Harrys sister

Harry's sister is a Louis fanfic. NOTE- yes I do call Eleanor a lot of mean things in this none of them are true! She is a wonderful girl! I'm just doing it for the story!- Enjoy! (Caution it may or may not get sexual or very vivid acts of emotion. I haven't decided yet! Soo 12+ if you like this fanfic become a fan I will be writing more and I will accept request!:)


3. The Gathering

The bitch is here! Uhgg I hate her!!! She is the worst person ever but Lou loves her.. We sat on the couch I was next to Niall and Harry was on his other side. As Niall and I chatted for a bit he asked "Do you want anything to eat, I'm going to the kitchen." "Yes, but I'll go with you" I replied we walked through the dinning area to the kitchen. When we got there Niall asked "Is something wrong?? You seem up set." "It's fine, you don't want to here me whine about my sob story..." There was a pause then he grabbed my hand and looked in my eyes. "Malory I will always be here for you. You can tell me anything. I will always listen..." He said to me I knew in my mind he loved my but I didn't feel the same way but I didn't want to hurt him. Damn it! Me out of any girl me! He is my friend and I trust him but if I tell him what's wrong he'll be heart broken! "Niall if I tell you you will get hurt I don't want to do that to you, no one said anything about you it's about me but it will hurt you, please just drop the fact that I'm upset...."I told him "Ok Malory just know I'm here for you.." He said concerned "Thanks Niall.." I said. I hugged him and then we went back. After a few hours Harry and I left.

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