole lot more serious!

"We don't know. But what we do know, is that he had a big story. One of the last e-mails he sent, was about this big story."

"So do we know what the story was about?"

"No. But it must have been something important. Otherwise he wouldn't have gotten himself killed."

This just dead serious.(se what I did there) "Sir. With all respect, did you called me to hear about some dead journalist?"

"No. I want you to take over his job."

"Excuse me? Am I gonna travel to South America, to get killed?"

"I wouldn't put it that way, but basically yes."


"So you're in?"

"Sure. I love the excitement of doing something dangerous." At least I didn't get fired.

"Huh?! Wow you just saved my day ms. Hawkins."

"You're welcome sir." What on earth have I gotten myself into?

"Please call me Michael."

"Okay Michael. So what's with the plan?"

"I will keep you informed, about our meeting hours. In the meantime, you must keep this as a secret. The only ones who are suppose to know about this, is us and the rest of your team. Understood?"

"Yes sir. I mean Michael."

"Thanks. You may take the rest of the day off."

"Okay Michael, nice talking to you."

"You too. Oh, and Sam?"

"Yes sir?"

"Please don't get killed."

"I won't sir."

Hay guys.:D

This is my first Movella, and I'm kinda new on this thing sooo... Sam is basically me, but with a twist of one of my fave characters in a book.

This Movella is my first, so it means a lot to me. Hope you guys enjoy reading it, as I enjoy writing it.

I might be starting a new Movella soon. Depends on my spare time. But I will update as quick as possible!:D

If any if you have an idea for a character in my story, then feel free to spit out!;-)

Live, love, and laugh...


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