Harrys sister

Harry's sister is a Louis fanfic. NOTE- yes I do call Eleanor a lot of mean things in this none of them are true! She is a wonderful girl! I'm just doing it for the story!- Enjoy! (Caution it may or may not get sexual or very vivid acts of emotion. I haven't decided yet! Soo 12+ if you like this fanfic become a fan I will be writing more and I will accept request!:)


8. Talking about the kiss

It's been three days since me and Louis kiss. Niall and Eleanor still don't know. I decided to text Niall and ask him to go to breakfast with me. I'll tell him then. He answered right back. "Yeah love. I kinda need to talk to you about something." "Me too, see you then" I said and got ready. I threw on a black top white shorts and black converse. My hair was in a bun. I did my make up and left. We met up at a diner about 10 minutes away. I got there a little bit before him so I got us a table and waited. It wasn't long before he was here. I got up to hug him know it will be the last. We sat in silence. After about five minutes I asked "you needed to talk to me about some stuff?" "Oh...yeaaaa. Um last night. i went to a party for my old mates birthday. Well l got kinda drunk and met this girl. Abbie. Well we kinda got in to it. And went home together.." I didn't know what to sat but I saw the tears swelling from his eyes "I am so so sorry Malory!" The tears started rushing. "Can you for-" I cut him off saying " you don't need to be sorry I'm the one who need to apoligize! After our date louis was at my house. I didn't know but he came to my room and we where talking. While I was saying something he kissed me! And I kinda kissed back.... I'm so sorry Niall!" I had tears in my eyes now. His tears stopped. He stared at me in shock. "Neither of the things we did are forgivable. I think it's-" he cut me off "NO! Don't say it!!! Malory! I love you! And what you did is forgivable! Mines not! I was stupid and drunk! PLEASE! Just don't end it like this!" He shouted drawing attention to us. We got up and walked out he left a some money on the table and we left and sat in his car. We sat in silence until I leaned over kissed him on the cheek and got out. I didn't look back knowing it would be to painful to leave after I saw him. It's all over... Niall and I are done..

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