Dear Brother... I miss you...

It has been almost a year since Rin has seen her twin brother, Len, who went missing and was possibly kidnapped. She misses him so much that she decides to do whatever it takes to get her brother back. Even if it means death. This is a story that shows you pictures and videos that takes you with the story.


5. Regret Message

                         As soon as Rin woke up, she got up and started on her journey. Luckly she brought money with her. She went to the train station and bought train tickets. When the train came, she headed to the back of the train and sat in the back seats. She found out that it would be a couple hours until she got to the city.So she started thinking. What if Len isn't even alive anymore? It would be all my fault. That's when Rin started regeting everything she did wrong to Len. She rememered wthe biggest fight she had with Len. It was her fault they had that fight. It was because she thought Len had done someting to her favorite bow, the first bow she ever got from her best friend before she moved. Len said he didn't do anything with the bow, but Rin did not believe him. Then they had a huge fight. After the fight, Rin ignored Len for a whole month.

                        That was until she found her bow, and found out who took it. When she found out, she went to apologize to Len right away. But he didn't take the apology. He did not understand why Rin didn't believe him in the first place. He was right. He has never lied to Rin in their whole life. Until three weeks after when he finally forgived Rin. Rin regreted having that fight with Len and other fights that was caused by her selfishness. She had many fights with Len because of her selfishness. Now she might not be able to say sorry to him. She regreted everything and wish she could say sorry to him right now. She wishes that her and Lencould become twins again. She started tearing up, but she hid her face so nobody would see her.

                              She wished that she could send a regret message to her own twin brother, if they were twins anymore...


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