My little leprochaun


1. meeting!!

I was with my most favorite cousin, Erika. We were walking to STARBUCKS when we saw a bunch of girl running and screaming in that direction. We were wondering what was going on. We just shrugged our shoulders and walked into Starbucks. There was only one table by the back of the restraunt. We say there and started talking. We heard laughing from the table beside us. Me and Erika looked over and saw ONE DIRECRION!! They were already looking at us. We blushed and looked down. We just kept talking, when Niall and Harry walked up to us. " Niall. How are you?" Niall said to me. "Hi I'm annabell. I'm good" I looked over and saw Erika and Harry talking at another table. "Is it ok if I sit with you?" Niall aske me. "It's fine you can sit with me. I was so happy I didn't really know what to say an I didn't want to say anything stupid in front of THE Niall Horan!! We hit it off really well. When it was time to leave, Niall have me a piece of paper. He walked out with Harry and they were both smiling. Erika came over to me and we started screaming because she got Harrys number and I got NIALLS number!! BEST DAY EVER!!

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