Dear Brother... I miss you...

It has been almost a year since Rin has seen her twin brother, Len, who went missing and was possibly kidnapped. She misses him so much that she decides to do whatever it takes to get her brother back. Even if it means death. This is a story that shows you pictures and videos that takes you with the story.


3. 17th Birthday

                               Today is the day... Rin thought to her self when she was getting dressed for her birthday party. My 17th birthday, the day i run away from home to save my brother... She decided to wait until after her birthday party to go save him.

                               "Rin!" Her mom yelled. "Come down here and help me get the last decorations up!". "Ok" Rin said, going downstairs to help her mother. After a while of putting up decorations, the doorbell rang. "Go answer the door please, Rin."

                               When Rin opened the door, she saw her friend Miku Hatsune. She put a smile on her face and said "Welcome to my birthday party, but you are here early, it doesn't start til another hour."

                               "I know" Miku said "Why can't I be early to my friend's birthday?"  "I don't know..." Rin replied while hugging her. Rin couldn't stop thinking that might have been their last hug since she would run away right after the part. A hour later was when most of the people came. Rin was greeting everybody.

                              When everybody was there the music started and Rin put a fake smile on her face and acted like she enjoyed the party. She would enjoy it if her brother was there.

                              "Hey, Rin can I spend the night?" Miku asked Rin. If Miku spent the night, Rin would feel even more horrible for running away then she already does. "Sorry, my mom said nobody can spend the night." Rin lied. "Oh, Okay." Miku said. 

                                When the party was over, Rin decided to take a nap before she ran away. She had a dream. 

                              Rin woke up crying,she couldn't handle her sadness anymore. She got up took her bag and started heading out her bedroom door. She was heading out the front door when her mom asked "Where are you going, Rin?"

                               Rin didn't know what she should say. "Miku invited me over to her house to spend the night, so I am going to, is that ok?" She lied. Why do I keep lying to everybody? She thought to herself. "Yeah that's fine, see you tomorrow." No mom, I won't see you tomorrow she thought to her self. "Ok." Rin said to her mom while she walked out of the house. She was heading to save her brother. A tear fell down her cheek. But she wiped it away. I have to be brave, I have to save Len. She thought to herself. I have to...


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