Harrys sister

Harry's sister is a Louis fanfic. NOTE- yes I do call Eleanor a lot of mean things in this none of them are true! She is a wonderful girl! I'm just doing it for the story!- Enjoy! (Caution it may or may not get sexual or very vivid acts of emotion. I haven't decided yet! Soo 12+ if you like this fanfic become a fan I will be writing more and I will accept request!:)


7. What have we done?!?

"WHAT THE HELL??!?" Harry yelled. Louis and I where speechless. "MALORY!! YOU'RE NIALL'S GIRLFRIEND!! LOUIS!! YOU'RE ELANORE'S BOYFRIEND!! Louis now you are really cheating and so are you Malory!" He continued. Louis and I looked at each other we gave each other this look saying we have to tell them. "We'll tell them" I said "Lou? Can I have a moment with my sister?" Harry asked more calm then earlier. "Yeah Harry. I'm going to to the den. After you guys talk can we?" "Sure Lou." Louis walked out and Harry came to my bed side. "Malory tell me right now what the hell happend!" Harry said quietly but angrily. "I-I don't know! He just knocked on my door! I thought it was you!! I didn't know he was here! We where talking about Niall and I and the he just kissed me!! Of corse I went with it I've had the biggest crush since the beginning of the X-factor!!!" I exclaimed! Not caring who heard."What ever I'm going to talk to louis!" He stormed out and slammed my door shut. I fell back on my bed not knowing how to tell Niall about the kiss.... I need some sleep I can't deal with all of this so late. It's to messed up to understand this late.

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