"Love, do you remember the day we met?"
"Tell me"

We were in love. We were soulmates. Nothing could tear us apart.
Or That's what I've Been told
But because of the accident
I remember everything but him


1. chapter 1- the accident

Hey guys!!

So I need some characters!!!

Please comment your description below if you would like to be in this, and state who you'd want to be.

First chapter comes out in a week

Tell me what you think


I woke up to the bright blinding lights, and the throbbing pain in My arm. It took a moment for the fog to clear, but when it did I saw three sets of eyes peering nervously down at me. I recognized the first two immediately. My mom and dad. Yes, the ones who have supported me through everything.

"Julia?" My mom softly asked

I responded by pulling her into a tight hug.

Then my eyes shifted to the boy. He's was very good looking, had beautiful green eyes and curly hair. I felt a strong feeling towards him, but I was pretty sure I had never seen him in my life. He must have sensed my confusion because he immediately asked

"What do you remember?"

Then I realized where I was. A hospital. I glanced at my arm in a cast and then it came back to me. This can't be real. No, that didn't happen no- my thoughts were interrupted by the boy speaking again.


"I'm sorry, who are you"

Instantly the boys eyes filled with tears. He opened his mouth a if to say something, but couldn't find the words and quickly exited the room. I looked at my mom questionably.

"Honey, that was Harry. Do you remember him at all?" She asked

"Is he my, brother?" I knew I had a connection with that boy, I just didn't remember him at all.

"No he-he was your boyfriend. Do you remember your father and I?"


Then the doctor walked in. He ran a few tests. He said my memory was impressive considering what happened. He found it odd that I could not remember the boy, but said it will probably come back to me, with something to help trigger the memory. And he said in a couple days I could go home.

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