Journalist Adventure

Sam is a 17 year old journalist.
Her boss has given her the opportunity, to travel around in South America, to find out what has happen to one of her co-workers, who got killed.
But also to find out what story he was working on.
Of course she's exited, but this journey us not what she pictured it would be.
She meets a lot of new friends, but also enemies, and maybe true love, on her way to success...

Hope you like it, and enjoy!:D


2. Mrs. Bates' confrontation

After my meeting with mr. Barker, I was totally relived. Nothing bad happened, except that I might get killed because of some story.

Well... What is life without danger and excitement.

When I stepped out of the office, everybody got quiet, and looked at me.

Awkward silence...

Then mrs. Bates said: "Did you got fired Sam?"

"What's it to you?"

"What did he say"

"It's non of your business."

"Sam! I asked you a question!"

"And I answered it!" By now, my blood was boiling.

"Any problems here?" Michael opened the door. My savior!

"No sir. Sam just doesn't wanna answer my question."

"What question was it?"

"Nothing important sir." she said and looked at her feet.

"Really mrs. Bates? What do you say Sam?"

If said the truth everybody would lynch me, but on the other hand I wanted mrs. Bates to blush. I decided to go with option number two. Make her blush! It's more badass than it sounds.

"She asked me what you said to me, in your office."

"Mrs. Bates?!"

"Yes sir?"

"Is this true?"


"I said: Is it true?"

"Well, sort of..."

"Okay. You have absolutely no right to know, what is going on behind the doors if my office. Now leave Sam alone. Understood?"

My heart was filled with joy, at the moment.

"Yes sir."


He then left to office.

And with that I went over to my desk. Nobody said anything! What a blessed silence... Then suddenly mrs. Bates interrupted the silence.

"You were just lucky this time! I will find out."

"Feel free too. You're the one who is gonna get in trouble."

"Oh really?"


"He was only nice to you, cuz he knows that you are the weak one in this office, Sam!"

"That's not true, and you know it. I've seen what you do on your computer. And it's defiantly not work."

And with that, I went home to my flat. Not even looking back. I left the office leaving a deadly silence behind me.

Hi guys...:D

Okay, this was a bit of a filler. I just need to find out, how to express the story in a great way. I'm new at this...

Thanx for your patience. I hope you liked this chapter.

And again, feel free to spit out if you have any ideas for a character for my story.

Live, love, and laugh...


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