Mr. Perfect

My name is Samantha. My mum is always meeting guys and thinking that they're 'the one' and is never around, so we're always moving to different places and I'm always having to make new friends. When I reach the last year of high school and (hopefully) the last school, I meet a boy who changes my life forever. Niall.


18. Fun with Louis

Niall had left ten minutes after I decided to forgive him. I told him i still needed a little time to think, but I had understood what he said and forgiven him.

I looked down at my phone and remembered Louis texted me. I really needed a friend right now, so I decided to call him. He finally picked up on the third call.


"Hey, am I interrupting something?"

"Uh.. no Sammy, what's wrong?" he lies.

"Can you come over? I need some company."

There was a slight pause and it was obvious Louis was busy.

"Look, it doesn't matter I-."

"No, I can come over." he interrupts. "I'll take you out sonewhere, we can have some fun. Take your mind off things. I'll see you in ten." Louis hung up before I could say goodbye.


Exactly ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door.

"You ready?"

"Well, hi to you too Louis." I say sarcastically.

"Oh, yeah hi. Let's go already! We're going to be late!"

Before I can say goodbye to Mike and grab my back, Louis tugs on my wrist and pulls me out of the door, closing it behind me.

"You can text your brother and it's my treat."

I rolled my eyes, I was so sick of people paying for me. Oh well.

"Do you like shooting?" Louis asks as we walk out of the elevator.

"Um, what?"

"You know, shooting? With the gun and target and shit?"

I laughed at how he explained it.

"Nah, I can't say I've ever heard of it." I joke. And Louis gives me a light shove on the shoulder. He hails a cab and in five minutes, we arrive in front of an isolated building.

"Have you come to kill me?" I ask jokingly.

"Oh, dammit! You've figured me out! Now I'm going to have to surprise attack you!" He laughs and then pokes me in the stomach.

"Hey!" I laugh.

"I've just realised something."


"You're really ticklish. I'm going to use that to my advantage."

We walk into the door to see a lady at a desk, a waiting coach, some posters and pictures of guns. There was some old country music quietly playing in the background, the lady behind the counter tapping her feet to the beat.

"Can I help you guys?"

"Yeah, um, could we shoot some targets?" Louis nervously asks and I laugh.

"Yeah, what's your last name for me, dear?"


"Ah, yes, Tomlinson." she says running her finger down the list of people's last names.

"You're booth is ready, go through that door there and Matt will be there to help if you need anything." she says with a wide, and probably fake smile. "Enjoy."

We walk into a sliding door to find about ten little, dark booths.

"Hi guys, I'm Matt, Have any of you done this before?"

"I have." say Louis.

"Great. You might want to put on the clear glasses and headphones behind you, it's gonna get loud."

We put on the glasses and headphones, I'm guessing I looked like an idiot. I turned to see Louis with his on and I couldn't help but laugh.

"You look so stupid!" I just managed to spit out under my laughing.

"Hey! I reckon I look hot! You're the one who looks stupid!"

"Okay guys, right this way." Matt says as he directs us to the last booth in the hall. "Have a great time." he smiles as he opens the door for us.

Once you walk in, you see cardboard targets, a packet of cartridges, a riffle, table, and about fifty meters ahead of us is just empty space with a couple of lights. The riffle is attached to the table with a rod, which can be pulled up and down to adjust to your height. Louis puts the cardboard target on a metal bar above the table and secures it with pegs. He then presses a button and the target goes far back into the distance, until you can see it clear enough in the light.

"Do you want me to go first?" he asks. I just nod, a bit nervous of the gun.

"Are you okay?" he laughs.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just get a little nervous around guns." I try to smile, but to be honest, guns scare the absolute shit out of me. He smiles back at me and hands me the riffle.

"Look, I brought you here so you can get rid of your anger. Take it." he says, motioning the gun towards me. I slowly take it from his warm hands. He walks behind me and grabs hold of the gun.

"See the little plastic circle?" he asks, pointing towards it on the gun.


"That's what you use to aim. Now you feel that grip at the bottom of the gun? That's to get rid of the empty cartridges after you've shot. Do you know how to pull a trigger?" he jokes.

"Of course I do." I look behind me to see his face centimetres from mine. We stare at each other for probably only five seconds, but it felt like forever. But then Niall winking flashes into my head, and I turn back to the gun. He lets go of the grip he has on it, bringing the full weight upon my weak arms.

"Go for it."

I close one eye so I can focus on the target. When I think I've got it, I finally pull the trigger. Boom.

I look up at the gun to see I perfectly shot just in the ring outside of the bullseye.

"Wow." Louis says, clearly astonished.

"What? You surprised?"

He's almost speechless, and I'm quite surprised too.

"My turn." He takes the gun away from me and stands in front of the table. I watch as his chest rises and falls, trying to focus on the target. Boom. I look up to see that he just shoots the outer ring from mine.

"Nice try." I laugh. "But no one can beat the great... and powerful Samantha."

"Hey!" He starts to tickle me. I try to walk back, but realise I am trapped between the wall and Louis. I use all my strength to try and kick him or get him away from me, but there's no use.

"Stop!" I manage to yell.

"Not until you admit that I'm better than you!"

"Fine! I surrender! You're better than me!"

He finally stops tickling me on my stomach and leaves his hands resting on my hips. His height overcast a shadow on me like I'm an ant an he's a skyscraper.


Suddenly you hear Matt's voice over the speaker.

"The half hour is over. Move to the booth on your right if you have paid for the full hour. Otherwise, leave out the door you came in and have a great day." I look over at Louis to see whether we were having an extra round. He pushes a button to bring the target back.

"You can keep it." he said, observing the holes on the cardboard. "I reckon you could become a gangster." I look up at his bluey green eyes and I smile.

"Let's go back to your place." Louis says.


I walk into my apartment door to see my mum sitting on the coach.

"Hi mum." I say, leaving Louis outside. "I'll be right back." I close the door to tell Louis.

"Hey Louis, my mum's home. And uh, you should probably leave..."

"Yeah, that's fine." he lies through his teeth.

"I'm sorry." I say as I hug him. "We should all hangout sometime next weekend."

"Yeah, I had a lot of fun today, Sammy."

"Me too, Lou." I say, getting out of his grip around my waist.

"I'll see you tomorrow."

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