Journalist Adventure

Sam is a 17 year old journalist.
Her boss has given her the opportunity, to travel around in South America, to find out what has happen to one of her co-workers, who got killed.
But also to find out what story he was working on.
Of course she's exited, but this journey us not what she pictured it would be.
She meets a lot of new friends, but also enemies, and maybe true love, on her way to success...

Hope you like it, and enjoy!:D


3. Introducing Angie

When I got home, I just went in to my bed and started crying.

I don't know why. I just felt like.

Sometimes you just need to cry.

When I'm in a crying mood, I usually watch a romantic tear movie. But this time, I watched the Lion King. And I kept crying, and crying, and crying.

So much that I actually fell asleep.

•••••••••••• Some hours later •••••••••••

When I woke up, it was like 3 am. But I couldn't sleep, so I decided to call one of my friends. Angie. She's so nice, but she's a bit older than me, and she's already married and have kids.

Sooo.... But i decided to call her anyways.

"Hello. Who is this?"

"Hi Angie. It's me."

"Sam Darling! So nice to hear from you!"

"Thanks Angie."

"So tell, me how are you?"


"Are you sobbing sweetie?"

"Erhm.... No."

"Oh Dear! Where are you Darling?"


"I'm on my way!"

"But what about Sean and Josie(kids)? Or Dave(husband)?"

"They are a sleep. I'm coming over Darling."



And with that, she hung up. Look, I love Angie. But sometimes she's just waaaaay too full of energy. Now she's already in the car on her way to my place, only because I was sobbing!

Even though I wouldn't replace her for anybody. She's sort if my older sister. Before I moved to my flat here in London city, I lived with her. Even when she got married! And Dave didn't got angry or anything. He's sort of my "dad". My parents died when I was 14, and if I have some other family members, they are probably dead too. I haven't heard from anybody, and to be honest, I don't care. I have Angie, Dave, Sean and Josie. They are my family.

They are worth much more, than gold and money. I ow them a lot!


That's Angie. Now she just woke up the whole neighborhood. Haha..... She always makes me laugh.


"I'm coming!"

I opened the door, and there she was.

"Hi sweetie! Tell me everything! Who is he? What did he do? Do I need to call Dave?"

"Wow wow wow wow wow.....! There is no he. And you don't need to call Dave."

"Then what is it Darling?"

"Remember when I told you about my new boss Michael? How he treats me good, and don't yell at me?"


"Well... He gave me a new assignment. You know, instead of just being an office servant."

"And what kinda assignment is that, Darling?"

"I'm gonna travel to South America, to investigate some dead co-workers big story. But also to sort of find out, why he got killed?"

"OMG!!!!! REALLY?!?!?!"


"That's absolutely AMAZING!!! When are you leaving? Where are you gonna live? Who are you traveling with?"

"Wow Angie! Slow down! Okay?"


"First. I don't know anything. So don't ask. Second. This is a secret. Nobody is suppose to know, that I'm gone and that I even left. Okay?"

"Okay Darling. My mouth is shut! But can I tell Dave?"

"Fine. But not anybody else. K?"

"Right. So are you exited Darling?"

"If I'm exited? I'm thrilled!!! I just can't wait get on that marvelous plane, that's gone take me to my dream destination."

"But sweetie, if everything is so perfect, then why were you sobbing?"

"Narh.... Nothing big..."


"Ugh, fine. After my little talk with Michael, mrs. Bates started mocking down at me. I just don't know if I can take this any more! I just cry whenever I'm alone, I guess I'm just kinda stressed. What am I gonna do?"

"Listen sweetie. When you're leaving, mrs. Bates is not gonna be there! Just think about how lucky you are! You get the opportunity to travel away from your little grey desk! What seventeen year old get those opportunities these days?!"

"Well, nobody."

"Exactly Darling! So let's just be happy about the fact, that you are no longer gonna be stuck here in little London."

"Thanx Angie. That helped."

"I'm glad it helped. Now please answer my a question for me."


"Do you really have to find out, why he got killed?"

"Actually... Nope! I just thought it could be fun, to hit to strikes I a row."

"I hope you succeed. Dave and me, are 100% behind you. Just promise me one thing."

"And that is...?"

"Please don't get killed Darling."

"I won't "mum"."

"That's good Darling. Give me call when you get the exact information."

"I will Angie."

And with that, we ended our conversation. It wasn't awkward or anything. We just sat there enjoying g each other's company.

After about an hour, she decided to drive home. That was fine by me. I needed to sleep. I must've been looking like a monster. With mascara all over my face.

I went to bed at 5.30 am.

Tomorrow was gonna be interesting.

Hay guys!:D

So what do you think about Angie?

Please feel free to spit out your opinion. The more you comment, the better this story gets.

I hope you enjoy this story, cuz I really do.

Sorry if my chapters are a bit short. I just need to get started and all.

Hope you all have a GREAT DAY!:D

Live, love, and laugh.


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